New online dating scam to watch out for: Iraq soldier

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This one is new to me, but has apparently been around for a while. A friend of a friend was communicating with someone on a big free dating site who claimed to be a soldier based in Iraq.His profile picture had him wearing a uniform and holding a gun, but he described himself as “shy”. He asked her for a relatively small sum of money (for a scammer) as a deposit for a service that would allow them to speak on the phone. Once paid, he disappeared. Turns out he was doing the rounds on the site, conning lots of women out of cash.

This serves as a good reminder to be careful while dating online. Especially on free dating sites. Never send money to anyone you meet on a dating site!

Here are some more handy online dating safety tips.

The comments in this post are well worth a read, as are the ones in the related posts below. These are posted by women who have been scammed or almost scammed and have already saved many women from trouble.

I’ve had incidents before where women posted stuff about men who were blatantly not scammers, but have just been players and jerks to the women in question. This is not the place to settle scores with guys who dumped you. Please respect this page and only post about issues to do with scammers. Many women come here to find out important information and we don’t want to dilute it with crap.

If there is a comment here that you know is not about an actual scammer, please let me know and it will be removed immediately.

More scammer info can be found at

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256 thoughts to “New online dating scam to watch out for: Iraq soldier”

  1. Im very much aware of these scumbags!!!! There are many of them here on dating websites. That soldier in uniform with a gun on his arms, wearing a commoplage pants, no shirt showing his muscles, yeahhhhh!!!! I heard from him too, and I told him to send me a picture close up on my website. I also told him to give me a number to call him. When I spoke to him he sounded like a Nigerian man, and when I checked the phone number, it was a prepaid phone from Nigeria. Hello out there, Americans are not stupid as you all think we are!!!!!! On my profile, I stated, I prefer to date white men. But when I spoke to this dude, he sounded like a Nigerian with a ver hard accent.

  2. Help…..nearly fell for this and got as far as giving my phone number and address to a company called Ts2 Satellite Provider but somehting made me stop sending the $600 asked for.

    Luckily i did a search and found this blog but now worried that i have given personal details….can anyone get back to me about any problems/risks i may now be likely to have


  3. Hi Ginty, I’m glad you found this blog on time. Sounds like you have good instincts that stopped you from wasting your money! As long as you only gave them your phone number and address, there’s not much they can do with that, I am not an expert on fraud, but I think they’d need more than that to steal your identity and the scam they’re running seems to be different than that sort of thing anyway. They might try to contact you in another guise (on the phone, for example) to get more details out of you, so just be extra careful for a while about giving out any personal details. If someone phones you and says they are from your bank or credit card company, for example, tell them you will ring them back and phone your company to confirm (get their number from the company’s website, obviously, not the suspected scammer!) I hope that helps.

  4. Hi Shimrit, thank you so much for getting back to me and putting my mind at glad am I to have found your blog!
    Just for your info…the site i was on was single50s and they have removed him for being a scammer. I did express my concerns that they didn’t let members know of this danger apart from a message saying ‘this account deactivated for your protection’ when i tried to go into his message to get details to send to them. Anyway that is the system they work on but will pass on my thoughts!
    Once again thank you so much and keep up the good work!!

  5. Sites don’t like to admit they have scammers dating there in the first place, because they think it might put people off dating there. The sad fact is, even sites with really good moderating teams will have some scammers slip through the net. I think it’s horrible that some people would try to take advantage of those who are looking for love like that. The only thing you can do is keep your wits about you and just drop anyone who starts trying to fleece you for money after a few weeks, or even months! Good luck and I hope you don’t come across such nasty people again!

  6. i can’t understand how people still fall for these scams i run a dating site and i try to remove as many scammers as possible but some webmasters leave them to make their sites look bigger than than they are we all need to pull together and put a stop to these people.

  7. I was chating to a soldier online who contacted me through Uniform dating and He samed so nice. Talked for hours through Yahoo. Then I asked if I could contact him by phone and he gave me an email address which I sent an email with all my details on and got an email back from TS2 Satalite Provider World Union saying I would have to pay £588.00 to talk to this soldier US one. I didn’t do it and he just took the huff. Called me heartless and that I didn’t care was blaming me for not paying that money. I think I was right not to pay the money wasn’t I? Someone tell me I was right please. He seemed so nice at the start lots of nice things he said to me then he chanced. Totally devistated!!!

  8. Hi Debbie,

    Apparently this is a common scam. The fact that the guy turned on you when you wouldn’t pay is a bad sign. Even if it weren’t a proper scam, the guy’s obviously a loser. You did well not to pay!

  9. Met a Sgt. Jeff Miller online and when we chatted online came out asking me to pay $450 to register with the army so that I could talk to him. Then he wanted me to send $1500 so that he could ask for some sort of leave to come to the states for six to seven weeks. Anyone know this Sgt.? I never sent him anything and he swears up and down that he is not a scammer. Any comments?

  10. Hi Diana,
    I think this may be the same person I was talking to.
    He said his name was Sgt. Mark Miller and that he was serving in Samarra,Iraq. Told me his wife died in childbirth 3 yrs ago! He wanted me to pay £225 to register with the army, just like you. I checked out his IP address from his emails, and found out it was actually a man called Enyi Abajue from Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. When I confronted him, he tried to convince me I was wrong, I asked him to send me some more photos of himself but he turned nasty and disappeared! He had been so wonderful to me at first, I’m just so glad I checked his IP!!

  11. Can someone please explain how to check an IP address & can this address also be fictitious? Thanks

    The Soldier from Iraq with Dead Wife, only child and dead parents too – seemed quite sad, but now seems like just a common scam – no money sent, but did ask for it – what a shame!! Seemed so nice too!!

  12. Hi,

    There is another scammer out there calling himself SFC Philip Miller. Claims to be an American soldier in Iraq. Was fortuate to smell a rat. When I didnt come up with the money he tried becoming abusive, then dissappeared! His IP address shows him mailing from Ghana.

  13. I joined friendsreunited dating and a guy called Salvatore Derosa contacted me same jargon, dead wife young son living in the UK for 4 years (perfect english) father in nursing home in sicily. He then tells me he is working in Iraq but things are horrible there he has no money because his account has been hacked and he has lost £25000. He did not ask for money but tells me his son and the nanny are running out of money and that he is worried. I offered to fly the son to my home in Lanzarote and take care of him .. that scuppered him. Then he contacted me again and asked for £20 to be paid into an account in the Ukrain, my suspicions were confirmed and I blocked him, but then I decided tio have a bit of fun and see how far he would take this. Aparently he is now being held by militants and they are demanding money he has no one to help hm and I am heartless for not helping him and he trusted me and loved me and now he was heartbroken by my lack of trust. I took the p155 a bit then told him I was broke and could not pay my mortgage I had no food and electric I didnt know where to turn.. strange how he dissapeared ! I might string him along some more while I check up his IP address but I am not sure how to check it out. his email address is at the moment he thinks he has me onside again … oops silly man .. but what a shame I wonder who the man in his photos is he is a real hunk lol

  14. well i met a guy on a dating site as well. he said he is a soldier in iraq. We connected easily and got along very well. then he told me that he would be finished with his contract with the army soon so he wants to start a new life. i liked him from the beginning. then he called me – and i was sooo disappointed or shocked cause he didnt sound american AT ALL more like african or asian. i told him that i am really doubting his story and dont believe this cause his accent is not american at all – he is probably one of them trying to get money out of women…. anyways after that conversation he sent me about 20 pictures of this soldier named JOHN TODD inclusive the picture of his passport card. anyways i felt that i did him wrong and apologized and actually fell in love with him. He was supposed to come here today since he finished his contract by yesterday. this morning i got a call from a woman . she said she is from the customs in kuala lumpur (malaysia) and that mr. todd is being held there cause he is having a huge amount of money with him, which he did not declare. anyways he needs to be bailed out with 4.950 USD and i should send it through western union. i said nooo way – then she said i could also transfer it through my bank – she sent me an email with her account datas and asked me to send the payslip. i did not and i will not – but i think that this is too bad. i called the malaysian embassy – and they told me that i should not send any money – cause thats not the way that cases are handled. but thats really too bad…. but i realized that i should listen to my feelings cause they told me from the beginning that he is not what he is pretending to be…. 🙁

  15. with reference to usa soldier scam. Has anyone had contact from one calling himself Capt Chris Johnson, living in the uk, everything ive read here sounds so familiar. widower, wife died in childbirth etc etc But I was wise enough not to be taken in by it.

  16. Has anyone had a Phil Adams. Claims to be in the military. Needs a laptop with a webcam so he can communicate with me; however he is able to spend hours online chatting with me. Didn’t send the laptop as I was suspecious. Tells me he loves me constantly. I plan on playing along only to see what his next requests will be. I hate jerks like this.

  17. OMG, do I ever feel stupid! Salvatore Derosa and I were online for over 2 weeks, mostly same stories as above. But never once was I asked for money, he just went away.

    Oh that is so sad, he was so attentive in his emails and IM’s

  18. Anyone got some ideas on how we can put a stop to this. I have been blogging for the past 2 months about online dating and I believe I will be moving a bit in another direction on my blog for awhile in hopes that these people are exposed.

  19. Is there anyway to get ahold of Sally Ann #14 post here. We have the exact same story exempt my guy was living in Canada, but in Iraq blah de blah our online started the 28th of Jan 2010. I wonder if Sally Ann kept her emails, I did and I am posting them on my blog to warn others, it only means he will change his story but it is a start.

  20. Trying to figure something out. I’ve been talking to a guy for a few months and he’s now supposedly shipping out to baghdad. We’ve talked every day via yahoo messenger, and he’s told me he’s applied for the TS2 phone but I would have to make a payment of $500US to activate it. Said he was taking the rest from his monthly allowances. I need to know asap if this is for real. Is there some way of me finding out if he’s for real or not?

  21. Sue, I’m sorry to tell you this, but this sounds like a classic scam, so chances are this guy is trying to con you. Your best bet is to contact the site you met him on, tell them this and ask for advice. If his account is still on the dating site, the moderators should be able to tell whether he fits the pattern of a known scammer. They may not admit to this being the case, though. Which site are you on?

  22. Hi Lorna I do have his emails and photis if you want them. He also gave me a UK mobile number which went straight to answer phone when I tried it but I dont have the number anymore.
    He told me he had a father in a nursing home and his in laws lived in New Zealand. He did not ask for money from me first time either and regularly dissapeared and then came back so he is likely to turn up again. What alerted me was the bank account details were in Poland the first time he only asked for £200 and the second time he got greedier asking for £1000. Friends reunited have blocked his profile so he can see himself but he cannot contact members or be seen by members. If you want me to send the emails and photos let me know.

  23. Hi
    Oh dear:( the last couple of weeks i have befriended a soldier on active duty in Afghan on friends reunited dating he has professed his undying love for me is ready to rtire in 9 months has a home in England told me his son is 15yrsold and his wife died in childbirth,he loves me and wants to start a new life with me. he says he has invested for his retiement in shipping latex?
    all of a sudden he has told me his son accidently blocked his credit card and has no money for bills ect can i help him with money for him till he gets back and sorts it out then he asked for bank details and wants the shipping money paid into it cause his card is blocked its due to be paid the end of wee and any money he borrows will be paid back. i am shocked and very worried i was starting to fall for him he has photos and yahoo mail and mobile phone which he text me but he cant ring me for security reasons and cant use webcam cause of security1 i think now he is trying to scam me
    please can anyone help?

  24. also he told me his son is in califonia with his aged aunt who he takes care of and pays billall my instincts are telling me NO! but he really has played on my heart strings!
    but i have no intention of sending any money or giving out my bank details
    the more i read what is written here the more i realise its over! :((

  25. Hi ladies, I dont think we should use this place to settle personal scores. I think Sally-Ann and Lorna Danylchuk. I think what they wrote is too personal, I know Salvatore is not a scammer. I have met him personally before he left for Iraq and i think he’s a great guy just that I wasnt ready for a serious relationship which he seems to want. You guys should stop portraying him in a bad light. Im very sure he’s not gonna like this if he sees this.

  26. I just recently was involved with a poor lonely US soldier based in Bahghdad. His name was Ryan Michael Davud Chalse, from Maryland he said. The first week he told me everything that I wanted to hear. The second week, he started hinting around about me helping him come home to meet me. He said his money was all tied up stateside and couldn’t get access to it. Then he wanted to hear my sweet voice, and that I should buy the ts2 phone for maybe 4-500.00USD. I told him I couldn;t afford it. We had a few disagreements about it. He did send me the email address to apply for it in case I changed my mind it sounded pretty legitimate to me. They sent me a form via email, and after searching around online I soon found out it was a scam. There is also a major Franklin involved to. Anyway, my guy soon disappeared. Sad thing of it, I was beginning to really like him.
    Live & learn ladies. Be careful there are a lot of predators out there.
    PS: He has such bad spelling and grammar, it was terrible. And he claimed to be an engieer.

  27. Wow, now the scammers are logging into sites to promote themselves. Linda is obviously one of those who has used this scam in the past.

    My friend was used also by the same group a few years ago. It broke her heart and hurt her deeply. Luckily we kept her from sending any money to the scammers.

  28. I have recently had a scam played on me, beware if anyone by the names of James Ruddock Staff sg in the us army based in Iraq contact you on a dating site, stay well away. He is very clever, had all basis covered. I was groomed for 2 months until he showed himself for what he was. He told me that he loved me even proposed the day before he pounced with the scam. They are not in a hurry in fact the longer the scam goes on the more emotionally attached you become. Don’t worry he never got a penny, but it was very emotionally draining Be careful ladies.

  29. Sue

    I’m currently talking to a guy called James Ruddock and he seemed quite believable like you said but when I asked to see a picture of him in uniform the picture was clearly taken years after the ones he sent with his kids so I got suspicious and checked his IP address and most of his emails came from the US but the photo and a couple of other emails came from Ghana. He hasn’t asked me for anything yet apart from wanting to marry me – has bought a house in the UK apparently in Oxfordshire – I’m so glad I found this site and your mail. I’ve been talking to him for nearly 3 months now and he found me on Dateline so beware of JAMES RUDDOCK.

  30. Sergeant Fred Kells. USA

    AKA “armybabyboy” on OKcupid dating site. Is a scam. Widower with twins, in Afghanistan. Yeah right. Nigerian. Please be careful.

  31. I too was involved with SDeR I have notified the dating site I was on here in the US and made a report to the Yahoo abuse site since that’s his email server. My discoveries were so disheartening! You have no idea how I wish he were real-but all of the inapplicable things he wrote me made me curious.
    First I teased him about how he must read Cosmo because of a list titled “Things to do with you” that was definitely intended for a female to do to/with her mate. Then I just Googled a few lines from one of his e-mails because I thought they were song lyrics and was dumped into a list of long distance relationship love letter sites. The most interesting one came when I Googled some other lines and was dumped into a Nigerian scam warning site.
    Our communications were wonderful and made me hopeful but in the back of my mind I was a little worried. I am someone who trusts people until they give me a reason not to, so I chalked the plagiarism up to him being a “born & bred Sicilian” and wanting to impress me with eloquent love notes.
    The biggest flag came when HE came to me regarding communicating via satellite/cell phone. The irony is that I initially pushed him – suggesting Skype, intl phone cards, etc. But he said there was no way that those mediums would provide secure lines. (His story to me was that he is a private contractor for mobile network synthesis and analysis working in Iraq as part of the reconstruction of the country and would be there for 2 months. We “met” online in early March).

