An important thing to know about online dating soldier scams

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As you may or may now know, I have a couple of very active threads on this site discussion online dating scams, in particular soldier dating scams. Here’s a comment one helpful lady identifying herself as LilyRose posted the other day. Please read this one and save it somewhere safe. It gives very important information about the difference between real American soldiers serving in Iraq or anywhere else and dodgy African (or other) scammers pretending to be them to scam you out of money:


I spent 9 years in the U.S. Navy and I can assure you these so-called American soliders are fake and it makes my blood boil that some skanky foriegner is impersonating a soldier!

Listen up! Any soldier over in Iraq, which the way, we pulled our forces out of there last thursday. Only 50,0000 soldiers remain over in Iraq to train the people over there. So, there are no more “combat” soldiers in Iraq.
A real soldier can not have a civilian request leave on his behalf. A real soldier has a military email address that ends in .Gov

A real soldier can use his own cell phone in Iraq or Kuwait or any other country that will get a signal. They do not need a specail phone. They do not need your money. On top of their own military pay, they also get combat pay. There is really nowhere over there for them to spend their money so they are not broke. Do not let these fake african wannabe soldiers fool you and take your money.

Thank you, LilyRose for such a helpful post. Here’s hoping it’ll help many more women avoid being scammed online.
If you’re interested in this subject, please refer to the related posts below for the original scammer-related threads.

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26 thoughts to “An important thing to know about online dating soldier scams”

  1. I have just had great pleasure in sending an e-mal, with a write up about scsmmers, to a fake American Soldier who ssid he was based in Afghanistan. I met him on a dating site like many other women have been unfortunate to have meet one too. The majority of text fits him like a glove. Oh, he was so convincing and sure of himself and said all the right things, but the doubt was always at the back of my mind. I told him I suspected that he was a scammer, but again he thought he was clever with his answers and had convinced me that he was genuine. I asked him on several occassions to prove he was who he said. I got fed up suggesting how he could prove it. Always had plenty of excuses and answers. Thank goodness I looked on your site and had my suspicions confirmed that he was a scammer. He wanted me to apply for him to get special leave and gave me an e-mail address where I could apply, and then I would be told where to send the money for his leave. He even gave me his army details which were supposed to be confidential. I urge other women to be so careful. They are extremely good at what they do – after all this is a living for them. Let’s just prove to the scumbags that we are far more clever.

  2. Boy I am so glad I checked this out. This Kelvin is suppost to be a solider in Irag. He wanted me to request leave and it would cost $4500 for him to take leave. Then he needed $750 for a special phone. Then he wanted me to sell my bike give him the money. He has done everything on this scam list list. I wouldn’t give him money so he wouldn’t IM me. I am gonna copy this and send it to him. Thank You

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for this useful information. My mother-in-law is currently emailing a soldier in Iraq and although he seems genuine, she had been wondering if this could be a scam or not. Atleast we now know this kind of thing does happen and could be a serious possibility.

  4. I have just seen sense, because i have been speaking to a supposed serving soldier in Iraq. Alarm bells began to ring when i was asked to apply to be added to his file and pay monies to fund his leave.
    I feel gutted as the marines picture is gorgeous. What ratbags

  5. Here’s a new one! I’ve just spent 2 months talking to an ‘American soldier fighting in Iraq’. His email received today asked me to hold $3.5 million American dollars in my account for him (a business partner just paid him out)because he’s fighting his little heart out and can’t have the money there because the General will ask him where it came from and he will be in trouble. I sent him the appropriate answer!! Bastard deserves to have his $@##* cut off!! any volunteers?

