An online dating sites for fans of Apple?

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Niche dating sites are all the rage nowadays, aimed at people who value certain aspects of their lives and want to start off their search for love by looking for people who share their interests and hobbies.

Usually it’s stuff like common religious grounds, lifestyle choices like vegetarianism, cycling or motorbiking, belonging to a certain subculture (goth, rockabilly and such) or being into photography, bird watching or whatever.

Now there is a site dedicated to fans of Apple, the company and its products. The new site, Cupidtino requires all its users to be owners of an Apple device and to be enamoured with it.

As far as I know, this is the first dating site of its kind – linking people not by hobbies, interests and lifestyles but by their consumer habits and love for a single commercial entity.

I guess you could argue that loving Apple products is a lifestyle choice and in many ways it is, but Apple is still a major commercial entity and the whole thing is therefore somewhat
Gibsonesque as far as I’m concerned.

I guess if people on the site are so into their Apple devices, they will really welcome a place where such fanboyism is welcomed and not ridiculed. I’m interested in seeing how many people find love on there.

You can read more about the new site here.

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One thought to “An online dating sites for fans of Apple?”

  1. I saw this posted on the unofficial apple blog and it did make me smile. I know a few people with the mac fetish and I’m an owner myself. I’m not sure it’s ‘enough in common’ to make a relationship work though…. but maybe it’s a nice basis or conversational piece at least.

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