UK woman loses £10k in online dating scam – Afghanistan soldier

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A while back, I warned about a common online dating scam involving an Iraqi soldier.

Now news has come out about a British woman who fell victim to a very similar scam, losing £10k in the process. The scammer pretended to be an American soldier serving in Afghanistan.

This is a very common scam nowadays and so it’s worth keeping your wits about you. It always pains me to see women (and men) fall for these scams. Just think – even if this pretend soldier hadn’t been an outright scammer, what sort of relationship are you building if you start it by financially supporting someone you’ve only just met on the Internet?

Never give any money to someone you met online and if in doubt, let your dating site’s support team know you’ve been asked for money and ask their opinion (this is one of the reasons why it pays to date on a reputable dating site with a good support team).

You can read the rest of the article about this latest scam victim here.

UPDATE: This post has been gathering quite a lot of very useful comments from women who have either been victims of similar fraud or have been contacted by scammers. It’s essential reading if you suspect the person you have been talking to online may be a scammer. All opinions expressed below represent only the people who posted them. If you have a problem with any of the posts and would like them removed please contact me.

Many women have asked me what to do in case you are a victim of fraud. In the UK there is now a service called Action Fraud, which is a website and helpline where you can report any time of fraud (including online dating fraud) and get help and support. Please consider sharing your stories with them as well if you are in the UK. Most of these fraudsters hail from countries where it’s harder to do anything about them, especially for your local police force. However, sharing your story with other women will help starve these assholes of money.

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567 thoughts to “UK woman loses £10k in online dating scam – Afghanistan soldier”

  1. i have been a victim to this scammer saying they are a captain in the american army but have not lost as much as the other lady but we need to make people aware alot more than before about these scammers and what they can do to us vunerable ladies .

  2. I would like to know more about these scams. I am worried about my mother who is chatting/emailing with a man who claims to be a high rank american soldier, now in iraq, and who has a son, who she also has been chatting with. So far they dont want any money but I got a gut feeling that this is a scam.

    I would love it if someone could post more info on how they do these scams, with examples if you can, so I can show my mom, she will not believe me otherwise..

    1. Tell her to be aware also of a courier scam. He sends a valuable parcel with a courier who has no money for airport taxes etc. And needs your financial help. He says you will be rewarded when he visits you and refunds your money. It’s a scam

      1. Exactly the same thing happened to me.. same M.O, I paid out over a £1000, thinking back, god knows why.. you get drawn in, and .. well the rest is history.

        If you see any army personnel on FB, wanting to chat to you.. always check em out. They usually have first names as both first and surnames, and no friends or info worth looking at on their FB account.

        The couriers keep asking for money, yr logic keeps saying why am I paying for a parcel being sent to me? and yet, you still feel that you have to pay.. crazy isnt it? Don’t fall for it.. They dont love you, they dont care about you, all they want is your hard earned money.

  3. Different scammers work differently but the most common one seems to be asking for money so that they can use some kind of special phone service to contact the women from the field. See my related post about the Iraq soldier scam. Tell your mother to be wary of any attempts to get money out of her, though. Scammers are always coming up with different stories to get money out of kind, generous people and sometimes they spend a few months “working” the victim before making a move. If this guy is indeed a scammer as you suspect, sooner or later he or his son will ask for money. It could be anything – phone service, sudden operation needing funds, a car accident involving them or a close family member, etc.

    I don’t know what dating site she is on, obviously, but if she is on a reputable dating site that has a customer service team in place, then you should advise her to contact the customer service team if the guy ever asks for money and ask whether they think it’s genuine. Dating site companies don’t like admitting they have scammers dating on their sites, but they can instantly check whether someone has been corresponding with more than one woman with the same sob story (which is what scammers usually do).
    Customer service teams generally remove the scammer and, often, would warn the person affected (though sometimes just giving generic advice such as “never send money to anyone”, which you should view as a sign the guy was indeed a scammer).

    Unfortunately, a lot of scammers try to get people off the dating site ASAP so there is no record of their “work”. In such a case it might be harder to prove. Also, some dating sites, especially the free ones, have very poor moderation in place, meaning you cannot rely on them for support.

    The key element here is the request for money. If the guy asks for money, he is a scammer, or at the very least, a gold digger to be avoided.

    1. I got scammed once lost over a 1000 euros.
      I still talk to people. But I know better now.
      It’s like a game now. You lead them on and then when they asked for money you just send then photos of what you found on Internet. I actually had two scammers come out and apologised for what they did.
      This is like trying to scam a scammer.

  4. All a woman (or man) needs to keep in mind is when a virtual stranger asks you for money he/she only sees you as a walking wallet. No person who is legitimately interested in a relationship with another would ask for money so soon – they’d be worried about what that person would think and that they might blow it with them. The only time you should give/lend monies is when you’re in an actual committed relationship.

