Don’t Fall For This Online Dating “Sextortion” Scam Targeting Men

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There’s a common scam out there that’s targeting mostly (but not exclusively) Muslim men. It’s not new, but I’ve been tipped off by contacts at several very large dating sites that it’s still going strong and causing major problems for lots of guys. I can only then conclude that there isn’t enough information about it or that the information isn’t getting around enough. I am signal boosting this. Please read and share so that more people hear about this.

In this scam, men are lured from Facebook or dating sites onto Skype by a beautiful woman who then proceeds to talk them into undressing and masturbating in front of their web camera by saying it turns her on. Usually the woman even takes off her own clothes and masturbates herself, so this interaction appears totally legit, even if way too good to be true. The sexy woman turns out to actually be a guy (using images and videos of women, I assume) who then threatens to upload the masturbation video to Youtube and share it with the victim’s family, friends and employer unless the victim pays a large sum of money.

Muslim men who are presumed by the scammers to be rich are often the victims, whether living abroad or somewhere like the Emirates. The scam obviously uses shame against the victims, which is why Muslims are such a popular target. Here’s a full description of the scam from the BBC website. Here is another collection of stories and a Reddit discussion. As is evident from the Reddit discussion, Muslim men are not the only victims. Scammers from all over the world have caught up to this scam, so nobody’s safe.

So guys, Muslim or otherwise, if a woman who looks too beautiful to be true approaches you online and tries to get you to take your dick out in front of your webcam, be very very suspicious. Let your friends know about this scam and all of you stay safe.

If anyone has names or Skype names or that have been used in these scams or specific, feel free to share anonymously below so that others can be warned.

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