Online dating and the World Cup – get in there!

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You can try to ignore the FIFA world cup, but chances are that if you are in the UK, you won’t be able to. Signs, flags, big screen TVs and the eternal sound of the dreaded vuvuzelas are everywere and online dating, too, takes its traditional hit, with a small but significant slump during game time.

If you’re not into football, this may be your time to chat up some women, while your brothers (OK, competitors) are glued to the screens waving their little flags. Past experience has shown that competition may be sparser around match times and after victorious England matches, when everyone is out celebrating at the local pub and those not into the so-called beautiful game are hiding at home wishing it all away. What better way to spend your away-from-football time than surfing the dating sites for fellow enlightened souls?

Check the FIFA site for the next England game and you’ll be able to make full use of the relative silence on the dating sites to hit up a whole load of women (or men who are unmoved by football). If (when?) England get kicked out, Brazil may well be your next option to watch out for, as this is where the British turn their affections when denied a victory of their own.

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