UK mobile dating apps – online dating sites that offer dating for your smartphone

With so many iphones, android phones and even (shudder) windows mobile phones around, it’s hardly surprising that mobile dating is becoming as popular as traditional online dating. Online dating sites have been offering mobile apps to stay competitive, with various levels of sophistication. This is great news for people who are often on the go […]

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Black dating UK

Black and African dating sites are very popular in the UK, although perhaps not as popular as they are in the US. In the UK, interracial dating is generally more widely accepted, not just between black singles and white singles but between all the different races that make up the UK. If you’re interested in […]

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UK Dating websites

Online dating is huge in the UK, so if you’re a British single looking for love online, you can take your pick from probably something like a thousand sites. There are dating sites run by companies based in the UK, but the huge number of UK singles looking to date online means that even sites based elsewhere will often feature a large number of UK based singles in their database.

Here is a quick reference list of some popular UK dating sites.

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Marriage sites UK

If you’re looking to settle down with someone special, you don’t want to be wasting your time. Marriage sites are now extremely popular in the UK and cater for people who are tired of the dating game and want to meet someone who is also looking to find love and a long term relationship, leading […]

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Arab dating UK

Arab dating is extremely popular in the UK, where there is a big Arab and Muslim community. UK Arab dating options include speed dating, Arab dating sites and Arab singles’ parties all over the UK. Usually, Arab singles’ events in the UK are limited to big cities – London, Birmingham, etc. Arab dating sites that […]

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Online dating sites with video chat

video chat (also known as live chat, webcam chat or camera chat) is one of the most popular features available on dating sites. Its obvious popularity among the more casual daters has given it a bit of a bad reputation, but many big name dating sites catering for serious relationships offer it to their customers.

Here is a list of dating sites that specialise in offering quality video chat services.

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Asian online dating and speed dating sites

If you are looking to meet Asian singles online, you could specify your preference on any big dating site and do pretty well. However, there are also plenty of online dating sites and services catering to Asian singles – Indian, Pakistani, etc. – anywhere in the world.

The following sites were particularly set up for the Asian community and so are the best place to meet Asian daters for love, dating or friendship.

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Mobile phone dating

If you’re in the UK, you’ll have noticed the gorgeous spring weather. The last thing you want to do when it’s brilliantly sunny outside is to be stuck in front of a computer inside. Luckily, plenty of UK sites now offer mobile phone dating, so you can keep track of your online dating activities while you’re out and about. Mobile flirting has been popular for a while and is gaining popularity all the time.

Sites vary in the form of mobile phone online dating they offer. For some, you’d need a WAP/3G enabled phone (which, let’s face it, is not the most useful, unless you have an iPhone), but for others all you need is a reasonable picture phone to be able to get message alerts, upload and view pictures and sometimes even send messages and use other features of the site. Usually this service is not free.

Here are some popular sites that make good use of mobile technology:

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Black / African dating sites – reviews and list

While all dating sites let you search for matches by race, there are plenty of sites out there that cater specifically for those looking for black dating. In the UK, where interracial relationships are quite common and generally socially accepted, dating sites that are aimed only at African and Afro-caribbean daters are not quite as common as in the US. The ones I looked at are often quite small. Luckily, there are some good international black dating sites that cover the UK as well as the US and Africa.

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Online dating for professionals – high calibre online dating reviews

We all want to find people who are similar to us, so if you’re well educated, professional or well off, you may well want to use an online dating site that caters to people of your high calibre and/or high standards. This post is about exactly such dating sites. Some aim to actively make their membership exclusive, while others have just ended up that way. Some are for very rich people, while others are geared towards graduates and professionals of a more regular variety.

The sites covered in this post are (full reviews below):

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Muslim dating sites – reviews and list

Muslim dating sites and sites that cater predominantly for Muslim daters are a great way to meet people who share your religious values. Even though you can search by religion on almost any dating site nowadays, it helps to know you are dating on a site that understands your needs, surrounded by people who all believe in the same things you do.