  5. I hope you publish this , i was e-mail a guy who procalimed to be a Sgt Jeff Miller from the us army , he wanted me to send him money so he could come home on voccational leave but lucky i know the military and they told me to keep well away , there is a lot of this at the moment , always Iraq , always American soldiers , always pictures , then the sting . Beware and they lady whose mum was e-mailing the american ? ….they are rednecks apparently the americans are aware but dont seem to be doing a thing . If any ohne has heard from Sgt Miller beware !

  6. I want to know where to report them, I always know immediately. I have been contacted by one. And I chatting to him…even made him call me, cause I don’t call men…He has african accent, told me his name was Major Lindo, I am sarcastic person….hehehe hard to hid the contempt in my voice…Asked him is that your first name or rank…No one introduces themselves, but their rank…even has picture of soldier (not major) in uniform..I have forwarded to army email…but want to send the police to his house…tells me he station at Washington DC no base and the number is for Georgia.

    Oh btw, wants to take me to the world cup….hehehe

    And where can I report this person, he hasnt asked me for money yet (and pretends to have loads himself) Cant wait until he does, will pretend I am going too…hehehehe

  7. Just spent thousands of hard-earned dollars on this scam, supposedly on a leave request for a widowed officer, with a young son, serving in Afghanistan on a tour of duty. Just wanted to warn all those out there that the moment you are asked to spend any money whatsoever, run!! Forget the charming comments, poems, raw emotional output, and endless appeals to your heart, etc. They have been honing their acts for quite awhile. Let them finish their tour of duty; they signed up for it.

  8. I am feeling a little confused as I am involved with an American soldier who is in Afghanistan and he asked me to pay the money for his leave but i did not know about this until i got the forms to sign. I then told him i couldnt pay that money which he was upset about first of all then he was fine and we have continued contact. Does anyone know if the phone company “TL5 CONNECTION” exists? I have had correspondences from them but don’t know what to think?

  9. I am being scammed by a Jeff Miller at this very moment also but luckily realised from the start as i saw the warning in Take A Break magazine, i am just playing him at the moment and have no intention of sending money , gifts or anything else he has requested.

  10. I am chatting with a widowed soldier serving in Afghanistan, he has 2 children living now alone in the States. Hard to believe. He did not aska for money yet.

  11. The Sgt. Jeff Miller hoax continues. Received an email from “him” today. You can always tell the liars and cheaters. They are so ignorant they show their hand immediately. Aside from blocking them from contact with you on a site, is there somewhere to turn their sorry sick butts in?

  12. Hi Janet , I really wish there was , but no one seems very interested.
    We just need to get the warning out there as they try every trick in the book to make you feel sorry for them with the aim of catching vulnerable women.

  13. A friend of mine joined facebook and got to know Sgt. John Russel, a US soldier based in Iraq. From what I know she had given all her savings to him (stupidly). Anyone else happen to know this person?

  14. i was talking to a sgt mark miller, for a while saying he was a amercian in iraq had a daughter aaged 11 and lost his wife through child birth.. he sent me pics of him which were red hot but ther was some think about the way he spoked in his emails they did not sound amercian, and then he ask me to get a militry phone so we could talk, but i would not saying that too near to xmans and ca nnot afford it, then emails stopped dead si i think he was a scammer also i have photos is there any where we can put the photos up to ward other people to stear clear.


  15. my sis was scammed also at the beg of 2010. she me phoned on the thurs and asked if we could lend her 4 thou pounds!we said no, it sounded like a scam..but she was adamant said it wasnt , she had his picture (told her anyone can send a picture of another person.she had his commanders name/e mail/all this paperwork .. etc etc. longstory short she sent the money by bank transfer ..(well my mom sent it)she had to get a loan. they wouldnt listen to us.we live in the uk.and if i ever get my hands on him, well ??? we contacted american embassy in london to see if they could give any advice..not alot they could to trace he had a lovely xmas…i hope others learn from some of the things being talked about on here..jenn

    1. Hi Jen, did you get the money back?

      I’ve been scammed out of 1000’s 9 months ago…. When contacted western union said cannot get money back and they don’t know the person who picked the money up

  16. I have been chatting to American soldier to work out what the scam is. He is having a ‘diplomat’ deliver me a parcel tomorrow (4.7m US Dollars – anyone like a share). He has NOT asked for money. Flight is on time. What is the scam? Only contact details he has is an old PAYG Mobile. Urgent help!

