Gay Parship now worldwide

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The fact that Parship, the dating site with the most comprehensive compatibility test, has a gay / lesbian offshoot may come as a surprise to you, especially if you live outside of the UK.

Well, now their gay dating site, has gone international and is available in 9 (count them) different languages.

Check it out if you’re gay and looking for a serious relationship. The way this site handles things like communications and even viewing pictures is a bit different to most dating sites you’re likely to come across. Handy if you’re tired of the more meat-market sites.

If you’re not gay, you might want to give the straight Parship UK site a go. Or, if you’re in Ireland, you can try the local version for Dating in Ireland.

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2 thoughts to “Gay Parship now worldwide”

  1. Gay parship has a recurring membership which is in very small print !
    If you don’t cancel in writing they will threaten you with legal action for recurring six monthly bills
    do not pay !

    Refuse and threaten them ! I did

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