    So approximately 1 month into our chatting he comes to me with the secure line plan – for $350 that I would have to pay because he can’t access his funds back here in NJ. The funds would need to be sent to a 3rd party in the Ukraine and the addressee is a masculine Nigerian name! RED FLAG A WAVING!!!! I tell him I’m pretty poor right now and his tone changes drastically. He kept saying that I didn’t trust him or believe him and that I certainly wasn’t committed to him and a relationship with him. He gave me the cold shoulder for awhile and then I sent him an e-mail to let him know my circumstances and I received no understanding what so ever just more guilt.

    Then I saw he posted his profile back up on the dating site – in the very beginning he asked me to remove mine and he did the same. That was a good move because I know I would have asked him that and the fact that he asked first – let’s just say the word “swoon” is not out of style.

    I called him on the fact that he was on the market again and he said that was all my fault because I didn’t want us badly enough. I was at this point in time I think that I Googled his name and email address that’s when I found a real SDeR in NYC Telecommunications firm, I called them and sent the pics he gave me – he’s not that SDeR. Then I was dumped into a blog of Lorna D. who is documenting her online dating experiences and there his name appeared! Not only his name but some of the same things he wrote to me! His location was different but his back story the same. Along with that blog was this site. When I read the stories on here I was so sad! I did want it all to be a bad coincidence but since it definitely wasn’t I wanted to share my story and warning with your readers. So now here I am posting my story on your site.

    Yesterday I had another epiphany due to what a woman from your site wrote – she had his IP address but didn’t know what to do with it! He had told me that we had a 7 hour time difference (Basra, Iraq does have a 7hr time diff) and then I noticed that the times on my e-mails sent to him were not always a 7hr difference. I have a really close friends network admin talent. So I sent him a header from one of the e-mails I received – he extracted the IP address and said it’s location is the Ukraine!!!

    Thankfully I didn’t send any money to this person or persons and most of the women I read about hadn’t either. But what about those that aren’t warned? What about the possibility that this is not the only persona being used to scam women and men?
    So far I’ve found 3 different profiles on the same dating date that are all “my guy” SDeR – 2 NJ locations and 1 Canada – thanks to Lorna
    I just wanted to do some little part in preventing more hurt, disappointment and financial woes.

  32. Hi everyone,
    You have all been talking about male soldiers from Iraq well there is also the female version too, I have been talking to a Lieutenant Marilyn Boone for the last 6 weeks and just recently she had asked me to send an Email to a supposedly army wirelsess site that would set up “free” call connections between us…….What a suprose when the return email from the phone company states that for the free calls to be set a fee of £255 must be paid!!!!

    I for one will not be paying such money and I will be passing on all relevant information to so hope fully scammers like these can be removed….Also I will be playing along with this Lieutenant just to see how far she goes or if her attitude changes when i tell her I am not paying the connection charges

  33. Heidi,

    I to have been talking to Sgt Phil Miller for around 5 weeks, he has now asked me to meet hi friend so he can give me $550,000 for our future together. Luckily I was suspicious and haven’t goven my address, just a phone number which is easlily changed. Shame as his pictures were to die for, seend a genuine guy, young son to bring up as his wife died n a car accident and he was retiring soon from the army!.

  34. Me again! Can’t believe Sgt Phil Miller has been silly enough to re-register on the same dating site as Aaron a single guy looking for love AND Jeffrey a divorcee with 1 child. He uses the same photo’s. Shame the army can’t trace the solidier in the photo’s and let him know his ID is being used. Shame for him as he’s a good looking guy that has no idea he is being used. The dating site has been advised but obviously they aren’t interested. ‘Sgt Miller’ asked for money to be sent to his friend and when I refused he got abusive. Be careful ladies

  35. Hi Chris I too met Sgt Philip Miller what a tosser it is sad he has stolen someone’s idenity. I must have been special Chris he was going to send me a million dollars from some oil deal he was in the process of doing i played along for a while i knew he was full of shit. I also contacted the federal police. so i hope the idiot does get caught.

  36. Hi All,
    I almost fell for one guy who claimed he was a pilot in the navy, until I fathomed out he couldnt string a sentence together and appeared very aloof when responding to my emails, he would not answer any questions directly either, and so I copied and pasted the cridentials needed to become a navy pilot, i.e. good English language skills, I never heard from him again haha. Also I had never come across so so many soldiers who were ‘widowed’ lol, one guy even said to me ‘I hope I am not upsetting your boyfriend by messaging you’ what the ????

  37. hi

    has anyone, had contact from a sgt john mateo, American Army. He has been asking for cash, first for his daughters hospital bills, then for me to pay for his leave, to come and visit me £1400… i have no experiance with the military…. do you have to pay for them to go on leave? by the way i have no intension of parting with my very hard earned cash…

  38. Just come to New York! It’s Fleet Week! Lots of enlisted men here!And I bet they do not want your money! 😉

  39. hi
    has anyone been contacted by a col joe monroy. says he is in the us army in iraq camp victory. After 2 days chatting he says he loves u and wants to marry u sends pics of him and his so called daughter, tells u all the time how much he loves u and i have played him knowing it was a scam not sure then what he was afterbut i do now says he needs to hear my voice he has given me 2 email addys to contact about free phone calls to him with a connection fee. they are and not sure how much longer i can fob him off but i will make him work and groval, going to report him to chat site now. pity the guy in the pics is really cute. i know he is mailing others cause i have watched what he does on chat site tells you what he is doing ie sending mail, writing mail, do they think us single older women are stupid.

  40. Hi I am currently chatting to Serg Phil Miller. The stakes must have gone up because I was offered 1.5 million. When questioned about communications we had had, I have had from his MSN two different people writing. One quite literate and the other not so. Maybe this guy has had his ID taken, surely he wouldn’t be that stupid, but then again he is male or is he??

  41. Hi all, same here with a guy named Srgt Victor Haggard. With pictures, dead parents, divorced and having an adopted son in Ghana who needs $960 for his last exams!!! Wise enough not to give the scamer any details about myself but I still got involved emotionally :O). Good lord a friend of mine found this blog. For a couple of minute I felt terrible when I found out how he or maybe even she has got me but now I am having a good laugh. I wonder if there is any way to catch these guys. After all they are using stolen pictures of american soldiers.

  42. Been talking to a guy Sgt Tony Martel american soldier in iraq, widower, young son, only child etc etc asked for money for phone subscription. Was not gullible enough to fall for this, met on a dating site but they have now deleted his profile.

  43. Anyone heard of Sergeant Major David Ryan Pedersen or Pendersen from match .com ?? Thinking this is a scam too 🙁

  44. I was contacted on by a person claiming to be a General Kelvin James in Afghanistan but his emails did not convince me that he was a powerful man and after 3 or so he has sent me 5 attachments which I have not opened. On the site he used gray_888 He claimed to be a widow with a 15 yr old son and onced connected to msn had a pic in full uniform and one in civis. Happily at no stage did I give my real name etc. Billie is a non de plume

  45. Hi,
    I have been talking to a man named Michael Swain (Mitch). He says he is in Iran working for the American Army. He has asked me for money to pay for the satellite phone. I think he is in on this scam.
    What sad people fill this world.

  46. Sorry, my last post should have read Iraq. Since I have placed this post I have checked the ID of other soldiers who have contacted me and it would seem they are all the same person as their intro is exactly the same. I have informed the dating site and hope they delete them. They are currently scamming women on the site ‘Girls Date For Free’.

  47. i met sgtmaj david pedersenor pendersen from we spoke for 5 days said he has 1 daughter wife died.daughter in uk with nanny. he said he will retire in 8 months but wants to come to the states to meet me but i would have to pay but the money would be refunded after we had words about the money issue we did not talk any longer. but i gave no pers. info and did not send any mony

  48. I have a friend who has been chatting on line with a Sargent Harris Smith, serving in Afghanastan, for about a year. He even came to visit her around Christmas. Then he somehow made her his benaficery (sp?). He applied for a three month leave and was about to come visit her, but the day before he was supposed to leave afghanastan he was shot and she was notified through email that he was in a comma and then the next day she was told he had several heart attacks through to night and died. Now they have told her they are requesting photos of the funeral for her if she would like them. Then they told her because he had been stationed in afghanastan his benefits are somehow stuck there and she would need to pay some money to get the money transfered to the states. She told me that he had never married, never had any children, he had been engaged years ago but a week before his wedding his fiancée was hit and killed by a drunk driver, his mom died when he was 5, his dad never remarried or had any other children. He also would mention how his command officers knew about my friend and how much he loved her, etc, etc… His emails read like a romance novel. Has anyone ever been scammed where they actually met the person in the pictures??? My poor friend is distraught and mourning his death, but the more I hear the more I’m convinced it is an elaborate scam…

  49. Oh my gosh I can’t believe I fell into this site,anybody being scammed by good-looking so called Captain Martin Engle, met him on cupid. Have been contacted by 10-15 soldiers saying they are all widowed..He asked me for 2,700 dollars, then when I said wanted to talk to him didn’t believe him, gave me the Sounds legit, thank god for’s stop these scammers!!!

  50. Reply to Barbara 29 May 2010

    I have been chatting with Colonel Joe Monroy for a few days now. I have received from him a email with his relevant work history and supposed photos of him and his daughter and him in uniform etc…Have also received a poem professing his love for me.
    As yet have not been asked to pay any money to anything but did say would like a digital camera so he could take photo’s of his room, the base, his office so he can show them to me.
    I said unusual that you don’t have one. He said he left his with his daughter Jessi in the USA who is being cared for by his momma. I asked for the address so I could post a parcel to him from the UK but he said it has to go through the USA for security reasons. waiting on the address. To be continued……………

  51. In respons to post 37 and 49. General Kelvin James is a big fraud!!! My mom was all happy meeting this guy online and told me about him. I googled around a bit and found this site (thank god!) Needless to say telling my mom this news wasn’t fun at all!!!

    She confronted him with post 49 and his respons was all wrong. He became very upset that she mistrusted him instead of being outraged that someone else was/is using his name.

    So thank you for starting this blog, it saved my mom from being hurt.

    Sincerely Jennifer

  52. This scam begun with Free Communication Weekends @ Web Dating Sites. Be careful!
    This particular guy called himself Sgt James Nicolas Davis Monroy. In Iraq, has daughter and mom in the UK. Send pics of himself and daughter and friends!
    Love Poems, fast asking to connect, same email address as above-other posts. Ask for $ to connect, inmediately ask for money to go on Leave, have forms with the Seal of the Dept. of Defense on it. It all seems real, except for the details.
    As soon as you catch on he dissappears!

  53. Pls email me whoever scammed by sergant Harris smith in afganistan who writes romantic letters never been married mom left at age of five wants u to be his beneficiary . Please I need to talk to you. Thanks

  54. So i got scammed by Sgt HARRIS SMITH from Canyon, TX lost his mom at age of 5, who is supposedly in Afghanistan. Please help me how do i get my money back. where can i go and what can i do.. i feel like a total idiot. my email. also how do i look up an ip number that everybody’s talking about. plesae help thank you

  55. I have read this site with great interest. Anyone heard of Staff Sgt Mattew Woods ?. He asked me for $350 a couple of months ago for his “sons exmas” as he cannot access his account in Iraq, I said a firm no and ot was not mentioned again until now. I am a mean, tight, selfich woman and how can I sit here in my home and see his son suffer so badly” his son lives in Ghana. I knew it was a scam from the minute he asked for money and pledged undying love, so I have waited for the next request. Its easy to gt sucked in I saw it for what it was and I have reported him to the site I met him on.

  56. Well, Sgt Mark Miller US Armmy does seem to get around . I too have been chatting with him. He “fell” in love in like 5 days.I sent the letters to my brother and my best friend who found out he is in fact a fraud. what a shame the pic of the soldier is so handsome! I hope they catch him before I do!

  57. A supposed Colonel Pedersen, Kelvin from Baghdad, Iraq is requesting money for phone transmissions to be protected from the rebels of Aphganistan to create a switch release from a satalite just to call me and here my voice, first requested 210.00 to be sent to a, this is not a military sight, please be for warned and the money is to be wired via a western union to a Misty Rowe in Colon, Colorado hmm….lovely writer and say’s all the things you want to here.

  58. Ha, I knew it was too good to be true, what a lying cheating rat bag. Col. Kelvin James, Widow, 1 son aged 15 in the states. How stupid am I?? Thank god alarm bells were sounding and I looked this site up. He has asked for nothing yet, just seems a nice loney guy. I’m in the UK by the way, ladies beware, he seemed too good, what a shame. Take care ladies, what a pig!!

  59. I was on and contacted by someone saying they were in Fort Worth TX. We chatted and when he called me his accent was so strong that I became alarmed. He emailed me that he was from Spain and his parents were missionaries in Sri Lonka, he was an only child and his parents were decd. He said he is serving in the US Military in Iraq and is about to retire soon. We have been chatting on line for several weeks and he claimed a birthday. When I asked him if I could send him something (I am thinking cookies, etc) he said laptop and unlocked cell phone. He claims that the laptop is his only communication to the outside world and his diplomat. He wants these things sent through his diplomat to him:
    Mr Frank Damesi
    P.O Box MD 89

    He is claiming a name of Richard Burks. I Googled to see if he owned a house in Fort Worth and could not find him. I am not sure if this is a scam or not but has anyone else heard of these names, etc? I am going to ask him for his address in Fort Worth and see what he says. He is claiming an extreme interest in me.

  60. I’ve now started a forum as well so you can discuss scammers more easily. If you want to carry on this discussion you can head over to where you can sign up and then post new topics and send each other private messages. At some point I will close comments on this post, as I think it’s getting a bit too long.

  61. So many of these comments refer to the same guy that I have been talking with at from He’s military Army stationed in Iraq E8 Mom died when he was 17, dad died when he was 21, no siblings, and wife of 17yrs died in car accident with unborn child lonely for 6yrs now wanted me to send stuff to him thru diplomat in UK no APO due to retirement. Pics show a soldier with E5 rank not E8 rank, spelling and grammar is bad at times tells me soldiers are missing there on a daily basis and their family doesnt know scared and needs to leave needs 4000us dollars to pay to get paperwork cell phones not allowed there Bad thing is I saw the flags from the beginning but knew it was really a scam when he asked for money. I even warned this guy that I knew military rank very well, military pay, and was familar with it all. He wanted to make me his wife and come home to me. Also talked about a contract in Africa. I was never gonna send him anything, he didnt even believe me when I told him I had no money, he pushed hard for it. He also asked me to send him personal jewelery of mine and a laptop. His name is Ryan Juan Rivera from Baltimore, MD he claimed he was 49 and Native American. In our conversations he is 48 and a Latino, from Spain. He doesnt really ask much about your life………..I fell emotionally for this guy, but not stupid enough to send him anything. His name LetsDo_ItTogether and his yahoo is He also deleted his acct with the day that we started to talk.

  62. I have talked to two different men. One is a col. david pederson he is a fake( i have met the real one) the other is col. Kelvin pederson, and I am sure he is one in the same man. He is asking for a processing fee for his leave. I have checked into this with the army, and no fee is required for a leave request form. any way, I reafused and was called every thing but a white woman.

  63. Hi, i have been chatting to a man called stratton enoch and he asked me if i can be his beneficiary and pay about £1500 to apply for his leave and apparantly this will be paid back to me 5 days when he arrives? I take it im being scammed am i?

