The problem with online dating site reviews

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When you’re trying to decide whether or not to sign up to a particular dating site, the natural thing to do is to scout the Internet for reviews. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a site that might turn out to be a waste of time. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to accurately review dating sites.

Some things, are easy and obvious. If a site has hardly any people dating on it, for example, it would be easy for any reviewer to pick up on it and warn potential members. Listing a site’s ethos, list of features, design and ease of use are also easy to discuss, as well as any entry requirements for members. It’s also often possible to discuss whether a site is particularly full of scammers and spammers. Beyond that, though, is where it gets a bit more difficult.

When dealing with just about any company, different people are likely to have different experiences. For example, I’ve had quite a few issues with my bank, but other people I know only have good things to say about the very same bank. Online dating is no different. On the same site, some people will find love, whereas others will have a terrible time and feel they have wasted their time and money. Some of the disgruntled people might even be angry enough to go online and slag off the sites, sometimes even misunderstanding what has happened.

I’ve seen many complaints online about sites supposedly planting fake profiles to encourage people to sign up. These were all large, reputable sites at a time when the online dating industry was still growing (actually, it still is). There was no way a prominent site would risk fraud when money is rolling in anyway.

Such reviews can end up being misleading, as are reviews that are only meant to send people to the sites, glossing over any obvious problems the site might have.

The truth is, most dating sites are at least a little bit dodgy in some way,but that doesn’t mean a particular site won’t work for you.

In reality unless a site is blatantly dodgy to the point where it’s a complete fraud or a waste of time (which is easily spotted), the best way to assess a site is to read about what features it offers and what people it aims to attract and then sign up for the free account and run a detailed search. Until you’ve done that, you won’t know if it’s the site for you.

As much as I try to explain the sort of people a particular site is aimed at, I could never tell you if a site is likely to be right for you without knowing you personally. Even then, I’ve known people to find each other on sites they both hated and were wondering what they were doing there. Different people have different requirements and different standards and what one might think is a site full of beautiful, fun people, another might think is a site full of freaks.

The bottom line is, read some reviews to get ideas of what’s around, sign up for a free account on a few sites and take a good look around yourself before deciding what you think about a site.

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One thought to “The problem with online dating site reviews”

  1. I have been on some of those date sites.
    The major problem I have is :I have not been on any for months. Yet the systems are continuing to send variuos types of messages or notices to people who are active. “THE SYSTEM HAS NOT ME”.This has caused me more trouble than I can say. Has anyone else experienced these date sites being on automatic pilot – so-to-speak, and sending material for and not by you? So afr one has denied that this can occur, that these can only come from the originator. NOT SO!


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