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5 Online Dating Profile Cliches To Avoid In Yours

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Writing an online dating profile is not easy. Maybe that’s why many people end up relying on cliches in theirs. As an online dating consultant, I’ve seen my share of profiles (thousands) and there are definite trends when it comes to writing them. In fact, the majority of profiles I come across read more or less the same. If you’re looking for dating profile examples to help you write yours, here are five dating profile cliches you’ll want to avoid:

1. Talking about how difficult it is to write about yourself

Finding it hard to write your online dating profile? No surprise there then. Just about anyone who’s ever tried writing a personal description on a dating site has struggled. Lots of those put a reference to this in their profile, usually in the first paragraph or sentence. What a waste of prime space! The first paragraph is where you should be doing your best selling, to get people to read the rest of your profile. Why stick a pointless no-brainer in there? Of course it’s hard to write about yourself! Edit that bit out and get to the point – talking about what makes you special.

2. Long walks on the beach or in the countryside

Like a nice walk? You and the whole world, it would seem. A casual glance at any dating site would give you the impression that the whole world spends all its time walking at sunset. This may well be true, but why concentrate on what you have in common with the competition instead of making yourself stand out?

3. “I enjoy going out, but also staying in with a good DVD, nice food and a bottle of red wine”

As seen on just about every other dating profile I’ve ever seen. No one ever says a nice bottle of white, for some reason.

4. “I enjoy going to the cinema / restaurants / pubs”

Let’s face it, unless you are highly unusual and / or antisocial, you’re bound to enjoy going to at least one of those. Sure, you can mention it in passing, but giving it too much space on your profile is the equivalent of a car manufacturer stating “our cars will get you from A to B”.

5. “I am / am looking for someone who’s equally comfortable in an evening dress / tux and a pair of jeans”


It always surprises me to see how common this line is. This line is from the “James Bond school of dating profiles”, the ones that make it seem like their owner stopped for 5 minutes between saving the world and dating supermodels to write a winning profile on a dating site in search for true love. I often wonder how true this sentiment is for most people who use it. My doubts aside, this line is extremely common, so even if it does represent you, do consider a more original way of expressing your versatility.

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One thought to “5 Online Dating Profile Cliches To Avoid In Yours”

  1. I think profile blurbs or descriptions will eventually become less and less significant. Everything is now leaning towards dating webcam chat rooms. Here you can see, hear and chat with potential singles, making a much more informed decision. Deciding should never rely on such silly things as what the person said in their profile description (which may or may not be true or accurate).

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