When worlds collide

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*** Please note, the website below no longer works. I had a look to see if there are any others and found this one, which claims to be free to use (and I just love the front page image!). In the UK, Lovestruck.com, the chic international urban dating site, were recently offering poker night singles’s events in London, in conjunction with PKR Casino. They do weekly online poker nights for registered Lovestruck members on the PKR site, which I *think* are open to Lovestruck users from all over the world. The site is free to use in many cities, but not in others (though there is a free trial going on at the moment in those, including the London one)***

I don’t normally pick up on other people’s press releases when they’re advertising new sites unless I have a specific point to make about their workmanship (see earlier post), but this one made me laugh so much when I saw the headline in Google News, I had to blog it:

Dating Site Goes Live Poker-Online-Dating.com is on the air

Poker-Online-Dating (www.Poker-Online-Dating.com) launches its new and exciting free dating site for online poker players. It matches poker players together from around the world who are looking for true love. Our site provides a safe environment where people of similar interests and hobbies can meet. Imagine meeting someone online who loves playing poker as much as you. You can discuss the latest poker tournaments you’ve entered, your best poker hands, or your highest winnings without boring your date. Even better, your date understands you!

(and the rest)

Of all the niche fusion ideas in the world this one’s right up there with the Korean Pizza.

“Are you ready to combine online poker with online dating?”

I’m not sure I am, really!

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