Hilarious online dating video

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This time the rant isn’t mine, it’s someone else’s, who’d gone to the trouble of making a Youtube video, with spoons.

If you want to know what dating on dating site OKCupid is like (at least for this one member), or, to be fair, what online dating is like in general for some people, check out the below video.

Be warned that there is a little bit of (funny) rudeness thrown in there, though. We are talking OKCupid, Youtube, spoons and Queen, after all. Did I forget to mention it’s set to the tune of Queen’s Bohemnian Raphsody?

I think this video perfectly sums up the frustrations many people feel when dating online – bad matches, no matches, not knowing what to write about yourself, etc. I’m sure this will hit a note with at least some of you and it’s always good to know you’re not alone.

Luckily, for most people, these problems are more than fixable, but that is a matter for a different post. For now, just enjoy this brilliant video:

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