Urban dating sites and online dating with singles’ events

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Urban dating sites have picked up in popularity in recent years, as more and more busy professionals decided they wanted to go out and socialise, yet meet suitable singles at the same time. Even if you live in a really big city and are incredibly outgoing and sociable, you might still struggle to find eligible singles. On the other hand, with a whole city around you full of exciting places to go out to, do you really want to spend all your time at home in front of a computer?

The sites below offer options for people who live in and around cities. Some are companies that offer singles’ events to get you out of the house, while others are just predisposed to a more fast paced environment.

This sites covered in this post are (full reviews below):

  1. UrbanSocial – UK-wide speed dating and singles’ events
  2. SingleSolution – UK-wide online and speed dating for professionals
  3. Lovestruck.com – trendy free dating site for professionals, organise events



    • GrapevineSocial is not really an online dating site. More of an events company that holds singles’ wine tasting, champagne sampling and beer tasting events around the UK. It’s like speed dating only not quite as fast-paced and the wine tasting theme makes it a fun night out of its own accord. The age range for the events is mid-20s to late 30s and apparently you don’t have to be a wine expert to attend – these events are more about having fun and meeting people than showing off your knowledge of booze.


    • Speed DaterThis is the largest company of its kind in the UK, organising massive singles’ parties, speed dating events,lock and key parties, dinner parties and even holidays. Their events, while not quite as ultra-stylish as the more exclusive companies around, are known for being down to earth and generally a good laugh. Importantly, they are also large and plentiful enough to fit in with just about anyone’s location and schedule. The company also offers specialised dating events for those interested in meeting people of a particular religion or ethnicity, as well as professionals and graduates. Age ranges vary with some events available for older daters too. They have an online dating site as well, at Speed Dater Online where you can speak to people likely to go to their events and get a feel for what you should expect (think of it as “try before you buy” 🙂 )
    • UrbanSocial is the online dating / speed dating offering from the same company as GrapevineSocial. Some of the wine tasting events from the above are listed here, as well as speed dating and singles’ parties all over the UK. They cover a broader age range than their sister site with older daters catered for.


    • Lovestruck.com is an ultra chic urban dating site for trendy professionals. They cover a selection of major cities all over the world (with many more coming soon). Many of their sites are 100% free to use, while their London flagship site is currently offering a free trial. They organise funky singles’ events in some very cool places, which I understand are free for members.


  • The ironically named SlowDating offers speed dating events in 25 cities in the UK (more choice than most if not all other companies) for people in their 20s and 30s who want to find serious relationships. Their ticket prices are competitively low and there is a nice variety of venues. If your area isn’t covered, you can register your interest to participate in an event near you when it happens. They also offer online dating services on their site, although apparently the people who use their online dating offering are not always quite as high calibre as those who go to their events.


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