When open science goes bad – researchers scrape and release personal data of 70k OKCupid Users

We all love OKCupid’s wonderful insights, gained because of the site’s algorithm and the fact that users often answer thousands of personal questions while using the site.   Apparently, this has not escaped some Danish researchers of dubious ethical standards, who scraped the site for publicly available info (the site is free to use and […]

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Online dating for older women

There’s an article out on the Guardian website about older women and the online dating industry. I occasionally get asked about this and it saddens me to say that yes, women in their 40s, 50s and 60s do suffer online, as men are often looking for younger women. This is the one time when I […]

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A one man dating site

When I first started working in the online dating industry, I had a conversation with a friend about the concept (it was a bit less common then) and we joked about him making a dating website where there would be no other men but himself. Women who joined would be given a choice of dating…. […]

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Another online dating survey I’d missed

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was published in time for Valentine’s Day, though I managed to somehow miss it. It’s the results of an eHarmony funded survey of people and how they meet / have met their partners. The results, as expected, are not unexpected, especially considering eHarmony’s target audience. Apparently, while most people still meet their […]

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Match buys OKCupid

I can’t believe this went by without loads more noise and publicity. Or did it? Did I just miss it because I’ve had a busy week? match.com just bought OKCupid, the free dating site that is known for its brilliant compatibility matching system and rich data mining blog. The industry is seemingly abuzz with speculation […]

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eHarmony launches gay/lesbian compatibility dating site

It’s finally happened! The gay and lesbian dating site from eHarmony has launched. CompatiblePartners offers all the best features of eHarmony ( and eHarmony UK ) for gay and lesbian singles who are looking for serious relationships.

The site’s launch follows a legal battle, as eHarmony were sued for their refusal to allow non-heterosexual daters on their sites. After losing the battle, they finally decided to invite gays to their compatibility matching party, but decided to keep things separate, possibly to avoid putting off their more conservative members or to appeal to their founder’s own conservative views. Either way, the site is now up and running and looks every bit as shiny as its hetero counterparts.

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True love online – not just for gorillas

I was reading today that a pair of gorillas are celebrating the birth of their first child after being successfully matched by online dating.

Someone left a comment on the article, lamenting the so-called death of similar love-focused introduction agencies for humans and claiming online dating is now only used by people who want to make use of the large number of available singles to lead lives full of casual relationships only.

But is romance really dead online?

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Valentine’s day singles’ parties

If you’re single and still looking for something to do on the Valentine’s day weekend, you can always try speed dating or a lock & key party. I already wrote in this blog about singles’ events companies in the UK, but I thought I’d also point out that as of today’s date, there are quite a few singles’ parties scheduled for Valentine’s day that still have places. Prices vary but are usually around the £20 mark, although they do vary can go down to £10 per ticket (or go up to about £25).

If you’ve never tried this sort of thing before, this could be a good time to give it a go. Especially, if you like going out but want to make sure you meet eligible singles while you’re partying. Speed dating was written about quite a lot in the past when journalists thought it was new and exciting, but it has now sort of disappeared from view (apart from the occasional return on the lead up to V-day). It’s still, however, a good way of meeting people and it does work for quite a few people. Here are the events I know of that still have spaces:

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When worlds collide

*** Please note, the website below no longer works. I had a look to see if there are any others and found this one, which claims to be free to use (and I just love the front page image!). In the UK, Lovestruck.com, the chic international urban dating site, were recently offering poker night singles’s […]

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Serial dater finds love

Internet lothario meets his match A serial internet dater who was banned from one site for displaying a “lack of commitment” has finally met his Ms Right, it is reported. (Full story here) I totally missed out on this when the news came out, but just found it on the Pocado news section. I remember […]

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Plentyoffish in the UK

Looks like Plentyoffish is going to do more stuff in the UK, with the launch of a new affiliate programme. The UK market still has a lot of scope for growth. I would say much more than the US market right now. We’ll see how big a chunk of that growth Plentyoffish can get. I’d […]

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Rising standards

I’m surprised hotenough.org is the first site in the US to vet people based on looks. The UK’s Gorgeous Dating has been doing it for years and attracting some pretty well-off members who often say they’d never dream of dating on a “normal” site. With online dating having now become so big, there’s gotta be […]

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