7 days free trial on eHarmony UK

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eHarmony currently has a 7 day money back guarantee trial! To make use of it, follow the instructions below. It’s still working in autumn 2011, but probably won’t work forever.

click here to go to eHarmony UK now using the special link.

Then you sign up as normal and pay for the membership you think you might want. If you’re not happy with the site, cancel at any point within 7 days (check the small print to see when your 7 days officially start and finish so you don’t miss the deadline!) to get your money back.

eHarmony is a serious dating site and was one of the first to offer compatibility testing. The UK version has been especially adapted for the UK market by a team of Oxfordian experts (apparently), to make it more suitable for UK daters (as opposed to American ones).

eHarmony is definitely a love it or hate it site. Some people swear by it and it’s extremely popular in the US, with an increasingly large following in the UK as well and an impressive marriage count. Its personality test is based on serious, in depth research and the people who run the company that runs the site are so convinced the system works, they will actually reject people they think the system won’t be able to match.

On the other hand, it’s not exactly free of controversy. It took a lawsuit to make them begin work on a site catering to the gay community, as the guy who designed the matching system that powers the site is a Christian and therefore only designed the system for heterosexual couples.

Be that as it may, eHarmony is not actually a Christian dating site, nor that is market itself as being solely for the Christian community. It allows members to specify which religion (if any) they follow, their views on traditional gender roles and marital fidely, etc. in order to match them up with suitable partners who uphold similar views. While the site is notorious for vetting users to ensure they are indeed looking for a committed relationship, it does not expect you to uphold religious values per se.
The way the site functions, though, makes it more appropriate for people who take finding a partner very seriously and are willing to take the time to “do it right”.

The site does not allow you to search for matches and will, instead, send them to you based on your answers to the lengthy personality test (and, of course, what members are available in your area).

Communication is also different on the site, as you can choose to take it slow and send your matches questions (pre-selected or ones you write yourself) before engaging in direct contact. You can, however bypass this system if you so choose.

I am not sure whether the free trial being promoted is an unlimited one or not, as sometimes they have some restrictions, but it should at the very least be a good way to see whether you like the site’s ethos and pace. Some people swear by it, while others are not so enthused, so really it’s up to you.

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  1. Hi I have just filled in the membership form and clicked on the payment method of £8. monthly payment. It stated that I would be paying a one off payment of £107 which I do not want. Please could you confirm. Regards, Maggie

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