  64. Louise: I’m sorry, but it does sound like a common scam. The fact that alarm bells went off in your head and you decided to look into it should also tell you something. I’d say stay away from this man.

  65. and yet another one…found on

    Garry Johnson, same scenario, yes I was gullible, sent the initial emails, as soon as I saw Westermn Union I ran a mile….

    Reported to Smooch for what its worth.

  66. There is no such thing as a vocational leave form. I had the military checked on it. Don’t think those soldiers has it bad at Camp Victory in Iraq because they don’t. At Camp Victory they have a hugh swimming pool and beauty parlors there. I checked it out. It’s the poor soldiers outside of Iraq has it rough. There is no such thing as a paid leave. They cann’t request to leave earily, when they do it’s only for an emerency as a death. T2s if you have the money you can go to your own phone company and have it on your own phone dont belive it. They have unit phones there at their base. They get calling cards or uses the computer.I hope I helped. How do I know one tried to scam me.Thanks

  67. Don’t belive it when they say they love you after three emails it’s a scam. Even if they send you anything in the mail. It’s just a cover up to get you to belive in them. Watch out for any dating sites. Take any paper work to the military office near you if your not sure. If they ask you for money say goodby. It’s a scam when you don’t know them. It’s to bad that some of these soldiers are that way. What can you do. Just be carefull.

  68. I just wanted everyone to know there is no such thing as a vocational leave form. It’s a scam don’t belive it. Over in Iraq Camp Victory has a lot, there’s a huge swimming pool, where some play volley ball, beauty salon, movies, pizza and other things. I checked it out. A soldier cann’t leave early unless its a death in the family only. There is no such thing as a paid leave. It won’t happen. T2s is a sat. phone. If you have the money then you can call your phone company to put it on your phone not theirs. I checked it out. They have calling cards to use their unit phones on base. Also, computers that doesn’t cost anything. They just want easy money. It’s to bad for the other soldiers who are honest. The other soldiers in Iraq outside of Camp Victory has it hard. Camp Victory for those that are there is easy. I checked it out. Soldiers there can have wifes and a girlfriend or vise a versa. You can check out the web site Life at Camp Victory, so it’s a scam. Don’t give out your credit card number or bank number. How do I know an Iraq soldier tried to scam me, but it didn’t work. It’s true if they say they love you after three emails run away it’s a scam. How can you love someone without meeting them? A lot of soldiers are leaving Iraq Sometime at the end of this month or next. So don’t belive them unless you know them. It’s a scam.Listening to your gut feelings or check it out withe military before you do anything. I hope this helped Thanks

  69. Does anyone know how I can check with the military if a british soldier is Kosher or if he doesnt exist and im being scammed?
    Thanks in advance

  70. Hi there. Anyone heard of a Captain Irwin Petterson, US military, based in Afghanistan. Wife died in car accident 5 years ago, married 21 years, 15 yr. old daughter who lives with in-laws in US. Met on, profile now off there, and asked me to set up yahoo account to chat. Now asking for £400 to set up secure line connection to talk for his savety in war zone. Alarm bells ringing, received email giving details – told I would receive money back in 3 days after connection set up, but western union – sent to myself in London? He said money would not be collected but returned to me – not possible! He then said that I should send an email to to arange for a military agent to collect it and then return it to me! Emails rather stilted at times and grammer/language not as an american would speak. Can’t trace ip address at moment – I understand difficult on yahoo accounts. Going along with it at mo to see what happens – definately not sending money, but wan t to see what else is said! Anyone else heard of this man?

  71. I was contacted by SGT CARLOS AMANDO through dating for parents, he sent me six messages and photo’s said his parents were dead, had a daughter who is nearly seventeen, who lives with her tutor who is her guardian and his wife died too. I got suspicious when he asked for my mobile number to contact me in the day (he’s in Afghanistan) on patrol. I put his name on google and found this website, I sent him a message on msn asking him if he had access to a web cam and haven’t heard from him since.

  72. im so glad i found this. im just starting to get back into the dating scene after my fiance who i had been with for 4yrs cheated on me. i posted a profile on one of those free dating sites. i wasnt expecting much so when i got a message from a cute guy in the army i was a little excited. he turned out to be a scammer. it reallt pisses me off that jerks are using out soldiers and struggle they go thru to cheat ppl and get money. its sick. it bothers me even more that they use pictures of our soldiers and steal their identity. i wish there was more to be done to stop these guys from taking advantage of ppl. im so glad i found this site. i learned so much about the ts2 phone scam and im glad the names these jerks were posted. i regret not savin the name the guy used or his email address, if i had it id post it. thanks for havin this info available

  73. Thanks Jen! And thanks for sharing your info with us as well. I’m sorry your ex cheated on you, but don’t worry, there are nice guys out there too. It sounds like you’re learning to spot and avoid the losers, so I’m sure you’ll find the good one soon ehough 🙂

  74. hi sharon…re Cpt.Chris Johnson…
    sadly seems to be in contact with me now!! ah well…seemed too good to be true, and luckily i have great friends who did some research and sent through these websites to check thru for scamming tactics.
    hey presto…Cpt Chris!! was a pleasant little fantasy, but not fallen for it really as all too overwhelmingly gushing and ridiculously lovely…helicopters, funds in trust, …but R.I.P dead wife,no family….lots of gushing sentiments….so now am going to have to attend to my housework and pile of ironing…what a shame, but thanks for possibly curtailing a lot of wasted hours. let me know if anymore of you know this fella…supposedly in afghanistan, flying helicopters, a Captain Chris Johnson. hope he’s a scammer cos about to kick him in the MSN’s….Z

  75. I think I’m being scammed by a Kevin Steve Medina MOS E-5 saying he is a widow has two daughters in America but he lives in UK. He asked me to send over £450 for a phone so he could ring me, which I was silly to do but he has said now that the signal is bad in Afghanistan, he is now asking me to send him a mobile phone and also asking me to pay for him to come home on leave. He also gave me his Colonel email address John Alexander for me to send for his leave. He sounds so nice when we are chatting on line but I suppose he knows what I want to hear. I feel such a fool Please be careful if anyone else has come accross this person, can’t call him a man just an animal.

  76. A Colonel Flintz Kellywood, supposedly British Army serving in Iraq – half Dutch half British, widow of 7 years, one son killed in action in Iraq – fell madly in love with me. Then 4 weeks into chatting with me he wanted £3000 in money order to his diplomatic friend who was bring a parcel home for him but it was stuck in GHANA and he needed to pay for new diplomatic tags. The parcel contained a present of gold from an Iraqi prime minister. I sent nothing – he was very clever at saying the things I wanted to hear – BEWARE!

  77. Ok well I am in Australia and I got bitten too the pic of the scammer is plastered on facebook under Stop scammers using USA soldiers. Do I feel stupid…..I told this low life things I hadnt told many people in my life and fell for him he was so good. I have had three people trying to scam me before but they were more obvious he was so clever. Anyway my dad is a military man and it didnt even get to the person asking me for money but just got hurt and feel stupid as Im afraid there arent any genuine people out there anymore. He goes as Edmond Evans and only has a hotmail id i met him off a free online dating service called Oasis. Stupid stupid me. I feel sorry for the soldiers in Iraq as my dad was one so I was an easy target as I feel for these people.

    I feel sorry for the soldiers dead and alive that these people are trying to make money out of War but then I guess who doesnt.

    cheers eyes open now

  78. Hi, I was contacted by a man saying his name was James Monroy. I have noticed that the name Monroy has been used in this blogs. I guess the guy just changes the first name but uses the last name because the guy in the picture has his last name on his Uniform. When he would send emails he would just use Monroy. He must have pictures of stolen pictures from this real Monroy guy. He would send poems also and that was the only time his english was good. His parents were dead and his wife had died also. A son who lived far away. He also tried to get me to pay for this satellite phone service so we could talk whenever we wanted. He didn’t have a cam and couldn’t receive packages which made me a little suspicious. After I found him on 3 different dating sites and they all had different info on his age and where he lived. I reported him on all 3 sites

  79. i have now chatted to many military men i have met off zingle , facebook , and smooch , they have all asked for money for various things £15000 for retirement ,£7000 retirement £200 for laptop, £500 for school fees, £6oo for nanny fees , £2oo for ts2 phone , and top ups on pagers ,and are all nigerian scammers , quite often they give their real email address by mistake i think and i have looked them up on fb where they appear as there real nigerian selves .
    look out for these name

    Carl Smith <
    willie jackson
    cpt chris harrison
    cpt tom pendleton
    david sigmund
    lt col enoch stratton , enoch is not real name its mark, he actually was killed in action on 26/05/09

    none got money from me and i hope this helps anyone else that gets in this position , i think i must be on some sort of scam list lol

  80. Hi,I’m so grateful to have come across a site that I can share my experience,firstly I’m so very sorry for the people who join these online dating sites and get taken in.I’ve been a recent member of one of the Military Sites and I too was or tried to be scammed.Lucky for me I was not taken in as I played along with this fraud/scammer,I feel sad that I cannot even trust an online dating service. Although I have to say the dating site I’m on have been very helpful with my complaints,I have since reported this fraud that goes by the name of ‘Christopher Philips’,along with fake photo’s.The stories he/she came up with are pretty much the same as what I’ve just been reading on here.At one stage there I was starting to get a complex as I am Australian lol and more Americans on my dating site.Cant complain have had alot of interests just not the right ones!! However my scammer was not to bright has he left a trail as he has my email address and lucky for me I found a contact of his.I’m currently trying to get in contact with his other female victim,and why not if I can help someone else! Thank you for reading this.

  81. Met a Bill Miller on Match who was from Iraq and have been talking since the first of July. I looked for him many times to see if he was real. I found the pictures on line under Philip Miller and he has a really good friend Jackson and Ali and Suley who is his friend carrying a package to america for me. Says he can’t leave till suley gets here to deliver a package. He has a 12 year old son Mike with a dog named Henry. Smooth talker and says all of the right thing a woman wants to hear.

  82. Hello All, My Name is Peter, Well I just ended a 4 day on line chat with a woman. Claiming to be a Us soldier Deployed in Afghanistan. Yea1 And it was so easy to spot. But she was convincing I must say. But so many red flags popped up from day one. Such as …I seemed so perfect for her and she loved what i wrote in my profile..But here is the thing. My profile was still being Done. lol. So all i can say id WOW my pic must have told her so much about me lol. I added her to msn and we sent each other Pictures and one letter. Mind u getting her to email more about her self was like pulling teeth.But By day 3 I was really getting concerned as she told me.I have to arrange her leave so she can come to me. And the US Army requires I pay a amount of money to put in Application. Well I have never ever heard of any Army personal not being able to simply Apply for leave on there own and go where ever they wish! No Amount was given as yet but WOW. By day 4 she was “FALLING IN LOVE” With me. lol yea 4 days sheesh.Now i was getting angry lol becuase she was pushing me for when i wish to apply for her “LEAVE” I simply said maybe we look at that around say March next year. Well was I taking to long lol. She was thinking maybe she could be with me well before Christmas. She wanted to share thanks giving with me in front of a cozy fire. That would be awesome only one small catch there lol..I’M Australian lol Our Christmas is spent with air conditioning ON and we don’t have Thanks giving lol Any way just yesterday I advised her it was Over and deleted and blocked her from every where.I feel for so many of you Lady s because. Although I am a guy. And have emotions and feelings. these kind of Scum are targeting Woman more and more than they do us guys. But i wanted to share my story. I still have some of the messages and the email if you would like to see them? I can paste them here I don’t mind at all sharing all i can for this course. My Name is Peter I am real And I Thank you!

  83. haiii i have meet also a sergt james monroy on netlogg he saids his wife dies 3 years a go and he have a son david from 19 years old hee lives in austin usa he is for the army in afghanistan now in kabul ? from the start i had feeling some is wrong here !why there are somuch answers wat is wrong ,by the way hee 49 years old and he have a foto on yahoo in a shoert and a lot off tatoos on his arms ?

  84. wat you written cindy is the same wat he told me excatly the same no camm etc but he made 1 misteak all the army never send you more than 6 months away they dont . it is 6 months and 2 or 3 month at home .hee do nothing wrong with me noo just talks that he in kabul and have to look for his food to bring well all army’s has theire own kitchen and by the way i am from holland . well everybody take care when you saw that name james monroy

  85. sad to say these folks are impersonating out soliders. That is so sad. This Bill Miller has a lot of the same pictures that are on the Philip Miller utube. I have been scanning and even reported this person. One day he had 3 different profiled all different and one day I found 5 of his profiles under different name, ages and areas of the country. Still going to have Mike send me an email and Suley is supposed to be getting in contact with me. His general was General Haggard and his best friend is Jackson who has a wife named Kimberly. The intersting thing is that I saw him on a web cam and it looked like one of the pictures that I was sent. That was really confusing.

  86. You hear so many storys about getting scammed, and you think no it won’t happen to me…Well it just did!
    This guy calls himself COLONEL JEFFERY ALEXANDER based in the afgan army.He’s out there for 2 years on a special peace treaty mission.He got intouch with me from like a great guy really nice and caring.After a few weeks he told me that he loved me and wanted to visit me but as he couldn’t leave he wanted me to request his leave via email he sent me this email address he asked me to make up a story about family issues so he could fly back england and be with me.Then he told me after i send the email, i would get a confirmation email back, to fill in all the details along with my bank details. I would have to Pay £250 for his leave.But he would pay it back to as soon as he got to see me.Well my alarm bells rang i know sumthing wasn’t right.So i entered the email address that he had sent me into google and low and behold it come up as a scam! I’m glad I didn’t send any money to him,but it goes to show how easy this could happen to anyone.Please be careful men and woman and as soon they demand money block them and ignore.

  87. hi ladies…i too have been contacted by a scammer…sgt carlos puge in iraq..declaring undying love after 2 days then he wanted me to send 200 dollars by western union transfer for a calling card so we could speak on the phone to each other…yeah right!! shame though because i was physically attracted to the hunk in the pics…i knew it was a scam and i even pretended i was having cyber sex with the scammer whilst in my grubby p’j’s stuffing my face with pizza!! lol…how do we go about getting a real soldier? i feel rally bad for those poor women who are taken in by these pigs…take care ladies xx

  88. Master Sergeant Gabriel Jefferson contacted me on facebook and within 2 days he was so “in love” with me. He then told me that I had to subscribe via their U S Government to be able to speak to him. The subscription cost $300. He did not know that I have REAL friends from South Africa in Baghdad Iraq with whom I am talking to on a daily basis without “subscription”.

    He was also a widower with a little girl of 5years old. He is on facebook as Gabriel Jefferson.Be careful for this bullshitter.

  89. been talking to a solder called micheal
    raymond who got me to email and request third party leave to organize leave so we can arrange to be married, i recived a email back saying there is a payment off 450.60 english pound which will be retutned to me on his arivel

    he has give me full name
    serive number
    were he is based
    and his comenders full name
    the email says to contact family action plan comite to find out how much the payment is and how to pay i refused to give bank details so he said i could pay bycashiers check or a a credit union i am so confussed and dont know if he is real or not HELP

  90. same as jude here – i confronted him and this is his answer:
    What is the meaning of all this.I do not understand what this all means.And i would be very disappointed if you believe them,have i ever asked you to subscribe or any thing of that nature.
    Am I the only one as Gabriel Jefferson on face book.
    It would be sad from this end to find out you have given so cheaply to this blackmailers.
    Would love to know who forwarded that mail to you.
    Cause it sounds so destructive and you that could help is talking away.
    You have totally helped in saddening my day.Thanks to you Miss Sabine.
    I do not know that is how you believe rumors so fast.
    Get back to me as soon as possible.
    Master sergeant Gabriel Jefferson.

    poor man – i have no compassion

    p.s.: he has not asked for money yet!!!

