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We all want to find people who are similar to us, so if you’re intelligent, well educated, professional, attractive or well off, you may well want to use an online dating site that caters to people of your high calibre and/or high standards. This post has reviews of exactly such dating sites. Some aim to actively make their membership exclusive, while others have just ended up that way. Some offer attractive dating or dating for rich people, while others are geared towards graduates and professionals of a more regular variety.

The sites covered in this post are (full reviews below):

  1. Parship– an upmarket UK serious dating site with in-depth psychometric testing
  2. – a localised urban dating site for city professionals in many cities around the world.
  3. Love and friends – UK-only dating site for professionals, graduates and “smart people”. Has an exclusive feel and a nice crowd.
  4. Guardian Soulmates – UK site frequented by liberal, cultural professional graduates
  5. – Attractive young professionals galore

The reviews

Parship is a serious dating site for people who want a serious relationship or marriage. It’s upmarket and attracts a professional crowd. The site is based around a detailed personality test that helps the site choose suitable matches for you. The test is so in depth that you can even purchase a personality assessment as an optional extra. I consider it to be the most in depth personality test in the business. You can currently get 50% off 3 months membership to the site. See here for details of the Parship promotional code.

A dating site for busy city professionals who want to fit their dating life around their work and other social commitments. Encourages meeting people for lunch, coffees and post-work drinks, as well as singles’ events in trendy locations. It’s actually a number of websites, one per city in the UK or abroad. London, Edinburgh, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore are but a few places catered for.
Sarah Beeny’s incredibly successful dating site is flush with attractive single graduate professionals and many creative people. Definitely one of the best collection of singles around but catering mostly to people in and around cities in the UK (although it’s constantly expanding outwards).

is a UK site aimed exclusively at professionals and graduates. It markets itself as being for intelligent people and draws a nice crowd. The site is not as big as some of the other ones, with about 75,000 members in total, but it the people seem nice and genuine and can generally string a sentence together rather well.

Guardian Soulmates is the dating offering from the UK’s Guardian newspaper. It’s open to people who don’t read the Guardian, but the people dating on here definitely fit the Guardian reader’s profile: culturally aware, left-wing liberal, creative and heady. It has a very detailed search facility and a good list of features to keep anyone happy.

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