  6. I HAD ONE THAT WAS ALSO IN AFGHANISTAN LAST SEPT.2010 WE TALKED FOR OVER A MOTH SAID HE WAS A MAJOR, DIDN’T MAKE SINCE THAT HE WOULD BE GOING OUT ON PATROL, WHERE HE JUST HAPPENED TO GET SHOT AND ALSO WANT ME TO E-MAIL TROOPS IN TRANSIT AND REQUEST HIS LEAVE.WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT CLICK ON THE E-MAIL ADDRESSES THEY SEND YOU. LUCK FOR ME I DIDN’T BUT I WENT ON LINE AND CHECKED FOR THE SITE WHICH DID NOT EXIST. BUT I PLAYED ALONG AN SEND AN E=MAIL AND GOT ONE BACK FROM A GENERAL MENDOZA TELLING ME TO SEND 2400.00 DOLLARS WHICH I WOULD GET BACK UPON HIS SAFE ARRIVAL TO THE STATES, IT WAS FOR A BOND. I FORWARD IT TO RANDY AND TOLD HIM I DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY HE WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.HE THEN IM’ED ME SAYING HE COULD PAY 1400. OUT OF HIS STOCKS BUT I WOULD HAVE TO COME UP WITH THE REST then i preceded to tell him i couldn’t he pratically called me a i sent him an e-mail telling him he should have read my profile as i value honesty then told him off. i never heard from him again. but recently i have seen the same pic on a different site now using a different name carl.i joined a site spokeo a sister-in-law told me about where you can look people up. also don’t be fooled by ones who send you gifts, they can and are sometimes scammers.i just spend 2 months talking to another one who sent a gift of wine and a pasta meal. carl is now talking to me which is how i found this site 🙂 when i looked him up on spokeo. also you can e-mail the service they say they are in and if like me with the air force i got to chat with a live person who told me there was no troops in transit. ladies check them out even if you don’t think they are scammers. take care and good luck.

  7. Well the scam is still going strong. I have two attempts of people scamming me under the pretenses of Serving Forces. The first was under the name of a Charles Draper, who claimed he was serving in Iraq. We talked on line for about a month, and he claimed he was about to retire. He first asked me to look after some money that some one had giving me for saving his daughter 3.5m, and asked me for my bank details. I did not give them. Then within a week he asked me to buy him a phone, and send some money to his orphange in the US that he donates to….umm By then the alarm bells were really ringing, I contacted the Orphange – who used a legitmate name- Foundation of America with false bank details- Person under the name of Melvin Bye of New York.
    About a week ago a similar thing happened this name was Jerry Moore, who claimed he was in the UN, but based in Africa. This person chatted for about 2 nites and I called his bluff when he a few things he said did not add up. On both occasions they contacted me on line. Both were very complimentary on me, and wanted a serious romance.. THey both were very smooth, and both had one child, both posted pictures on line so they seemed legimate. Beware never send money to people you do not know. Charities usually have proper bank details and never use personal account to deposit money on their behalf. You can also contact the organisation to verify. If they are in the services they use the military server and contact details, so it will end in a gov. id. The best advice is just becareful for they are really prominate on the dating websites at the moment. Especially if you have just joined a dating website. Also if it does happen let the support team on that website know so they can flag the profile. But often they will shut down that profile and take up a new one on another site. Take care Lo

  8. scam is now going on facebook. ive just had 1 calling himself sgtpye richardson. yes usual chat, after 2 days he wanted me to send $800 to an address in gelding nebraska us.i reported him too facebook who have taken him off. he has my email address an is now sending me an email telling me that soon i will have a visitor at my door. im not easily frightened but what if someone in different circumstances was. this is now going a bit too far. must say the picture was off a lovely american soldier. god bless him. the person who was chatting to me english was not so good.bells do ring when reading. bye everyone, take

  9. Same thing as above Srgt. Frank Lopez Wenthworth US soldier serving in Iraq…has been emailing me for the last month (August 2011!!!)but had a gutt feeling and played along to see, yes a scam asking for 450 dollars for a Ts2 fone. Ladies the pictures are of such a hunk….be careful. I have been on to all the appropiate authorities and what i will tell you is… these bas***ds are hard to tract down!!!

  10. Has anyone come across a
    Richie Domnall,
    BRC/ITA/L52- 0145
    PAF base Mushraf CCS-F7
    Team Commandant of the Engineering Crew,
    British Red Cross,
    20 interceptor/FGA/Reconnaissance Squadron Syria.

    Is he a genuine person or just another scammer?

  11. i hve one now called lee robert one child serving afghanisatan(not!) said hes from kent(which is why i spoke to him) chatted a time wanted me to email to ask for leave”it only cost a little money babe”£150!!!! as i live on disability its a fortune to me, is pushing me to buy a cell so he can call(and ask for more money for”connection” no doubt)-i hve but hve told him i dont hve one, hes mde a few mistakes like said he had daughter, then son, many of them hve crxp memories and u need a gd one to b gd liar(another even asked me to confirm his email addy to him!) needless to say this one doesnt hve gov in email addy

  12. Anyone know an EDWARD MONSANTO in Kabul, Afgan.? He’s on FBook. always wants money to come home and money for a phone patch. He’s a good looking black man. I wonder if he’s using some Real soldiers Photo? Claims he’s a widow with 2 children from Texas. Why can’t these guys be stopped? And how do we find out for sure who’s lying?