  91. Anyone heard of Valentine David Bradley? Or his business manager Kelvin James? sgtbradley30003 email address.
    I have been chatting with David for a few weeks. Introduced through Uniform Dating site. He is supposedly working as a contractor fixing planes for the US Air Force in Afghanistan. He says he is half American / half english. Both parents are dead, as is his wife. He has a son living with a friend in Birmingham. We have reached a point now that he is telling me about plans to run the largest cocoa export business in the UK. Without even meeting me, he has offered me a job as Marketing Manager. Several things have alerted me to him being a scam artist. Firstly, the tragic storyline (which i admit i fell for). Secondly, he wouldnt tell me where he lived in Birmingham (looking back at that now, I suspect he’s never been to Birmingham). When talking about his company he started talking in sentences that began like “we will do this” ” We will do that” – speaking in a manner you would not expect from an english man or an American towards a woman like. This week he asked me to pick him up from Heathrow. I thought this was odd, surely his son would be meeting him? I am going to cut all communication at this point, but I am interested to know if anyone has come across him before?

    1. Rachel: I must say that everything about this guy screams “scammer” to me. I’m glad your instincts kicked in and that you are following the right course of action.

      Don’t feel bad about not spotting this earlier, though. These guys are professionals and they know what works. If you are a good person and have never come across this scam before, it’s very easy to believe the person is genuine.

      I hope this won’t damage your overall experience of online dating. To me, the fact that you have exposed this guy as a scammer means you have your wits about you, so will be able to immediately spot and avoid scammers in the future.

  92. I wanted to know if anyone heard of ryan river…been talking to him for a couple of days..4ent me pics of him and he is in Iraq..hasn’t asked for money or nothing that would give me red flags…but I’m just concerned with reading all these blogs!!! Can we compare pics and how can I find out the real Rivera is so I can let him know his identity is being used to scam!!!

  93. hy ladys i am to led to believe my mum has been scammed by this jerry moore. we have yet to tell her but we have all the copys of the emails this person has sent on line though a dating service. asking her for money etc. she will be heart broken. but she needs to know

    1. That’s a terrible thing for a daughter to have to do, but sadly it has to be done. You are being a good daughter by protecting her. It’s such a shame these scammers are out there trying to make money out of people who only want to find love.

      I understand that life is hard where these scammers come from, but there are poor people with hard lives everywhere and not every poor person chooses to abuse other human beings to get by. I am always horrified anew when I hear stories like this one.

  94. i am talking to a jordan bratt.. although he has not ask me for any money or phone service his general did tell me that i had ti remit 2750 dollars for him to come for a visit but after Jordan is verified being back in the states i would receive the 2750 back . is this a scam?

  95. i was told those stories to and needed money, still in contact with him profesing undying love, wonder all those scammers,,, did we ever get to see their real faces. jj _army boy,dating sites, would like to know if he is really in ramada iraq. said for me put money in westerern i said no in his account for phone card from dallas texas need closer or miricle if hes is real lol

  96. Anyone heard of SGT Tabita Peggy of NY station in Afghanistan ?
    seems just other fack to scamm single men.
    feel sorry for real service men – woman.

  97. I was talking with guy called himself : John O’brien : “John O'brien” . John O’Brien is romanian Amerika, from Houston Texas. Mechanical engineer and serving under US army and currently in Iraq. He was sent me a many pics and so handsome. He no asking money yet. But he told me that he love me quickly and gonna marry with me if the duty over. He don’t care about my and he haven’t interest to ask about my self. everyday we chatting by yahoo and he just says about love love and love. Soooo emotional i have, but i know..he just fake and bullshit. beware with JOHN O’BRIEN..

  98. My Sister is I believe being scammed by a Raymond MKlose. says he’s from Kent and and that his wife died giving birth to their son JD (John)who is currently living with his aunt. His father is dead and his mother is in a wheelchair being looked after by his aunt. He is apparently a secret agent, psychlogist, out in bahgdad. he has send many photos of a your good looking man. A photo of his ‘son’ when asked one with both him and his son . Guess what? In an album somewhere. Has anyone else been scammed by him? Such a sick thing to do preying on vunerable women. He has only asked for money once to top up his pager.

  99. Hi…I am interested to hear from anyone who has heard of Peter Blay Ruddock, who said he was Staff Officer to General Petraus, Head of US Army. His said he came from Atlanta but his naval base was at Norfolk Virginia. It appears he is a fake.

  100. I have been reading different experiences from this website and others (thank you for setting this up Shimrit) and I am sorry to all of you it has happened to. I am trying to find out about Peter Blay Ruddock or Ruddock Peter Blay as he has been in contact with my friend for the past 4-5 months. She has fallen for his charm and belief that he is coming to the UK to be with her..making many promises that they will be together. He has retired from the US Army (supposedly last November)..but stayed on. He was due to be with her last Friday, but was waiting for his release papers to be signed)but his son was involved in a car accident, and quite rightly, he was flying back to the States to see him and would contact her when he was coming over when his son was better. She hasnt heard from him since. She called the mobile number which he had but it was an African gentleman who answered and he cut her off. The phone has remained turned off since. He has left her in a lot of debt. What has happened to her has been very similar in ways to what some of you have experienced (I have not gone into detail as I am third party, but because she is so upset and hurt by his behaviour, I have written on here and she knows I have).

    Having said all this by a miracle chance he may get in touch and is who he says he is and will come..its all speculation at the moment. I have read where genuine soldiers identities have been taken and used by other nationalities to carry out the scams..this guy may exist and is totally unaware his identity has been taken..for her I really do hope he is for real. There are so many similarities to the accounts of people’s experiences with my friends..thats why I am trying to help her. I could go on trying to analyse but at present there doesnt seem to be any answers. The US CID have posted a warning on a site and it is worth a read.

  101. Hello!
    I am so sorry to admit that I have been scammed! I have been talking to the same man as Nr. 42. Barbara. SCARY!

    He told me his name was SGT Tim Well Mathew, stationed in in Iraq Camp Victory, Us Army. I have seen the same picture, I am sure, and he has also asked me to e-mail I checcked out their site and it seems legimit, but then the phone did not arrive.

    So I did some research and found this page. And I also called Ts2 and they confirmed that I have been put to a scam..

    It is such a shame – he was really nice – and yes he was kind of attractive – even though I mostly liked his kind words.. I am wondering who’s pictures he is using -quite a few actually, because I feel so sorry for that guy. I feel ok -and I am glad it stopped before he could get more money out of me. He was just too good to be true.

    I have confronted him and he just asked me if I was joking – and I assume that I wont be hearning from him again.

    I met him on MYSPACE -he sent me this kind letter and we e-mailed and then registered on yahoo to share pictures. His page was shut down yesterday. -perhaps because someone else figured him out too?

  102. Noticed that I spelled his name wrong in my last message, so here comes a proper warning:

    SGT Tim Wells, deployed in Tallil (Iraq) as a MEDICAL DOCTOR with the AKO Landing Number: IQ3305MD. His nick name is Prince Tim.
    His yahoo is:

    Name:Tim Wells Mathew
    Date of birth: 11/02/1971
    RT no: 44162288243
    MOS Medic
    Rank : SGT
    State: Ohio
    City: Ashtabula
    Country U.S.A

    Whatch out for this man, he does not exist!

  103. claims to be in iraq, offers u his accounts numbers cuz he trust you an wants you to be in charge of his money. Profess love quickly. Claims to be from Texas on Cupid but the same person is on Seniorsmeet but from las Vegas Know all the righ words, but ask him some question about base life and he can’t answ them. Refused to talk on phone cuz he spend 10 years in germany so has accent. Anyway here is the basics. He is a scammer.

  104. I have been chating for this guy more than a month, His name is John O’brien,Romanian American, an orphan, claim as Engineer for military in Iraq, he dont ask any money.He falling in love with me,and sending me a lots of pictures,he said he will end of his contract this february, and will receive sum of money for his end contract payment for last 4 years.Is it true army will received that kind of payment in cash? lately he claim want me to help him to secure the money in my bank because of unsafe condition in Iraq, and he dont have a bank account in America.

    I dont know whether he is fake or real..he seems so decent and I also falling in love with him. Please help,

  105. Hi Janie,
    I know you won’t be happy to read what I have to say, but I was scammed by Peter Ruddock Blay SSG from October till December 2010.
    Said he was based in Iraq, and had a 10yr old son back home in Georgia USA.
    I fell hook, line and sinker and lost money as well as my heart! He and his son Dennis were to come to Australia for the month of January and I had booked accommodation for them.
    Purely by accident my daughter stumbled across website and there were his photos. I was devastated to say the least. If you would like any more information please leave a message on this site and I will make contact with you. I am so sorry you have been yet another victim of these scumbags.

  106. Hi Sherry…I just wanted to respond to your message. I dont want to burst your bubble..this guy may well be genuine but I urge you not to receive and look after any money for him..these usually turn out to be scams..despite him not asking for any money from your bank details is not a risk you should take..these are sometimes where identify theft happens. Having said all of know him..I dont so I hope this hasnt is meant to help.

  107. Hi Sherry…thank you for your message. Firstly I am so sorry that you have gone through this with this guy. I have to say it wasnt me he was in contact with him but it is my closest friend who is totally devastated to know she has been scammed by this guy. I have never believed he was the real deal and I had hoped for her sake he was genuine. She did tell me he was due to come to England to see her but had to go to Australia to see his friend in January. His 13 year old son had been involved in this car accident so would be going to the States to see him. It has totally destroyed her financially and emotionally. Thank you for offering to tell me more about this guy which would be helpful and much appreciated. I am also here for you if you ever want to chat. Janie

  108. Catherine…Im so sorry but I accidently put Sherry’s name as you will see I was in contact with. Please keep in touch. I will always listen and help where I can.

  109. Hi Janie,

    yeah…JOHN O’BRIEN is a scammer, no wonder he never accept my request to see his face via web cam, maybe the pictures he sent are belong to somebody else who real in military. Last 2 days he said he send me the cash by using diplomatic service due to no international transaction allowed, and he request me to pay the balance of the dlivery charge amount USD 2650, huh!!! he thought Im that so blind and stupid enough, so I just say NO!!!! then only I realise he is scammer, but well, I was well prepared for the broken heard.

    Anyway Thank you for your advise Janie. But i still belive there is still many good guy in online dating web, and i wont give up on searching for love. 🙂

  110. Have you ever heard of a Sargent Gary Johnson im talking to him now and have been for four month now and I beleave he is a scam he says hes in afgan kabul to age 42 says from norml illinos and birthday is 4-21-68 have u heard of him and yes has ask for mony for ph calls wantd 300 but I have to say sent only 25$ and well wev talk three times on ph ee argu alot cus I dont beleave him he is on a web site called and insite to this man I cant afored a backround chek but we only talk on yahoo messenger not email anymor try to get him to email me not respond to my last emial but wont and some pictures of him please get back to me ok

  111. Please do not believe these ‘scammers’.

    Guys in the US Army have plenty of money to pay for phone calls and a lot more besides. DO NOT BE FOOLED, they are playing with your good nature and kind hearts.

    I received a scamming email today, and googled ‘iraq soldier scams’, not because I believed the guy, but to warn others that it was still ongoing


    Jay(new comment) Says:
    January 4th, 2011 at 6:27 am
    I am currently chatting with a genuine serving US soldier in Iraq. Can I just say the following:
    1. They DO have laptops, phones, webcams there and they CAN use them – anyone who pulls the “its against policy to use a webcam” is not telling you the truth.
    2. They can buy laptops, webcams, phones etc from their military base – my guy has just bought a new laptop with webcam while out there.
    3. They ALL have a US army email address – ask for that. If it doesnt come back as .mil address, then they are faking that address. Anything thats,, it doesnt matter if the first part is SgtYYZ, MajorABC whatever, it is a fake address.
    4. Ask them for their APO address – that is the address they ALL have to receive mail. Say its to send them a care package. If it comes back vague like Sgt M Mardigan, Kabul Camp, Kabul – its fake. A true APO address DOES NOT HAVE their serving country in it.
    5. No REAL soldier will ask you for money, webcams, phones etc.
    6. They do not require you to ask for leave – they can do that, nor do you have to pay for that privilege.
    7. Get them to email you at least once – check the originating IP address in the message source. Google will find you articles how to do this if in doubt. If it traces to Lagos, well done you have them.
    8. If you DO check the IP and it traces to where the soldier has told you he is, DO NOT let your guard down. They could be one of the smart ones and using an IP proxy – these can LIE about where the email originates from, IP proxies mean the IP can be as false as everything else they tell you. My guy in Iraq his IP always traces to the US so its a useful tool but not always a reliable one.
    9. If you ask them about a us military email/APO, and they disappear for a few minutes, Ive found they are either having a discussion about what you are asking for because they dont know, or they are googling it!! lol a real soldier will be able to answer quite quickly!!

    Sally, Ive got REAL good at this – I had one last night that declared love at first sight over my pictures… LOL!! I had real fun with that guy – I played along with him for a little while and offered to send him a webcam and asked for his APO to get “Whats an APO?” from him… FAIL!! Comes to something when the scammeee is doing better than the scammer LOL!Please do not believe these ‘scammers’.

    Guys in the US Army have plenty of money to pay for phone calls and a lot more besides. DO NOT BE FOOLED, they are playing with your good nature and kind hearts.

    I received a scamming email today, and googled ‘iraq soldier scams’, not because I believed the guy, but to warn others that it was still ongoing

  113. anyone heard of wayne sheen!!!!!

    same thing going on with him
    what a beautiful man to
    wants 350 for phone !!

    how do i check this ip

  114. I heard from Ryan Rivera on February 13th. He claims to be in Iraq, has no family and a widower. He sent me a Valentines (American Greeting) and another one today. He is already telling me how much he misses me. He is a scammer!!!

  115. Here’s something I received through Facebook today. Immediately knew it was a scam. Just wanted to share it with all of you women out there so you won’t get taken in. ANY TIME a man asks for money run for the hills!

    John Mateo GarthFebruary 17, 2011 at 4:07am
    Subject: Hi Sweetie
    Well where would i begins ,i glance through your profile on facebook Single and i am somehow eager to get to know you more. Here is a little more about me; I’m Sergeant John Mateo Garth.I am 45years old without kids. Details…Status:Single. Here For:Relationship. Orientation:Straight. Body Type:5’7” Average. Weights:149lbs. Ethnicity:White/Caucasian. Religious:Christian. Zodiac Sign:Gemini. Smoke:No. Drink:No. Education:College. I’m from Millville Road,Mays Landing,NJ 08330,USA(Hamilton Township,New Jersey)United States Of America. I am honest, caring, open minded, understanding, gentle, soft spoken, patient, hard working, loving. I also enjoy doing romantic things as well.