Here are some sites that cater specifically to Muslims or have a large Islamic community:

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Compare the biggest online dating sites in the UK

If you’re in the UK and are looking for a big, reputable dating site to try, there are a few much publicised options. Everyone’s heard of because of the TV adverts and it’s definitely a very well-designed, easy to use site. But is it the best site for you? How does it compare to other similar UK sites?

Below is a quick table I knocked up, showing how the top rated sites in the UK* compare on the feature front. They are all extremely popular sites with hundreds of thousands (or millions) of members.

Depending on the features you want in a site, some sites might be more suitable for you than others. Just remember that the most important thing is the people on the site and not just the features!

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Christian dating sites reviews and list

If you’re a Christian and your religion is important to you, you may well want to choose a dating site that upholds the same values and/or attracts people who share your faith. While most dating sites nowadays allow you to limit your search to those people who share your religious values, specialist Christian dating sites go that extra mile to attract the sort of people you’re likely to want to meet. In my first of a few posts about religious online dating, I will cover Christian dating.

There are plenty of sites out there that offer online dating for Christians. The ones below are well established and considered by many to be the biggest and the best.

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Sex dating and hook up sites info and list

Sex dating sites er..sprung up (no pun intended) almost as soon as online dating started. It’s not hard (no pun intended) to see why. Sexual dating sites are designed for sexually liberated adults who want to have fun with no strings attached. They cater for both singles and couples, swingers and the just curious who are into anything from straight up sex to more alternative practices,one night stands to ongoing affairs. As the saying goes, if you can imagine it, someone’s already put it on the Internet, and there’s a fan club. But are sex dating sites for real? Do real people hang out there who are looking to get laid?

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Urban dating sites and online dating with singles’ events

Urban dating sites (Internet dating sites for those who live in cities) have picked up in popularity in recent years, as more and more busy professionals decided they wanted to go out and socialise, yet meet suitable singles at the same time. Even if you live in a really big city and are incredibly outgoing and sociable, you might still struggle to find eligible singles. On the other hand, with a whole city around you full of exciting places to go out to, do you really want to spend all your time at home in front of a computer?

The sites below offer options for metropolitan socialites. Some are companies that offer singles’ events to get you out of the house, while others are just predisposed to a more fasy-paced environment, suitable for people who want to spend minimal time online and maximum time partying and meeting new people.

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Free dating sites – no credit card needed Internet dating

Free online dating sites have spiked in popularity recently, but it’s important to note that not all sites that describe themselves as free are actually free. Most Internet dating sites allow some form of free registration, so you can run some searches, maybe complete a personality profile and generally have a look around and see what sort of members hang out on the site. To actually contact anyone, you will need to get your credit card out and pay. Many sites hide that fact until you’re ready to make contact and then front you with the bill. Ouch.

Most people nowadays expect this sort of tactic when searching for a free site, but there are, however, some dating sites that are completely free. Some of them are actually not bad, although to be honest, all free dating sites are by nature more prone to problems like spammers, scammers, timewasters and freaks than their paid counterparts. Be sure to pay close attention to online dating safety tips when using free dating sites (though, really, you should be doing that anyway!).

The most popular 100% free dating sites are without doubt:

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Online dating for single parents

Internet dating as a single parent can be tough. Nowadays, more and more dating sites let you specify whether or not you have or want children, but also whether you’re open to dating people who already have children. Unfortunately, on a standard dating site, many people will either choose not to be shown profiles of people with children in the first place, or be put off when they find out someone has children.

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Casual online dating: flirting sites, casual dating sites

Casual online dating is extremely popular. People turn to Internet dating not only to find true love, but also to enhance their social life and love life by meeting and flirting with new friends. Online dating is great for flirting and casual dating because it gives you the chance to meet thousands of new people instantly. How you interact with them is up to you: you can message and chat online or meet up quickly for an active social life. Most people find it easier to find and date people when they’re not looking for a serious relationship – this is because the standards you expect from the potential mother/father of your children are likely to be far higher than those you’d like to see in a one night stand or a short-term fling.

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