  13. I was approacched by Captain King Anthony Clowers on Facebook back on September 20.2011 we chatted for a bit on there then im threw yahoo he started saying saying how much he loved me with in a month then about another two weeks later he started on me about sending money to ts2 so we could talh on the phone.I was lucky enough to have someone that caught it before i was stupid enough to send the money he said he that he is located at camp victory iraq and will be home in January.Ladies please be carefull if i had not had someone to catch that i would have been out the money that i have worked so hard to make.

  14. Also I checked out the info yhat was sent to me by the so called ps2 Smith Adderson not real sure if he is real or not but the agents name i was suppose to be sending the money to was Theresa Lockwood.Ladies please don’t be fooled like I almost was he even went as far as to ask me to marry him He said he was divorced with a 14 year old son and lives in Palm Beach. Remember the name he is using is Captain King Anthony Clowers and ladies he is good at what he does and the pics he sent me were awsome pics.The worst thing about all of this is that if there is a real solder out there that wants to talk to anyone can we really trust they are fo real.

  15. Hi girls, Does anyone know a Major James Anthony? I have been chatting to him for several and after just 3 weeks he asked me for money so he could get “Leave by license” in time for Xmas to come see me. In total he’s tried to get almost £2,000 out of me,no chance! I fell for a good looking hunk but it may not even be this Major James Anthony. Good luck to you all.

  16. Hi ladies, if a Colonel Calvin Smith or his associate Fred Apawu try to make contact with you, tell them to go to hell. The one who calls himself colonel is supposed to be based in Afghanistan -ha, ha!I believe they are both from Ghana trying to scamm vulnerable ladies.


  18. It is not only soldiers they are impersonating it is all kinds of americans. Men, Women, young kids you name it. Amazingly their ip addresses are flagged as from the USA! The Ip address usually starts with: 41.whatever
    If you can view their ip address you can run a scan on it here:
    Hope this is helpful.

  19. hello my name is riekie
    a men kelvin miller contact me
    he set he is a kolonel inthe usa army
    he has a daughter from 12
    his wife is dead
    he doint ask me any monney
    and set to me if some one
    contact me and ask money or want to give
    doint take it .
    wat do you think a scammer or not

  20. just letting you know im speaking to soliders on a dateing site called besocial and i think that they are scammers one has asked me to email is commander for leave.

  21. Jeff Martel, retiring from army, wife dead has a 20 year old son, wanted me to buy phone subscription….showed pictures of guy in scuba gear and a nice man in uniform.

  22. Help me please understand this this guy cliam he in the miliary but when I told him that I got no money to send him he keep sending me messeage that he love me. I told him that I have liver cancer that I have to use all the money I got to pay for treament u know he said if he could he will send me money to help me out. What I don’t understand why is he keep trying when he know he not getting anything from me.

  23. i have been contacted by KELVIN MOORE on Evow, as soon as i gave him my hotmail address he deleted his profile, this has happened to me a few times before and they have always been scammers so I am already very wary of this guy but playing along with him for now, he hasnt asked for money yet but says we have to talk at least 2 hours a day on MSN, that he is based in Johannesburg ( I looked online and couldn’t find anything about British Soldiers in Johannesburg )and he says he can’t get any leave until 2015 but he will speak to his Commander, says he has no siblings and his parents died the same year both from cancer 8 years ago, very wary of this guy, am certain he is a scammer but just playing the long game and will shoot him down in flames LOL, please be careful on EVOW , if they delete their profile as soon as they have an email address for you they are definitely scammers !!!!!!

  24. Thank you Sheree. I was approached by Captian Anthony Clowers on He quickly switched our conversations to yahoo and yahoo chat. The red flags popped up when he immediately started commenting on how he feels just looking at my pics, even though we’ve hardly communicated.

    Thank you for saving me time and $.

  25. Some one purporting a US soldier by name David Cole in Kabul, Afghanistan email

    Is he a fake. Have not talked much with him but I just feel he is a scammer and when I gave him doubts he does not communicate frequently. I told him off that if he thinks he has found a catch then he should understand that he is dealing with a slum dweller.

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