    I also enjoy stimulating conversations on a variety of subjects. I am always open to trying anything new for the purpose for enjoyment. I worked in Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield, Fort Drum (Watertown), NY, USA but now being transfer to Iraq Army Airfield. As for employment, I work for United States Army government. I am a information systems officer and I oversee database systems for the United States Government in Baghdad (U.S Department Bureau Of Consular Affairs)

    I am generally a friendly person. I try to keep a positive attitude and often try to share the good things in life with my friends and family. I am not materialistic. I am financially responsible and secure. My ideal woman should be Intelligent,God fearing,Trustworthy and Honest.I’m a looking for someone special to share my life with.I have many hobbies that center around outdoor activities and music is my passion. I am very confident in what I do or say. However my confidence is not a ego and I don’t feel that I know it all. That being said, I have no problems admitting when I am wrong or apologizing when I hurt someone or do something wrong.

    Right now, I am looking for some companionship with someone special.I am looking to start a serious relationship. I consider myself to be a romantic. From there it could lead to a commitment and maybe marriage. I am a gentleman first and foremost. I am kind and considerate. I am very easy going and understanding. I also know how to treat a lady with respect and sincerity. Because I am a one woman man, to be with that special someone is my overall goal in life. And as a true romantic knows, you can only be for real and sincere with one person. And that one person should be the one that is special to you. I’m hoping that you might be that special person for me and I for you.

    Lastly, I am a simple man with simple needs. That being having a loving soulmate and wife. To me my soulmate means everything to me. I believe in being faithful, supportive, loving and caring to that special one. I also believe that I can only feel this way about one person. So if you and I are ever together, you will not see me playing you or messing around. I am dedicated and committed when it comes to a relationship. There is the potential for us to have a beautiful and fulfilling life together and I just want you to know, that I will give you my best effort.

    Finally, Some of the things I enjoy doing include, traveling (both locally and internationally). I am a history buff, so I especially like to travel to historical places. I enjoy reading and music. My favorites are R&B, jazz, light rock, gospel and classical music. I like to attend concerts on all levels and like to socialize. I enjoy going to museums, art shows, and the theater. Because I see myself as a romantic, I also enjoy doing romantic things as well. I also enjoy stimulating conversations on a variety of subjects. I am always open to trying anything new for the purpose for enjoyment.

    Please tell me where are you from and send me some more pictures of you (I think you are beautiful) .If any of these interested you,Just send me an email through /s/g/t/j/o/h/n/9/5/a/t/y/a/h/o/o/d/o/t/c/o/m/ OR you can as well add me to your messenger list through /s/g/t/j/o/h/n/9/5/ Glad to hear back from you soon…

    Sgt John.John Mateo GarthFebruary 17, 2011 at 4:07am
    Subject: Hi Sweetie
    Well where would i begins ,i glance through your profile on facebook Single and i am somehow eager to get to know you more. Here is a little more about me; I’m Sergeant John Mateo Garth.I am 45years old without kids. Details…Status:Single. Here For:Relationship. Orientation:Straight. Body Type:5’7” Average. Weights:149lbs. Ethnicity:White/Caucasian. Religious:Christian. Zodiac Sign:Gemini. Smoke:No. Drink:No. Education:College. I’m from Millville Road,Mays Landing,NJ 08330,USA(Hamilton Township,New Jersey)United States Of America. I am honest, caring, open minded, understanding, gentle, soft spoken, patient, hard working, loving. I also enjoy doing romantic things as well.

    I also enjoy stimulating conversations on a variety of subjects. I am always open to trying anything new for the purpose for enjoyment. I worked in Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield, Fort Drum (Watertown), NY, USA but now being transfer to Iraq Army Airfield. As for employment, I work for United States Army government. I am a information systems officer and I oversee database systems for the United States Government in Baghdad (U.S Department Bureau Of Consular Affairs)

    I am generally a friendly person. I try to keep a positive attitude and often try to share the good things in life with my friends and family. I am not materialistic. I am financially responsible and secure. My ideal woman should be Intelligent,God fearing,Trustworthy and Honest.I’m a looking for someone special to share my life with.I have many hobbies that center around outdoor activities and music is my passion. I am very confident in what I do or say. However my confidence is not a ego and I don’t feel that I know it all. That being said, I have no problems admitting when I am wrong or apologizing when I hurt someone or do something wrong.

    Right now, I am looking for some companionship with someone special.I am looking to start a serious relationship. I consider myself to be a romantic. From there it could lead to a commitment and maybe marriage. I am a gentleman first and foremost. I am kind and considerate. I am very easy going and understanding. I also know how to treat a lady with respect and sincerity. Because I am a one woman man, to be with that special someone is my overall goal in life. And as a true romantic knows, you can only be for real and sincere with one person. And that one person should be the one that is special to you. I’m hoping that you might be that special person for me and I for you.

    Lastly, I am a simple man with simple needs. That being having a loving soulmate and wife. To me my soulmate means everything to me. I believe in being faithful, supportive, loving and caring to that special one. I also believe that I can only feel this way about one person. So if you and I are ever together, you will not see me playing you or messing around. I am dedicated and committed when it comes to a relationship. There is the potential for us to have a beautiful and fulfilling life together and I just want you to know, that I will give you my best effort.

    Finally, Some of the things I enjoy doing include, traveling (both locally and internationally). I am a history buff, so I especially like to travel to historical places. I enjoy reading and music. My favorites are R&B, jazz, light rock, gospel and classical music. I like to attend concerts on all levels and like to socialize. I enjoy going to museums, art shows, and the theater. Because I see myself as a romantic, I also enjoy doing romantic things as well. I also enjoy stimulating conversations on a variety of subjects. I am always open to trying anything new for the purpose for enjoyment.

    Please tell me where are you from and send me some more pictures of you (I think you are beautiful) .If any of these interested you,Just send me an email through /s/g/t/j/o/h/n/9/5/a/t/y/a/h/o/o/d/o/t/c/o/m/ OR you can as well add me to your messenger list through /s/g/t/j/o/h/n/9/5/ Glad to hear back from you soon…

    Sgt John.

  116. John Mateo Garth (Sgt John 95). This guy is still doing the rounds, contacted me through facebooks ‘who is near’ 3 days ago. Dont be fooled ladies.

  117. I have a SGT Timmie Wells Mathew contacting me at the moment through Facebook. He says he saw my photos and told me i’m a princess goddess… I was only talking to him for about 2 hrs, and I get the He claims to have a daughter in France with his uncle and that he has been in Iraq since 2008. He is telling me he can come to AUSTRALIA on leave and it’s just a bit of paperwork. I have told him I have checked the email out and it’s a scam. He is insisting I get in contact with T2 and get the right email… Hmmm Scam or not scam?

  118. Well..I had been scammed also…Another SGT. from Camp Victory..

    We chatted and e-mailed a few times.. He was orphaned as a child.. his ex lives in Briton with kids..His spelling and grammar was terrible..”Me Love”…Ready to retire…I did some research about Camp Victory in Iraq.. petty easy life.. free access to internet..there’s even a USO.. Burger King and all sorts of activities..

    Ladies… Watch out for this one! I was a fool and wasted alot of time on-line with chat and emotions…

    I was such a fool…

    1. Laura: Don’t feel that you are a fool. These guys are pros and know how to work women. If you know they exist then yeah, it’s obvious, but without knowing, no person with a good heart would have reason to believe people would stoop so low.

  119. To Carly and Theresa above I to was contacted with the same information as you. I needed 550 to purchase the sat. phone from It’s only been about a week since he contacted me on fb. I’m shocked that this kind of thing goes on. He almost fooled me too but i did not send the money. I’m very hurt that someone could be so cruel !

  120. #

    122. sally | February 21st, 2011 at 5:36 am

    John Mateo Garth (Sgt John 95). This guy is still doing the rounds, contacted me through facebooks ‘who is near’ 3 days ago. Dont be fooled ladies.”

    The cheater is still trying …… Month(February 2011) writing about love, asking for money for a laptop!When I replied that he had sent any money, terribly offended, stopped talking and broke the knowledge.Described the situation with the lack of a personal laptop has to sleep in the office, in order to write with me!He wrote a curiosity spend Easter with us!Beware of this guy!
    Shame that these people walk the world, it should be hard to punish!!!Oh, and live in different places —– New York, Chicago, Texas, Baghdad-Iraq.”must be very careful, because I live in a war zone ‘

  121. Ps.John Mateo Garth cheating using Facebook …. meilowy address such as indicated by the previous person using MSN, Yahoo.Do not give your address, phone, can not add it to your friends because it is not responding.Mile sends the list but sometimes if they are not related to the topic …Is there a way to find this guy, photo, and I serve it daily as a contact online at Yahoo.

  122. [img][/img]

    And here is an alleged photo of John Garth Mateo.It can also be that a person who in the picture does not even know that someone pretends to be that

  123. @ Louise. Yeah he kept hassling me to make the request. I said no. That I am not going to make the request. He kept saying. “I wanna see you” “I need to hear your voice”. So glad I found this website the first night I started talking to him.

  124. Iwas speaking with Sgt. RYAN RIVERA..he wanted a computer and cell phone..he says he retiring in May..I started to see all he cared about was money and items..and when confronted he said I was a phony and fake B–ch….Wow he was good …but I turned him in and he was not getting money from me..
    Ladies beware its a shame they are using dating services and abusing our men in the service!!!!!!!

  125. Hi has anybody heard of a anthony bright or tony as he likes to be called by his friends yet another scammer said he loved me after a few days then went on to ask for money to come to england to see me he said that his money was all tied up but would give me the money back i contacted me throught just single parents but knowing that i was a single mum made no difference told me he wantes me to be a mum two his 2 kids as he had found his wife in bed with his best friend but not only was his engloih bad but he could not remember what he had said to me sometimes he had a boy and girl and at othertimes he had 2 girls i was sure that i was talking to more than one person anyway i told him that i could not send him money and all i got back was a load of swearing and abuse

  126. John O’Brien is now using another name “Michael O’Brien” and his e-mail address is He will send you a fake way bill and a link “” where you can track his fake article. Beware.

  127. I guess I’m new at this game. Has anyone heard of Major Mike Stratton? we have been chatting since Feb.14th. He sent me flowers ,candy ,and a teddy bear. wow! It has been 18 yrs. since I was devorced, and it just seemed everything he said was like a dream. It was really nice to have all that attention paid to me. THEN,he wanted to have some money transfered to me, a lot of money, but he wanted all of my identification,and I wouldn’t give it to him, he got mad, for a day, then he said he had gotten a leave,but needed money and he would pay me back when he got here. almost 2,ooo dollars. I told him I didn’t have that kind of money, I did send him 200. stupid me. oh well, lesson learned. now he wants me to get him a cell phone, when I couldn’t he got mad again. when he get’s mad , he says I am a terrible person and God will judge me. when he started that today. I just clicked him off!!!! I’ve had it with him, finally. I won’t lie, my heart is broken, but I will get over it. It is such a cruel thing for people to hurt others for the sake of money. He doesn’t know it, but I will pray for him.I just don’t want to talk to him anymore. the picture this person used, he was so handsome. I just couldn’t believe someone like him would like me. I guess that is part of how they get you. this is the picture he is using. His email is

  128. I was almost scammed by SSG Max Ridings supposedly an australian who moved to US etc…. Ended up in Army and now leaving with a substantial amount of money and needs me to hide it for him. Yeah I knew. They are so slippery though trying to find them again is so difficult. I have photos but don’t know how to upload them here. Anyway please note this man’s name and get him out there… RIDINGS… Scam total scam.

  129. does anyone know of SGT DARREN LAWSON from south carolina…… over 2 yrs i’ve lost £14,000 to this guy….. idiot ? yes i know that now, just wondered if anyone else knows this one ?

  130. hi all i just wanted to say watch out for yet another name used by these scammers it is bruce pedersen of .. on searching other names are eddie pedersen,kelvin pedersen,joe pederson jude pedersen and also major robert pedersen.fortunatly gut really got the better of me after 2 days so i have not got stung unlike some….would like to know or a real genuine site where you can email or send letters to the troops out in these countries

  131. [img][/img]

  132. This is for comment 110. Belinda. Raymond M Klose (also known as Lt James Goulding is a SCAMMER. He contacted me in December on eHarmony. He said he was a pyschologist working for the UN in Baghdad. He also said his wife died at childbirth and he has a 9 year old son called JK(John). I asked hin for a picture with both him and his son and he said it’s in an album. He sent me a picture of ‘his son’ alone. He is Dutch/English and is from Sheerness in Kent. He is a liar and has already taken money from other women. He write poems (which he gets from a site). He is dangerous as he plays ‘mind games’ with his victims. I reported him to Eharmony. His Pager No is 07513460925. His email address is: His Yahoo msg is: Your sister needs to stop contact with him asap. Good luck

  133. Hello. This is for Belina, Comment 110. Raymond M Klose (or Lt James Goulding)is a SCAMMER. He contacted me on eHarmony in December with a story similar to you. He said he was Dutch/English and a widower. He said he had a 9 year old son called JK (John). His dad died 4 years ago and his mother is in a wheelchair. He said that he is a pyschlogist working for the UN in Bagddad. He asked me to loan him £750.00 to pay the’maid’ who is looking after his mother and he would give it back to me. I refused. He sent me lots of pictures (stolen). He sent me one of ‘his son’ and when I asked him to send a photo of his son with him he said it was in the album somewhere. Tell your sister to be careful and guard her heart and money because he is not genuine. He just wants money. Take care

  134. [img] at the bar.jpg[/img]
    This is photo that the scammer used to attract me on
    [img] on mtn.jpg[/img]
    [img] training.jpg[/img]

  135. Hi has anybody heard of a Raymond Radenski who is a wodower with a nine year old son named James.He has a house in Sheerness in Kent.He works for the UN AND THE US Army and was a psychologist before that.

  136. Beware if you come in contact with someone using the name Sgt Gary Kaltwasser and claims to be a US soldier in Iraq. I have spoken with this person for about a month and they recently requested $475 so we could get a special phone so he could call me. Don’t fall for this line. Sad that someone is using our soldiers to try and scam unsuspecting people out of money. I wish there was some way to let the real soldier know how his name is being used.

  137. Back in may,2010. I was inboxed by a man calling himself, sgt.Desmith Miller. Dob.may 23,1971. From chino/bell city, california, but expresses it as, cali. Very smooth talker. Knows how to sweet talk ya nd be more than that also. Made promises of returning to usa when he is done in kubal. My daughters n I have googled this name or usa army to no availability, just lastnames. DeSmith/Miller. His yahoo address wud look like I did receive a vocational application and I did fill it nd send it out. He shud have been here to start our future. He will not contact me anymore. He erased me off fb. He did ask me for $. 1500.00 american when I’m canadian nd to send it western union to texas to a man named abdul or aberdeem..protocol he says..I immediatly became suscpicious. I said no. Anyone heard of this man???

  138. Add the following to the list:

    Bryan J Haunt currently a facebook profile but has a long record of scamming women. My friends music teacher parted with $50,000 AUD before twigging to the scam. He found her through a Christian singles site but has now branched out to facebook.

    Sergent Jason Furton

    Fake GI in Afghanistan still present on Facebook and still scamming.

    Be careful.

