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Online dating is huge in the UK, so if you’re a British single looking for love online, you can take your pick from probably something like a thousand sites. There are dating sites run by companies based in the UK, but the huge number of UK singles looking to date online means that even dating websites based elsewhere will often feature a large number of UK based singles in their database.

Dating sites aimed at the UK population can take many forms. There are big name dating sites and dating sites aimed at people looking for a particular type of dating from casual dating and sex only encounters to serious relationship and marriage. There are also so called “niche dating sites” aimed at people who follow different lifestyles, are interested in people of a particular religion or ethnicity, etc. Basically, UK dating sites are as varied as the UK population. If you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find the dating site that’s right for you. Looking for it, though, can be almost as confusing as trying to find a relationship. Should you go free or paid? Should you go niche or generic? Should you go branded or not?

In my book, Everyone’s Guide to Online Dating, I dedicated a whole chapter to choosing a dating site. I also have a whole category here on this blog dedicated to different types of dating websites.

For a quick reference, though, here are some dating sites in the UK I think you should check out: – The biggest name in UK dating by far, so always worth a look. It’s owned by a US company, but the site itself will only show you UK singles. It’s very easy to use and well-designed with a simple list of features. It can be highly competitive, especially for men but has a huge selection of singles all over the UK, even in the tiniest of places. – Similar to Match, but has video chat, which Match doesn’t. It also covers all areas of the UK and is cleanly designed and easy to use. People who don’t do well on Match often do well on here.

eHarmony UK – Originally an American site, eHarmony has been adapted to fit the UK market and is now the biggest site catering for people looking for long term relationship and marriage in the UK. – A UK site catering to professional, mature singles looking for marriage or long term relationships.

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