eHarmony starts new casual dating site

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Not content with dominating the compatibility testing dating market, have come up with a site that aims to compete with Match. This time, I think they mean it too, unlike their curiously bad launch campaign for “that gay serious relationship site” they were forced to create after a lawsuit.

Their credentials obviously speak for themselves, which may indeed encourage a lot of people to sign up and try the site (especially as this is now free for a while, as they want to get a critical mass of people going).

However, with so many dating sites out there using this formula and their company being known mostly for compatibility testing and serious relationship dating, there’s going to be some serious advertising and branding needed to get this site off the ground. Will it work?

Match is a major international brand name, so’s eHarmony. In the UK, Match have a lot of competition, but only comes close in terms of branding and style.
Perhaps the US is ready for another big brand dating site that isn’t a free for all. I’m looking forward to seeing the ad campaign.

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