  139. In the process of being scammed, I am sure, but not about to send a complete stranger $$$. I think posting there pics here is a good idea. Makes it easier to see the same guys, if they are using different names. This one calls himself Wayne Jackson. Also sent pics of fabulous California mansion, and copies of healthy Bank of America statement…. BTW, his picture is adorable. Too bad.
    [img] and Lucy.jpg[/img]

  140. Hi, This is for comment 110 and 149.
    I met a man going by the name of Raymond Radenski on justchristiandating in the uk in Feb 2011. I was i contact with him daily by text, emails and msm every evening for 2 months. He said he was a widower with a son called James who is 9. He has a house in Sherness Kent but works as an analyst for the UN and is based in Baghdad. He was alsoa pyschologist and also works for the US army. I have today viewed on another site an exact copy of an email he sent me! All he got out of me was a £10 top up for his pager. Alarm bellsrang when he asked for me to request his leave. I didnt do it so 2 days later he said he had managed to get 3 weeks off in April. Aweek before he was due to arrive in the UK he asked me to lend him £650 to pay for his mum’s carers as he was 2 months behind and would pay me back when he arrived. I told him i wouldnt be sending any money now or in the future ans that my suspicions of him being a scammer were now correct. He told me to calm down and re think my decision!
    The photos i was send was with his mum,2 in a US Army uniform/paratrooper,at a baseball game and in the gym.I have tried to trace the photos on various sites to find out who the person is so that i can let them know they are being used but havent been able to find anything. He is such a lovely looking man.He is meant to originate from Poland.There is a fake facebook page set up with the same person in my photos but he is wearing a ‘smoothie King’ uniform (in the US). If any of this sounds familiar and you would like to get in touch then please do.

  141. Staff Sgt Jeff Robbie met through Be2 dating site claims to be a Staff Sgt in Camp Taji in Iraq and is awaiting relocation to either Morrocco, Nigeria, Syria or Libiya on Tuesday.

    Talks to me on Yahoo messenger – asked me to contact him on his yahoo accouht. Would love to think he was geniune but given my doubts I found this site and think I am also being conned.

    States he is 47 and his laptop is broken so using someone else’s and was over the top with sending poems – a bit heavy for me to be honest. Wants to set up a jewellery business when retires at 50 and come to UK. Wants to settle down. Lost his wife in a car accident and his father in the same way when he is 15 and mother now married at Mexican man (she is Mexican and father was American). He keeps telling me his genuine of course when I challenge him.

    I have asked to speak over the internet and webcam and suggested Skype but says he doesnt have this facility where he is in the desert. Alarm bells!

    This is the important bit : I then found a website on

    “ways to communicate with soldiers in Iraq” after he asked me to help him get a pager.

    He hasnt yet asked for money. Due to my suspicious nature I have asked him for his AKO email address where you can also instant message but he said he rarely uses it. I sent him the link so that he knows I am seeking ways to talk to him but also doing my homework.

    I have sent photos of me but no address or phone number although he says he will need it to set up the pager in order to set up a call with me – dont know the full details. I said that I wanted to send him a hand written letter and asked for his address but said he is about to be relocated on Tuesday.

    I suggested that once he gives me the address where he is I we can discuss what steps we need to make to speak to each other as the AKO and Skype seem to be a better option.

    Sent this 24 hours ago and last msg from him was saying he wanted me to pray for him in Iraq and he was missing me blah blah blah and wanted to be with me as soon as he found out his location to then ask for leave.

    I would not send money of course anyway but want to see how far this goes and tactics used so I can report further on here…..just in case.

    So pleased I found this site, just wish everyone would check and report these scumbags.

    Waiting for him to come back online to check out his IP address. I hope this is helpful for everyone. I will also notify in case they can check it out for me too.

    I still kinda hope I was wrong but doubt that now.

    Anyone else heard or speaking to this guy?

  142. I have been talking to a Sgt Larry V Keessee in Kabul. He saw my picture on facebook and contacted me. He has asked me to contact a to request intercom access to speak to him and this would cost about $500 which would be refunded after verification. He is a widower with a 12 year old son at boarding school in the UK. Does anyone know him and do I smell a rat?

  143. I got a new one for you! Frank Maxwell Smith, claims to be a SSGT in the US Army, stationed in Darfur for last 4 months, 8 months in Afghanistan before this. Claims a 14 year old son, living in Southsea or Portsmouth area.

    I was first alerted by his use of English, just didnt seem to ring true, like it wasnt his first language. Then I did the reverse DNS IP lookup on the email he sent and BINGO!! Nigeria!!

    I feel a bit daft for having been caught, but thankfully I’m very untrusting by nature (lol) and I picked it up after only two days.

    Going to report him back to Uniform Dating.

    He even made some comment about being at a party last night to celebrate the killing of Bin Laden!!!!

    Ladies, beware!!!


  144. I sent him an email to say I’d like to write a letter to him and what is his APO address this is his reply:

    Yes you are right with the letter suggestion which you will want to send a letter to but the war here at the moment is very critical because the Taliban have been penetrating back to the base with full force because of the death of their master Osama Bin Laden Death… But i will be fine and please always include me in your prayers.So its hard now to receive letter from friends and family at the moment…Your nieces boys friend is right that we receive letters through APO or FPO…but i will let you know when it will be good for you to send the letter but you may have the address below:-

    United States Forces Afghanistan
    Camp Phoenix,Kabul Afghanistan.
    APO AE 09342

    I hope you have my APO base address now… But i will let you know when to send the letter and if you want to send the letter please include your recent picture,okay?

    The English is pretty bad for someone with english as a first language.
    Pity since the picture they have used on his facebook site is very cute, just my type.
    I will post the picture on here later for the hall of shame as I can’t access facebook from work.

  145. #156 Carol, major general wayne jackson is trying to scam me up right now, just finished chatting with him, telling me he wants to marry me etc…i have the same pictures of him and the mansion, boa statment….everything. thank for show the picture. is he even in the army?

  146. Comment to Carol #156 re: Wayne Jackson,
    What story did he give to you? I would like to compare notes with you, I am so daveistated and shammed. where did you meet him and what story line did he give to you? was he a major General in the army stationed at camp victory in iraq? did he have a child 8 yrs old and his wife died in a car wreck 6 yrs ago, and that his child is staying with his sister, while he is in iraq? did he ask you for $800.00, because someone stoled $ 11,500. out of his Bank of america account and had to freeze the accct. so had to send the money to his sister because she was layed off work?
    Does any of these sound familier to you? what is his real name? and who is the guy in the picture? please e-mail me so we can talk, or chat…I confronted him about you and he said tha he has never meat a Carol, that is why i wanted to chat with you…thank-you so much, that picture saved my life!

  147. @ Maria Walsh #147/148 – that’s the same picture I was sent… but I also have 3 other ones. I actually Googled the TelSat site he told me to go to and found this blog, so I’ve been wary since Day 1.
    I, too, wondered about the awful spelling and grammar. Sometimes it was worse than others, making me think there are actually multiple people sending the emails. That also explains why most of my questions never get answered.
    After I saw his pic here, I sent “Sgt. David Pedersen” an email asking him to explain himself. I did have a yahoo chat from him, but by the time I saw it he had logged off. I don’t expect I’ll hear from him again.
    Bless you, Shimrit Elisar, for posting this blog!!

  148. #Joyce, Sorry that i wrote that about Wayne Jackson…..I later discover that he might not be a scammer because i later comfirm about his account at boa and it exist.

  149. I think they may have branched out from soldiers to other areas. I have been contacted by a chap called Scott White through facebook, he is in construction in the oil and gas industry based in Republic of Benin, he is a widower, wife died of cancer 10 years ago. Some of the english in his messages is a bit suspect. Has anyone heard of this chap?

  150. almost got scammed by a scanner, named Ernest, who … “fondly” … I called my Queen ….. He said he was a colonel in the peacekeeping force from the USA. In the struggle for peace in Israel. Who had participated in the Gulf War. That his wife had exchanged for another, it was very sad because I could not understand why. … He said I could not see it on webcam for security reasons. Pedi photo of Israel, where he said he was more he said he could not for security reasons so he sent me more pictures. Lucky for me, one of the pictures he wore a military uniform, in a pocket of Abizad written in the beginning was more interest in knowing more about this passionate and romantic man. Then a week later found the whole charade. ….. scammers with pictures of Gen. John Ernest Abizaid.Alem he used other names, Frank. Kennedy. Marvin, ETC.
    There should be a site where can check the veracity of these alleged predendente on site Relates loving. Confessed that since I am afraid of this search.
    this was the last letter before I expose
    my dearest,

    Hi, Sweetheart. You’re always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy just being with you this way. You’re my baby, and will forever be my baby. You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, always have faith in yourself and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve. Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat. You’re my theme or a dream! Every moment we share together we grow closer.

    I’m simply hanging by a moment, waiting to see you so you can hold me so tight t but still, everyday I wake up dreaming of our time together. I will never forget you. I hope you still think of me too.

    I love you with all that I am, all that I was and all that I will ever be. Please know that my love and I are inseparable and I would want it no other way and if time could express my love for you then it’s forever and a day. I can’t wait to be with you, see your smile, look in your eyes, feel your sweet touch, hear your perfect words and kiss your perfect lips. The way I feel about you some people call crazy, some call it insane, but I call it true love. I really love you.
    your lovely man. Ernest

  151. [img][/img]

    SO my mom is visiting and she tells me that she met a guy online suppose E8 in the Army, i had a funny feeling did a little research and ended up last on this page and seen this same pic that some one about that?

  152. I did fall for the scamm. When i was filling in the Western union i still had doubts I wish that i had gone with my instinct., that i had found the information sooner. Like i can even afford to send money…. so badly sucked into this it makes me feel sick.
    Why are there such evil people in this world who take advantage of the good. Eddy Monroy


  153. i have also been scammed by stratton enoch wants me to send money for his leave wants to marry me my friend found this web site and im glade she did he was talking to a lady that my friend works with he broke my heart but am awfull glade i fount this out this is for #69

  154. 172.Steve / Steve tell your mom that this guy is on facebook as Joel Pedersen & Pedersen Kelvin! He tried to scam $2000 on may 13, 2011 for leave so we could be together! So be moves on fast to other victims! Tell your mom to end all contact with him and delete him asap! Your a good son to protect your mom! She should be so grateful for you checking this predator out!

  155. Will i have been talking to a guy i met through hoverspot he told his name is Capt David King and he is in iraq he i have fell in love with this guy he sent me couple of pictures of him and and son
    he told me he lost his wife about 3 yrs ago in a car accident. when we first start to talk he never ask for money than we started to have feelings
    for each other than he started to ask me to send him $500 to $800 so he can
    get out of the service for good so we can be together but than i check his e-mail address out on yahoo it came across
    Romance scam with his name and e-mail
    address to it and his IP address comes
    up in Bénin in Nigeria. yeah we have
    talked about marriage and for me to raise his was 9 yr old son but now his son is 11 yrs old and goes to scool in
    UK.i never knew you have to send money
    to these service guys to bring them
    home. please if anyone has ever talked to this person don’t i don’t know if
    he’s for real or fake. i always asked him if this was a scam he would tell me no. he act like a great guy.

  156. has anybody heard of a sargent daniel grahams u,s army more or less same story as above i,d like to think hes not a scammer but i think he may be he was on uniform dateing
    [img] & my son john.jpg[/img]

  157. yes, i nearly got scammed too, met this lovely guy on line – extremely good looking guy (said to be Scott Mark) who is in the US army, but originally from Nottingham (photos to prove) fire fighter in camp victory in Iraq. Said he is a widow and his son lives with his brother. Said he wants to and loves me loads and i need to get a ts2 connection – he said “sorry but you will need to pay the connection” he sent me an email to apply for this which was going to cost £175. Told him i dont have that sort of money at the moment. Few days later he asked me to do him a favour, he said he is due for retirement and wants me to apply for his benefits and i will have to pay for this and then get the money reimbursed to my account when his money goes in so that he can come home to me, i said i will have to give this some serious thoughts … then i got thinking that something doesnt seem right here, why cant be apply for his own benefits?? why are these guys giving soldiers a bad name – theres no need for it girls dont be fooled by a pretty face in uniform

  158. Well just finished reading this site and I feel a real fool, i actually let this guy make me fall for him.
    So girls add Sgt Jack Smith to the list, same story wife died in car accident got 14year old son called John wanted me to purchase a satnav phone for him through total telecomms who wanted $500 dollars to be wired to them.
    I thought it felt wrong so did’nt do it thank god I had some sense.

  159. There are alot of such people who target single women. One such guy is a so called Sgt.Monroy Moore an American soldier in Iraq. Note that the grammar and speling in their mail is very poor for an English speaking American. They are now on netlog and are using a Hotmail email address.

  160. I have been chatting to a scammer who uses the name and photographs of SGT SEAN MARTEL on the FRIENDS REUNITED dating site who told me he was serving in Iraq.
    After a couple of weeks I was getting pressured to set up a secure telephone service so he could ‘hear my voice and tell me how he feels’. I was given an e mail address to contact with his details, and when I received a reply I was told it would cost £227. I found this difficult to believe as I was certain that soldiers of all nationalities are well looked after by their employers with morale calls etc., so I started putting the pieces together. Bad grammar (I put it down to being in a rush) Strange terminology. Never answering direct questions about himself and always being vague. Constantly steering the conversation back to commitment and how he felt about me. Not understanding references to places or names. Not getting jokes about common things. And if I did ask a penetrating question he always had an excuse to disappear off line for a moment – for the rest room, or for his superior officer asking him a question – then he would come back on line and respond to the question (after checking it out on the internet I guess).
    Anyway, I started doing some research and found forums like this one with lots of US Army soldier’s names and pics seemingly doing the rounds, and I thank God that I didn’t pay out any money or get sucked in further. Thank you for sharing your stories. Needless to say this ‘person’ is now deleted and blocked!
    I have not come across this particular name (Sgt Sean Martel) anywhere, so thought I’d let you ladies know to beware if you come across it. I have also not seen the ‘telephone’ company. I was asked to contact ‘’ and received a reply relating to ARMTEL so there’s another one to add to the list
    I’m disgusted that these wicked people can use our brave and honest soldier’s identities to snare unsuspecting women, and wondered how they do it. Thanks to sites like this I am a little wiser. Obviously I thought about trying to locate this guy to tell him what was happening but I don’t think it would have been the right thing to do (he’s way too gorgeous not to have a wife and family and why cause them upset?) so after more researching I e mailed and left an incident report – not sure if that was the right thing to do but felt I had to alert the authorities in some way. I got the e mail addy from Just hoping this helps someone else…….

  161. I was contacted by a soldierserving in baghdad. His name is theodore paul stone, carlsbad, ca. 47. Second deployment. First day of communication (via, said he wanted to make sure we wanted the same things so asked to trade our match account info so we could cancel each others membership (he had been on match less than 24 hrs. I refused and asked him if he was “playing me” he said it pissed him off that I would say that. Wants to communicate thru yahoo messenger. But first colmmunication with him he signed it best regard, hennicks…….I sent a reply hi hennicks (I’m assuming this is your name), he replied do you know something I don’t? Who is hennicks? Where did you get that name? My reply was, that’s how you signed your email….he laughed it off as a nickname (big red flag). He sent pics of obviously a medic (he says he’s a staff sgt. But he is doing patrol daily? He says he was playing a doctor in that pic? And another pic he says he is kissing his superbowl ring? I asked why do you have a superbowl ring with no response to that question. My gut feeling from the beginning is he is NOT whom he says he is. Hasn’t asked for money yet, but I don’t plan on continuing communiction….good luck to each of you!

