An even better offer from

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Get a 7 day free trial on right now! Here’s how you do it…

Click here to go to and sign up to the free trial. Once you fill out the basic registration details you will be prompted to put in your credit card details as well. Don’t worry though: you will only get charged after 7 days, so you can use the site until then for free. Make sure you make a note of when your card will be charged, though!

You can also check out this post for free coupons and offers from other sites in the UK and abroad (updated regularly) as well as other ways of saving money while dating online.

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2 thoughts to “An even better offer from”

  1. Hi, this is really more a question than a comment. Has anyone tried to use the 7 day free trial at recently? I couldn’t see the bit subscribe today at the top left hand of the window. Am I blind, has the view changed, has the offer been removed. Does anyone have any info?

    Thanks 😀

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