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  1. Hi There,

    My name is Katlyn and I am writing because I would like to write an article on how dating will change in 2019 to be published on DOMAIN. Tinder changed everything, or so my friends tell me. When before even online dating took time, involved getting to know each other and dating, now chances can be over after a fraction of a second – swipe left.

    After spending a decade working in relationship counselling, I’ve seen how relationships and dating have changed from before and after the Tinder revolution, but are things set to change again? When something new becomes the dominant mode, it’s natural to see a counter movement, so could Tinder lead to a return to traditional dating or a synthesis of the two? I’d like to write an article covering where we stand in 2019, how dating could change, and what things – grooming, behavior etc.. will never change.

    Currently I work as a freelance writer and while researching a new article, I came across
    DOMAIN. I feel my focus on the changing trends in dating is a natural fit. Would you be
    interested for me to write a full article on this topic? All I would ask in return is that I can
    include a site I work with within the article’s resources.

    Please let me know if we can work together.

    Best Regards,


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