  162. Please pay attention to Jack Smith, contractor actually in Nigeria, Richard Monroy, military . All of them are asking for money. Jack get a 10 years old son called junior and Richard a 10 years daughter called laura. That it’s funny both are widowed. Lol.
    I would like to know if other woman has been contacted by this 2 mans.
    I come from french west indies Island

  163. hi, this scammer is pretending to be a Sgt karen boone also serving in afghan. same story widow with 2 kids. wants me to send money for phone serve and a payment for a leave request as she wanted to join me for my brothers wedding in spain. she sent me an e-mail adress which was supose to be miliatry but as i work in iraq with the US miliatry i know what the domain name is and this was not it. i even got a phone call from the leave departmnent asking for me to send the payment for her leave request (they forgot to with hold caller ID which came up with a country code +234 which is nigera but afgahn country is ID + 93)and he had a nigerain accent (we have these guys on the check points so easy to identfiy) and said he was calling form afghan, they even put a woman on the phone and she said she was karen but had the same accent. also she would not listen to what i was asking her and was only asking about when the payment was sent. i did ask her about this on yahoo and was told that the taliban had hacked their system. have been sent some pictures and it is a shame as she looks very nice but the rank insigna is not for a Sgt. always seems to have to go on patrol or go to radar room when i start to try and find out more about her.

  164. Another scammer
    he has account on facebook as Ramond Jones, UK postal address but pretending serving in Iraq. He is on Thai dating web as well

  165. Hi.

    I too have been contacted by a ‘soldier’ by the name of Andrew Nolan (Nolan last name on uniform) – appears to be grade E6 US army, on the dating site Millionaire States is 46, divorced, 2 children. Parents died in autocrash accident. Have been communicating for a month on email address Declared love for me after 4 days – unbelievable! The grammar was appalling which made me suspicious. Is half American, half British. Has now asked for a special leave form to be completed and return to I’ve told him this has been returned, but of course have not sent it. The form is completely bogus with typo errors and an incorrect address all over it. I’m now being bombarded with emails stating the form has not been returned for which I give excuses stating the email has bounced back stating ‘unverified email address’. No money has been asked for but I’m pretty sure that would be the next step.
    I have had my emotions played with for some time and I fell for my ‘soldier’ in the 6 photos sent pretty hard as he said he was relocating to the UK when his retirement came to an end. I also feel for the real soldier whose identity is being exploited.
    I’m based in the UK, and would like some advice as to how to post these photos to stop any other women being scammed.

  166. Had registered on and was contacted by C.O. Michael Barry who told me he is on a peacekeeping mission in Camp Bucca in Iraq and has one month left on his ‘mission’. Apparently his wife and 2 children were killed in a car accident 6 years earlier but he still has one son, Maxwell, aged 13 who is being looked after by the US Military. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. His emails were very convincing but it didn’t marry up with how he wrote on IM so checked it out. Camp Bucca was shut down in 2009! Thankfully I only gave him my email address and he has not asked for anything. Please, Please beware!

  167. I have been in contact with a US soldier currently serving in Iraq. He is “scheduled” to arrive in Michigan on the 8th of July. I live in Detroit, he was flying here to meet me. Something is unsettling in my gut. He has asked if I could help with his return flight. Stated because he is not returning to the base where he was deployed, he has to pay, a small fee because he is a soldier, but nonetheless a fee. Since I told him I was not able to financially help with this, his interaction with me has been limited. Unlike, his previous communications with me that lasted an hour or more. Anyway, I have recieved photos of him, he provided an APO address and appears to be legit. I have doubts. How do I confirm he is who he says he is and not some man/woman trying to play me for quick cash? His name is James Scott Pedersen. Correction Captain James Scott Pedersen. Please advise. I am sick to my stomach that I fell for this. He was so charming and never asked for money before. It is so completely unfortunate that others are using pics and names of actual soldiers!!

  168. Hi can anyone advise if they have come across a us soldier called Sgt Bruno Mann? and is meant to be now serving in Afgan!!

  169. I don’t know if anyone else has heard of this guy. His screen is philshughes on the date site Webdate. The pictures, there are 3 of them are a very nice looking soldier. He started emailing me and it was fine at first. But then he started talking about money and buying oil in Iraq and that he needed me to open a account so that his bank manager could transfer his money into the account and I could send it to him. I did see red flags right away. He would tell me that he was writing from a tent in the fields of Iraq, then the last email he told me he was chilling in a hotel room. Kept calling me Dear and kept professing his love for me! He said he had been a captain and his email is This is a scam and I hope every woman out there will be aware of this guy, or guys or whatever they are. Of course I didn’t send him a thing. It is true that military will make sure they take care of their own. I was formally married to a US Soldier for many years, and there is no reason that soldiers need to plead for money for leave, allowances, computers and phones. If they are not provided with these things than they don’t need them. And yes, they should have military email addresses, not made up ones that end in

  170. well well i guess my soon to be xwife isnt alone, we are getting divorced but we are still friends so i have screened her , yes u guessed it a first sgt serving in iraq contacted her & his parents were killed in a plane crash & wife is dead from cancer & his poor 2 daughters are alone with the nanny in the usa lol
    well i served in the us army so i had my ex hit him up with some army terms that he should know , well u guessed first sgt lugnut asked for money just 240 bucks for seafood in iraq ha ha ha so she listened to me but he is pushing on her so sometimes i get on & play her lol its fun but his name is STEVEN BRENDER but she fought with him so she got the low intuductory rate of 100 bucks ,ahh that was a nogo to , ha ha ha so she said we will meet him when he gets to the usa , so i guess thats that but it was fun messing with the scammers

  171. Serving in Iraq right now, we don’t need anything. Especially not money, not that it wouldn’t be nice to get free money, but, it is never “needed” over here. If you start talking to someone who is truly over here, at some point just ask them to use Skype. It’s free and almost everyone has a web cam and use’s it over here, if they don’t have a web cam then we have MWR’s that provide web cam computers with Skype already downloaded. This shouldn’t be an issue. Doing that not only will you be able to call out a scammer, but, you could also have a face to face conversation with an actual service member.
    Hope nobody else gets scammed, it is really pathetic what they are doing.

  172. I just want everyone to be aware of a srtchriswittenberg he is in irag and in the US Army. He was on ok.cupid website. OMG! How sad this is for the solders that are good out there. This guy first wanted me to pay for his phone.Than he asked me to get him deployed but had to pay 1250.00. He would tell me he would pay me back when he got back to USA. I told him I do not have that kind of money. He wanted to leave because his roommate got killed and other were wounded. He kept telling me he did not want to die.There is a section on here that says they have money I believe it. I do not feel they should be on the sites scamming woman. Just be aware of this person.

  173. I was talking with someone who told me he was from Canada and serving in Afghanistan for about a month…he was talking about coming home for a visit but when he finally said he was coming “home” he was saying Canada and I would have to fill out a form to say I was his wife….of course I wouldn’t do that….his “name” is Ben Hull…I was talking with him on the dating site Badoo

  174. I too have almost been caught by this so-called ‘colonel Flntz Kellywood” My granddaughter has downloaded your site and sent me the info from Fiona I am so grateful for that , also my grandsn, who has just left the UK army has contacts there says there are no records of this man in the portals of the UK army I am even getting emails form his so called son in boarding school whom I think is one and the same person , he wooed me with sweet words which I almost fell for, but his English made me aware that all is not as it should be eg. “I taught in stead of I thought” and generally his English is bad, as is his “sons” this morning he asked me for my name and address as he wants to send some gold for safekeeping when he comes to “marry me” through his diplomatic friend Dr Clark McHugh from Ghana I am writing this to warn all women out there not to be taken in by FLINTZ KELLYWOOD

  175. Thank God for this site, I am presently chatting with Ruddock Dawson US Army, widow with 15 yr old son, serving in Irak…..right! so I asked him if he was any relation to James Ruddock…..this guy sounds just like him….scammer…..well Im on to him.

  176. Hi
    I was talking whit Remond Cozy sergent on baghdad Iraq
    He told that he loves me toooo much and one month later he suposed to send me a package he give me a web page : and number for traking but two day later the compañy called me and they said that a important money find on the package and i’ll send money for a certificate of moving international money cost 350$ for Western Union
    He told me that on victory camp iraq don’t have cel phone, no web cam nothing just internet for a couple hours anyways I told him that I don’t pay any money
    He begged me for our future together, but I think I read this page and save me from being scammed
    The company maybe false but show the track when you put the number

  177. Hey there,

    anyone hear from a William Dodson Haggard?? Isnt it funny when they profess their love to you and you dont even know them.. I also found it funny that they were asking me to send a laptop plus $400 to a diplomat… Wow amazes me that these scammers think we are stupid…

  178. Hi Vicky,

    Please be careful. Person under the name Remond Cozy, sergent on baghdad Iraq, is not true. If you will pay some money for this fastwaycourier, you will loose your money. He is a scammer.

  179. Anyone spoken with a Sgnt. John P. Rivera US Army Infantry?
    He is stationed in Libya.
    He is from Florida and has one son.
    Tells me we are soulmates. Wants to spend rest of his life with me. Sent my picture in t-shirt and camoflage pants and then one with shirt off. Also sent a picture of his large male bulge under his white underwear.

  180. Does any one who a David Williams? He is not in the service. He is in Nigera with his 2 young sons recruiting soccer players. He is from NY. I have seen pictures of him with his 2 boys skiing and at the beach. He is Italian with thick black hair, dark eyes and dark eyebrows.

  181. Hi got scammed two times by a james Haggard and and Anthony Ramos both in the military one said afganistan other said iraq both combat engineers both retiring soon. said they loved me first few emails. Asked me to send money or stuff to a diplomat out of Ghana don’t do it scam. I sent a package to Anthony Ramos it got to Ghana but this so called diplomat called Elvis Malm said I had to pay a clearance fee to get the box out of customs, it was a lie all military mail can go to the soldiers where they are . No customs or clearance fees and it does not go through Ghana. Just found that out yesterday from the US Post office. I was very sad but I learned now,never again will I let this happen to me. Hope I can help someone else, so they don’t get scammed like I did. Ramos said he had a kid in Africa 12 wife died car accident 4 yrs ago Haggard said divorced his kid died wanted me to send him a laptop and clothes I said no he took off after a week also wanted me to send his diplomat friend $100 bucks to help pay for his hotel bill, scam. I did not send money or anything. He was also very convincing so was Ramos. Beware ladies. Hope this helps someone who might run across these guys.

  182. hello, again anthony ramos not a scammer, I was mistaken, but the guy james haggard is I got proof that anthnoy ramos is in the military I am so sorry

  183. Hello, Anthony Ramos is a nigerian scammer using the pic of a real soldier called SGT AAron Ramos. They even have a Ytube video of this poor guy, saying he is the most scammed soldier. Heard he is aware of it. Just wanted everyone to know

  184. I would ask you for help. I am a man I met on facebook is called SGT JOHNSON O’NEIL write together for two months and I do not know whether it is real or a fraud from Nigeria. Johnson sent me a lot of his pictures, even with his daughter. He writes a lot emaily to me, talk to each other daily in the evening hours on fb and yahoo massenger. I got from him two documents. Please help me I do not know whether it is true.Thank you

  185. Just joined Match and was contacted by someone claiming to be Lt Mark Pederson stationed in Afghanistan (widower with 5 yr old daughter). Only had one conversation and the red flags went way up – especially when I said I had triplets and he asked me if they were all the same age! Be careful folks – I feel for the real soldiers who don’t even know that this is going on.

  186. Dwayne Mcnulty- I suspected quite early since I was in the Canadian Forces for 12 years…
    Parents victims in 9/11- so I googled 9/11 and discovered a site that names the victimes- complete with age and occupation….there were 2 McNulty’s but not old enough to be his parents- has 1 son in College- and an estranged uncle in Vancouver- another clue was the timing of his emails- as one woman says above somewhere>
    I am so relieved- I trusted my hut over my heart and was right again!

  187. Sgt Dwayne Mcnulty- Soldier serving in Iraq and due home in 3 weeks- I suspected quite early…
    Parents victims in 9/11- so I googled 9/11 and discovered a site that had all the names the victims- complete with age and occupation….there were 2 McNulty’s but not old enough to be his parents- had 1 son in College- and an estranged uncle in Vancouver- another clue was the timing of his emails- as one woman says above somewhere>
    I am so relieved- I trusted my gut over my heart and was right again!
    I didn’t know a site like this existed…I found this after the fact- Thankyou

  188. Beware of sgt Clark haggard Edwards or Edwin, states has 31yrs in army, wife died in plane crash, 9 year old son lives in Ghana Africa with grand mom, will be heading back to states soon. Met him on dating site Starts out by saying “I was very playful at school and it affected my academic work, I joined the military academy at age 16….my mother was head teacher and father was in medical field in army”. This person or was charming however had no skype, informed me no camera or videos allowed, I have counted 9 different IP addresses that his email came from, used phone number 972 616-3930, I have checked number is from Dallas tx. Safety to all and will continue praying for the real men and women in the military.

  189. In March I got a mail from Robert Nelson claiming to serve in Afganistan. The same scheme – ts2voice is the only chance to be in touch whenever we want. Be careful! I met him in dating site TAU!

  190. I met a man on…his profile picture showed he was from washington state west coast…Im in Canada. I started to ask him where in Wa he lived and he told me thats were he wanted to live eventually. Then he proceeded to tell me was in Kabul Afganistan…he was an American soldier master staff sargent James Lopez e-mail address didn’t clue in that is not an army mail address. it should end with we proceeded to have wonderful conversations on messenger every day…we exchanged pictures and then he gave me his daughters e-mail address and asked me if I would communicate with her as her mother died and I seemed so kind…she was living in Accra Ghana…going to school there and the school was near her grandmothers…but she lived in the guest house at the school…when I started to talk to Candy about a week in she asked me if I would buy her a computer..I told her she would have to ask her dad for that. She said ok….that kind of made me think twice…but ignored it. Every thing was moving so fast James asked me to marry him..he was coming home to retire at the beginning of may 2012. A friend of mine a police officer put me on a site to check James and Candy out…because he was a little vague on some of the questions I asked him…red flags came up..and made me think I should check him out I found him on a scammers website….some of the pictures were the same and some new ones…under the name of James Grove…in the mean time candy told me that she needed some books for school…300.00 canadian dollars..when I spoke to James I told him the situation…and he asked if I could help with the situation…I told him what I had found and I needed proof that he was who he claimed to be…he was quite abbusive with me….so I got out of there and said goodbye to him…He continued to e-mail me and begged me to go on messenger…so I did.he said the only way he could show me he was who he claimed to be, was to go on skype…so we were on skype…but the camera on his side wasn’t working….likely story!!!…but I could hear him….I was without a doubt a nigerian or ghananize accent….he claimed his accent was Italian…I knew better ……so no picture and voice and accent…didn’t add up…..that was the last time I communicated with this person…he is still sending me e-mails professing his undying love for me and he can’t do his job in the army…he will probably die…because he can’t concentrate……they tried to scam me but I didn’t fall into it….He is a very good looking guy…If you saw his pictures you would think the same…so be careful ladies…I wish I could post the pictures somewhere on this site I was told his picture is on numerous dating site…in different parts of the world…It hurts but at least I did not lose any money…the heart will recover!!!!! now I worry a bit about my pictures that I had sent…..

