New dating app aims to help users have better first dates

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First dates are meant to be exciting, but as we all know, there’s always the possibility of things going horribly wrong. Different people have different views about what makes a good first date, ranging from the location to whether or not you’re meant to split the bill. I’ve heard so many first date horror stories that I was intrigued by  a press release that landed in my emailbox from a company called TakeMeOut Dating (or TMO).  The app is apparently aimed at busy professionals who want to simplify the first date experience by specifying their first date preferences before being shown any potential matches. Once you choose stuff like who you think should pay for the bill or whether or not you want to go to a posh restaurant, the app will show you only those people who match your date choices.  The next phase of the app promises to give you the option to actually book a table at a restaurant, plus a more vigorous screening process of potential dates. While not as extensive as personality profiling, this does sound like a good way of taking some of the confusion and awkwardness out of the dreaded first dates. And as dating should really be about having fun, this can only be a good thing.  Also, to celebrate the launch, they are currently offering a free night out for you and your date for people who join and invite five friends.


The app is available on both Android and iPhone.  For those interested in more details, full press release is below, including the free date offer (at the very end). You can contact them via:


TMO (TakeMeOut) – The Dating App That Lets You Choose Your First Date Experience and Review Your Matches

Traditional dating apps leave users with many questions that often lead to incompatible dates, something busy

professionals do not have the time to endure. Will the person I meet have proper dating etiquette and similar first

date expectations? Who is paying for the date? Will we end up going to a place both of us will enjoy and feel

comfortable in?

TMO (TakeMeOut) is designed to cater to the needs of busy professionals by allowing users to control their dating

experience and set expectations upfront. By checking the matches rankings and reviews, users are able to quickly

eliminate unsuitable partners and match with only the best!

When you join TMO you have the option of choosing whether you want to take someone out, you want someone

to take you out, or whether you prefer to go Dutch and split the cost of the date.

Then you specify the desired type of dating experience expected on your first date. Whether it is going out for a

drink, to a restaurant, or something more sophisticated, TMO will offer you the different options

For example, a female user could decide she wants to be taken out to an upscale dinner on her first date. TMO

algorithm will then only show her men who like to wine and dine their dates. When both users swipe right, the

match is made and they are able to chat with one another.

A very unique feature TMO offers is by letting users rate their past dates so that others can know whether or not

they are a genuine person they want to spend their valuable time with. The rating system is one of a kind

algorithm that allows trustworthy users to stand out, and makes the anonymous dating experience safer.

TMO is the only dating app of its kind that offers these unique features. It was created for the purpose of

improving the dating app experience for busy professionals by giving them more control over the process,

increasing the quality of their matches, and ensuring they are matched with real people who they want to spend

their limited free time with. The matching system is robust as it is seamless, designed to be as simple and highly


TMO’s next phase will be to provide even more unique features, such as a booking system to book restaurants

online and a more advanced screening process to make sure that you would always meet the person shown in the

picture on your first date. Our goal is to take the work out of dating, provide perfect matches, and let our users get

the most out of life and their dating experiences!

TMO is all about giving their users the best dating experience possible, while building it’s community to become

the standard in online dating. If you join now and share the app with 5 friends, TMO will book a night out for you

and your date with 2 cocktails on us.

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