match affinity free trial 2011 (December)

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I just noticed the matchaffinity 3 day free trial is still on for December 2011. You need to use a special link to access it, though and sign up through that link. If you haven’t signed up to the site yet, then use the link below to go to matchaffinity and get the trial. Make sure you read the small print to see how you can cancer before being charged, as I assume you need to put in your credit card details to get the trial.
If you have already signed up and not paid, use the link below to access the site and click on the “already a member” link at the bottom right of the page and maybe you can still get 3 days for free.

To get the 2011 free trial:

Go to match affinity using this link

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Let me know if there are any problems or issues with this trial.

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