  191. Has anyone heard of First Class Sergeant John Adams ??? He claims that he is in the American Army game.. He is surving in Afganistan.. and is retiring in the beginning of May.. Has a son aswell.. Lives in Texas… There is an actual real John Adams who is married and has a daughter and lives in the mid-west. I have been in contact with him and he wants a money order thru Western Union to send over his belongings back to the states and would like to eventually “Settle down” again! I have not sent him any money or banking infomation.. It sounds to good to be true and a fairytale!!

  192. I met the man use name James Ruddock and he said he is US army in Afganista and been widow 5 years. He has a 14 year old boy who lives in NY and nanny take care of this boy. His letter has been full of love but I’m woman and follow the situation and NEVER GIVE MONEY to anybody. Hi didn’t ask money yet but I hope that everybody are carefull and don’t trust at first any odd man in the net. I’ll write more if he asked money. He can be the same man.


  194. Has anyone heard of a soldier by the name of Koshkin Nathan serving in the army in Afghanistan? I have been chatting with him for the past 3 weeks he says I need to pay phone charges up front so I will be able to talk to him then after I pay them it will be free for me to phone him.. Does anyone know if this might be true or not.

  195. Has anyone been in contact with a sergent Travis Pace who claim to be an american soldier. No family except his daughter Sophia A Pace who is now studying in Ghana ….. Black american mother and Italien father…beautiful man met on Be2 dating site….

  196. More details on my story…. Sergent Travis Pace profil was found on Be2 dating site ans says he was from Toronto Canada….then explain he is from Florida, but now based in Irak for a few months than will quit the army. Declare his love for me very fast and says he wants to be with me for the rest of his life… His duaghter Sophia start e-mailing me from Ghana where she is studying… thanask me to send him a phone so he can hear my voice…..wich I did…the phone had to be sent to his diplomat based in Ghana Accra,,,,such a fool !!!! We were in contact almost 3 to hours a day…. Then things started to go bad…his daughter needed some money to be able to continue studying…he then ask for 1500-3200 $ I told him I don’t have this monye and then he started to excuse himself for asking such help from him and wanted me to forget all about it and go on like nothing happened… i was just devastated….I started to search the web about scams and I found horrible stories worse then mine. I confronted him…he sais his identity had been stolen and claim he is not a scamer and will do anything to show it to me…. he then tried many time to talk to me and said that he will prove it…. but no proof yet… Now he wrote that he has been injured during duty….that they have found my phone and gave him problems…that he will probably loose his job….. I just can’t believed I felt for this………….. now no news from about 2 weeks…… I did contact the Be2 dating site …no answer from them at all !!!!!! Please contact me if ever you have been in contact with him….until now I wonder who is the black man on the pictures…does he know that his identity has been stolen…too bad we can’t post them here !!!

  197. Well I am not sure what good this will do. It seems we only look here after its too late. I have always said that I would never do the dating sites. I even have friends that have been successful with them. I have recently met John Mateo or whomever he is. Army soldier in Iraq, wife died 2 years ago from cancer, 7 year old son named Sam, parents died when he was young, grew up in foster home, nice nanny lady watching his son…. Well I could keep going. I vowed 5 years ago to not have a relationship or again NOT to do dating site. Needless to say I did both and in a matter of a few emails, promises of starting a new life, telling me God had sent me to him, anything he thought I wanted to hear, long yahoo IM chats I was hooked and now left feeling stupid. I hope this helps someone. But I have cancelled my profile on the dating site and reported him, among a few other things in hopes to stop him/whomever from using soldiers pics and identity. Curious if my pics will be used to scam someone else. I hope not. I’d post pics if I thought it would do any good or even post some of the emails that were sent, but I doubt it’ll change much. I WILL NOT EVER do it again. Good luck to all. Thank for listening.

  198. I just encountered one of these scams myself. I met him on the Skout app on my phone. He called himself Sgt Henry Stephen. Sent me pics of himself, very attractive. When we started messaging each other on Yahoo Messenger it became clear he wasn’t who he said he was. His english was quite broken. He also gave me a couple of email addresses that were addresses so because my instincts were telling me something was wrong, I googled the addresses. Sure enough, they’re associated with scams! Needless to say, Bye Bye “Sgt Henry Stephen”!!!!

  199. Hi all.I am searching on the web because I have a friend who seems to be in the same situation as you all are. Her “man” as she calls him found her on a site called Skout which apparently is linked with Facebook somehow.He is supposed to be a soldier in Libya. Anyways..he too is declaring his undying love for her, telling her that he is retiring soon and going to Move to Arkansas to be with her. He also says he is divorced, has a Daughter and Is originally from NY but has a house in Texas. His parents are dead..His father apparently died in 2009, but low and behold..nothing that can be found on the internet for a death back in 2009 for a person with that name and in that area. We have had funeral homes that have Obits on line for a long time now and so this doesnt even make any sense either.

    He had only ever shown her one picture until lately when I convinced her that this guy was fishy. She wrote him and told him that she wasn’t falling for the things he was telling her. I never read the email so I dont know exactly what was said. Well all of a sudden the “Agent” is there and takes two pictures of him and sends. One is of this big ring…I dunno why he sent that, like it would mean anything to her.I just cant believe that there are so many things that he is telling her that just do not connect!! Anyways, here is the thing. She asked him to write, he says he cant..they are on a peace keeping mission but sounds like its She cant write him or send him a goody package. He cant call – she cant call him but he can talk to her on messenger!! I know…totally BS isnt it? I mean if you can assess the internet then you can use the web, right? None of it makes sense to me.
    I have however come up with a solution for these “Soldiers”. Have them send you a picture with a piece of cardboard or something with “HI and your name” I would use a pet or nic name or something in case they get smart enough to start making pics with the names superimposed over photos! Tell them until you recieve such picture that you will not corresspond with them at all!! See how fast that they come up with either the picture or an excuse.

    I am still trying to get my friend to hear reason and she just doesnt want to. I wish that I knew someone local that I could get interested in her just to get this creep out of her life. She is a great girl, but very naive and trusting. Oh, btw his name is Andrew Stone…Born in 1965 IN New York supposedly! So what are the chances that someone else reading here has come across this guy?

  200. Hi Alan French 🙂 I’m assuming that you were told that military planes were grounded and he/she had to get a chartered flight but his/her card had been cloned and couldn’t pay for the flight!!! Would you mind giving more info on your experience as I’m having a hard time trying to convince a friend that her “american” doesn’t exist.

  201. I wanted to know if anyone has heard of a PLATOON CAPTAIN ANNE LONG with the US ARMY based in Kabul Barracks. She has also claimed like many others to be a single parent & asked for me to pay for here vocational leave & that she is a single parent, whose parents dies 10 years ago in a bad car accident & has been divorced for 2 years after her husband turned her into a punching bag. She has also asked me to pay for her sons health bills while in a private hospital in Texas & that they won’t release him until the bill is paid which is around $7800. I havve told her that no hospital would ever hold a child hostage & she told me that is the hospitals policy & “WE” can’t do anything to change it. WE ghowever is me as she claims that she has no access to any money at all. Seems like a pretty solid case for a scam to me, but I just wanted to know if anyone had her about her. I met her a website called NO STRINGS ATTACHED with her headline “Lonely Anne” Thanks


  203. Please. Please let readers know that the current scammer is posing as Richard Thomas Monroy and Richard Monroy Thomas (sometimes says Thomas is his family name then it is his middle name) …he is not sure and that alone set alarm bells ringing. Lives in City of London, even gave the road as Botolph Lane (which exists). His emais address is So please alert readers

  204. Update on Comment 235. Richard or Thomas has contacted me by email having discivered that he has been blocked on the site from contacting me. He begged me to go online so that we could chat again, that he did not expect this from me, that he wants to have this long tern relationship with me as he too is looking for love. I wanted to string him along for a while but decided that such freaks do not deserve my time. I see he has appeared in earlier message in 2011 when his daughter Laura was age 10. Surprising she has aged 3 years (he told me she is 13 years old) in perhaps just over 12 months! These scammers got guts, got to hand it to them.

  205. Pleased to say I have achieved my objective…Got Monroy’s account deactivated. This happened only AFTER in copied Comments No. 184 & 185 and sent this on to reinforce more complaints of my own. I eventually received communication to thank me for reporting him (was ignored for past 2 days) and to say the account was no longer active. No doubt this freak will surface here or on another dating site with another alias. We should continue to be vigilant.

  206. Michael Miller Philip Miller Jason Miller and Ben Fisher are all the same person. His wife died in a car accident also in child birth.Has one son 13 who lives in London who Is sick needs money for treatment at the same time on African safari and requires Iphone to chat with you. Sons name is Charlie. Sends you pictures of Charlie only to find him posing in other shots with another son both different children.
    There is no sick Child
    You are now stingy and heartless
    He wants you to marry him and be charlies Mom lmao yeah right. Hes a catholic ..They all seem to be catholic and they all call you dear and they all fall in love with you the first day they all have children they all need money and they are too stupid to realize that they have created a pattern easy to follow.

  207. Hi Carol,
    I check out his profile again on and i see ur name and photo in his friends list, if u r the same Carol. Does ur guy have a scar or birthmark on his cheek. I was chatting with a Kelvin Miller too but we got into a heated argument where i figured he was a scam. When General Smith Kelvin Miller email me, it was the same photo of the other Kelvin Miller, the General told me that Kelvin is a scammer and to delete his contact but now i starting to figure out that the General is a scammer too. I havent spoken to him since yesterday so i wonder how comes hes not on

  208. Someone had contact with this email address?
    He says: Academy at 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools.Even dough I was playful at school, it never my academic work.. I joined the Military academy at the age of 21.I am Widower and i have one son who is 10years now.. I am looking for a woman who will love me and will be honest with me and long term relationship… You can contact me on my address if you are interested, Or you can get me your address so that I can add you too?

    Need Help.

  209. Sorry, I missed this part of the message he sent to me.

    My name is Bruce, Army Officer born and raised in FL(Jacksonville) some 49 years ago by a US mother named Pat Kussman and a US Dad named Armstrong Pack McSkiva.. I started A & A Children


  210. hi,
    i went thru the same ordeal. Im new to the dating website and fell for this trap.Did pay a sum of $260.00 and have been interacting. I have read most reviews and did not read about any US soldiers from Libya. The guy i was interacting said he was a US soldier Libya. Later asked for money…during one of our chatting time, i wanted proof that he was who he said he was, he immediately sent a proof of his passport, it seemed to match, all that he was saying all along and matched his pictures that he had sent. I am wondering, how could he get the passport. He has sent me few photos of his, and a google search does show a genuine US soldier in the US army. The most surprising thing was his accent.Sounded like a nigerian. i havent sent him any money after that.

  211. the scammers have been trying to get money from me for years things to watch for they will tell you they r single parents all of their wives died they r all over seas somewhere then they will say they r so in love with u and wants to spend the rest of their lives with u will sweet talk u then within a few days something will happen that is when they ask for money please b aware of this trust me been going through it for years please don’t fall for it I have certain things I do to make them disappear real fast

  212. let me start by saying after all I have read on this page I have heard the same stories from guys in the military for many years I will admit I sent one guy 75 bucks one time after that I never sent any money again always wait till they ask for money then u know it is a scam

  213. Michael Ruddock is another name to beware. He claims to be in the US army in Turkey, on the Syrian border. Very charming, falls in love with you by your second email, makes you feel so very special. I have found him on 2 other scammers listing websites, so no doubt he is on more.

  214. 1 to watch for is a micheal flores, micheal micheal.. He iss very very good at convincing you ..he as several a/c on facebook all with same foto but different , if you google his name his foto comes up stamped void .he is on sites across the whole of internet also uses different
    Names but same fotos ..beware he is really really good at his scam.he wont giv an inch

  215. Here’s another one.
    Darren Ruddock. Army, Kabul, widowed, one kid in Italy.
    He’s on BBW web site as Darren03.
    Beware, something made me suspicious after an all day marathon on yahoo chat.
    Does not check out. Take a look at FB and You’ll see.

  216. My story is the same as everyone elses. His name is Mark Miller, was in the army in Kabul, Afganistan. He was 45, and was from Jackson, Miss. His wife,Anna, died 5 yrs ago of cancer. he had one son,age 11, who was living with his mother, while he was on deployment. He was in army 15 years and was about to retire. He was very caring, funny, and charming. Wrote, like to draw, channel surfing, and many other things.He said the loved me and wanted to get married. Then he started , asking me to send money to his son, Mike Miller, for his birthday. Send it to Nigera, where his son was staying. Didnt have any to send, couple month later he said his money was all tied up and he couldnt get to it. He needed to go on leave, and needed 10thousand for the plane trip. Again had no money. Then later he asked for 7 thousand, so his mother could fly to US and sign papers so he could get his money, and be able to come home. Again had no money. Couple days later, he said his friends gave him 6 thousand, but he needed the ramainder. Had no money. I knew I was talking to a scammer when he started asking for money. Thought, I would play with his mind a little, told him I won big lottery. Did that ever get his attention. Said he was getting out and on his way home. Wanted to get married and be a happy little family, but he needed money for getting his son home and traveling. Told him put all money in truse and couldnt get it. neeedless to say love cooled, and havent heard from him in months. I do check his profile on facebook to see who he is in contact with, and then I let them know what he is. I traced his ph. no to Brownsvill, Tennessee, but dont know how to find out if this is him, or just a bouncing off place for his phone. The name is Mark Miller, so if you hear from him, watch ou, he is very convencing.

  217. how do you check with army if a solder is real surly there is a way I got contacted by a usa one on date site he is in afgan but never heard from him in a week yes I am wondering why can any one help me ..

  218. Hi,Ive been talking to a captain Frank Morgan who found me on e-vow.Same old story! but we have even used skype vid call although he didnt have a mic.How’s that work? I know he is a scammer as a pic he sent shows “Navy” patch on uniform and anchor logo when he says he is British Army!Says he divorced 6yrs and retiring when back 20thOct from Afghanistan. Has 14yr son called Ryan who lives with x wife who kept cheating on him everytime he was away.been in army 25yrs.Has own house in Market Weighton,nth Yorkshire.Parents dead now,divorced when he was 16yrs,lived in Paris from2yrs-16yrs.Not asked for money yet,but sent me e mail with exact wording as in post 170.These low lifes need stopping!!! Giving the genuine boys a bad rep.

  219. i am speaking to a soldier in libya from florida usa his name is james barton met him on maTCH.COM he has not asked me for anything but has said he loves me and is taking leave to come to see me for 2 weeks from thursday he said he has packege of gold from libyan goverment to pick up in ghana he will sell it in ghana then come see me for 2 weeks and wants to buy me car or give me load money dont know is genuine

    1. Carol: Your guy in Libya sounds like a classic scammer. I advise you not to send him any money and to cut off contact ASAP. Also, report his profile to Match.

  220. has anyone heard of a special forces (SRR) soldier by name of Alec Silva with son Philip? Even though he is supposed to be British, his IP addresses on emails are linked to Washington, does anyone know anything about this?

    Currently supposed to be serving in Syria, but moving deployment to Yemen. Not sure if he is a scammer or not?

    Be interested if anyone recognises some of the info, please get in touch! Thank you

  221. Hi has anyone heard of a m Morgan Edwards. As i have been talking go him djnce feb and i have sentnesrly2000 pound to him claiming st 2st hr needed 350 dollars for son ntntol and then i se

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