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Are you dating someone who actually cares about you? Here are 11 things to look out for

Nobody would consciously date a person who’s selfish or who doesn’t specifically care about them. Sometimes, though, emotions, past experience or even childhood trauma can blind you to the point where you put up with lovers or partners who are either selfish or simply not that into you. Luckily, it’s actually pretty easy to tell […]

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street scene

14 misconceptions about street harassment that need to die forever so women can feel safe

Warning: this is an angry post. I don’t normally write angry posts on this blog, but recent events have reminded me of my righteous rage at what some men see as an acceptable way to act when wanting to get women’s attention. This post is directed at these men, so if you’re a man, you may find it uncomfortable reading. Still, if you want to know why women are so angry, maybe you should read it anyway. It’s also long. Feel free to scroll down if you just want to read the part about the misconceptions, which is also long. TL;DR: street harassment sucks. don’t do it.

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Did threesomes really destroy Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher’s marriage?

Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me to find an overly-generalised, simplistic and nosy article on a site called “Hollywood Life”, but when I was surfing the web for dating-related articles, I couldn’t help but read the “experts views” about whether having threesomes destroyed Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marriage. The answer, apparently, is yes and there […]

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The old monogamy debate rages on

There’s an interesting article in the Telegraph about controversial columnist Dan Savage and his suggestion that monogamy may be one of humanity’s greatest problems. Savage, who’s gay, suggests that heterosexual couple should follow the model common among same sex couples and in particular gay male couples where successful long term relationships are maintained without sexual […]

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