Which is the best dating site (UK)?

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Whether you’re just starting out in the online dating world or trying to find a better site than the one you’re on, a good dating site is, to borrow a phrase, hard to find. Well, it can be! So how do you know which is the best dating site?

Obviously, nobody wants to date on a bad dating site, but finding the best dating site can be tricky. For one, there is no such thing as “the best online dating site”. There are lots of bad sites out there, but also plenty of reputable, well-established sites that won’t rip you off any more or less than the next one. Some might work out for you, while others may not. Not because either of them is good or bad, but because different sites suit different people. Some of it is even about luck, so even if a friend of yours found a husband or a wife on a dating site, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will.

Start by getting feedback from people you know about sites they’ve used. If you and your friends share similar tastes and backgrounds, you may well find that you do well on the sites they think are good. Then sign up to a few sites (without paying just yet) and take a look around. If you like what you see, you can choose one site to spend your money on and see how things work out.

For inspiration and a list of dating sites grouped by type, check out my frequently updated list.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m not asking you to plug – just to look at my site and see what you think. It’s called smingl.com and I set it up to provide an alternative to all the date the stranger sites out there. The idea of smingl is that you only ever date friends of friends – this makes it safer and gives you a better starting point in any potential relationship (because you’ll have friends in common). The theory is that if everyone links to 10 friends, you’ll be within 4 links of 10,000 trusted / recommended single friends of friends (10x10x10x10). Anyway, as I said – I’m not asking for a plug just value your comments if you like it. Just so you know, every penny spent on the site has come out of my own pocket – not some rich aunt or vc company.

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