  17. Hi 8 months since first contact but had 4 or 5 months without contact. Today the courier (Diplomat)asked for £2500 to get the package out of Customs or Diplomatic something. I rang police and after speaking to 7 or 8 one confirmed they would arrest him if I went down to London (from Gtr Manchester) and handed him the money. Also had to report it first to local police station. Decided to block messenger and e-mails. Sim taken out of mobile and my fingers crossed. Margaret

  18. Hello All, I had a similar experience talking to a Sgt. Benson Martins on a dating site. He wanted me to join yahoo to do chatting (in the controlroom when the general wasn’t there!!!). He was dead keen to marry me straight away and wanted me to help him desert the army and fill some leave forms in. And he was even more keen to speak on the phone to me. I have a sim-only phone anyway, so I thought it won’t do any harm to give him my number. I received a sms today from the alleged “US ARMY Military Telephone Service”. That chat would have cost me 115.40 whatever currency, it didn’t specify. I couldn’t resist going online again to chat to my brave soldier today and confronted the scammers. They kind of admitted that they have tried to convince me.
    Unfortunately there is no way to get our hands onto these people. There should be some way of tracing them, but they are very clever. So please, all of you out there, listen to your inner voice and if something sounds strange or slightly odd, report it to this site, which I think is great.
    Fortunately the scammer didn’t scam any money out of me and he had to work really hard to no avail.
    I have saved the picture of the gorgeous American serviceman I have been sent though! Never give too much personal information out to somebody you don’t know. Don’t give them your bank or credit card details. And never send them money for leave or anything else.


  19. Hi, I have got a 61 year old friend called Jane, she has falled for this guy who calls himself ‘kelly’ says he is in the US army serving in Irag. He claims to have a 11 year old son. Jane has not seen a moving picture of either of them. She started this online ‘relationship’ almost a year ago. She has already sent £5,000 to a diplomatt recieve a parcel from kelly last August, which ofcourse did not arrive becasue the diplomatt was in an accident with internal bleeding. Kelly also claims to own a 5 bed house in Alaska and a farm in Ghana. I have just found out that Jane foolishly sends him £50.00 a week , as part of her share of the farm when he gets married to her! He has been promising to visit the UK to get married since June 2009, but never appeared. He has told her all kinds of stories such as, a bomb has gone off and left him in hospital in New York. The planes could not fly to UK due to the ice on the run way. He cannot send her any money because his bank and branch is in Alaska! But he claims he loves her and won’t let her down “honey”. Jane is still convinced he is genuine!! I do not want to see her financially ruined and heart broken. But she won’t listen. If anyone knows of this cheater or have heard similar tales please get in touch. By the way kelly says the parcel is still at Heathrow Airport, but cannot be claimed until he signs for it. He has totally brainwashed her and before long it could be Jane in hospital with a mental breakdown. Please help as I don’t want to see other vulnerable people abused like this. Thanks stephen

  20. Hi Stephen.

    Unfortunately, there is not much anyone can do while your friend is so brainwashed by this guy. You could try going to the police, but you would probably need copies of the emails they exchanged. Maybe someone in the fraud department can help. I assume they are no longer communicating on the dating site where they met? If you can get her to have even the smallest doubt that this man is genuine, you may be able to get her to contact her dating site and ask about this guy. They will usually have access to his account so should be able to tell her he’s dodgy by looking at his behaviour pattern on the site. Usually, though, dating site companies don’t like to admit they have scammers dating on their site, so they may just remove his account from there without confirming or denying in any other way.

    Have you tried showing her this page and the related pages on my site? It’s full of similar stories of women who got conned or got away before being conned.

  21. I have been speaking to a so called US soldier in Iraq – Sgt. Johnson Miller. I was doubtful from the first contact as he was clearly copying stuff off the internet and trying to pass off song lyrics as his own thoughts. The best bit was he had idea about the time difference between the UK and Iraq! When i challenged him he went all sulky and claimed I had hurt HIS feelings. I kept him interested because I wanted to see how far he would go. When he told me he had been awarded $5 million dollars that he wanted me to look after, I told him I had reported him to the dating site – Parship and would do all i could to tell others of his scam. Surprise surprise he disappeared immediately.

  22. I was contacted by a David Burgess who said he was a Colnel in thw US Armey, the photos he sent had been tampered with (spotted by my police offer son) my whole family started to delve into who the photos where, They where not of a David Burgess, they where of a very famous US General called John Abizaid, so if any one is chstting with a David Burgess, check out the photo

  23. Hi I am right in the middle of what I beleive is now a scam. Similar story US military man staioned in Afghanistan, widowed, 2 kids, wife killed in car crash. He says he is German and a Chief Warrant Office and Orthopedic surgeon. Sent a package via Diplomat, it got to Ghana, requests came for money to help to clear it – which I stupidly sent. the package then went to London and got stopped again. Another request for money, which I sent. Next thing call to say he is on route to Glasow with said package. I went to meet him and he supposedly did not get through customs as when the package was scanned it contained a huge amount of US dollars. It got sent back. The guy I have been chatting to on IM asked me to finance the required documents to get it out of customs in London and I said no. I told him to do it himself when he came back to the UK on 30th Jan. He came back and the next thing he is on route to Ghana to get the documents ( dont know why he had to go there ) he arrives back in the UK last Saturday and has a meeting with the customs folks and lo & behold yet more money is needed and he asks me to help and I say I cannot. Up until yesterday -9th Feb – he was on the IM, sending txt messages and calling me. Now nothing. For the last 24hrs all has gone silent and the mobile is supposedly switched of. No idea what has gone on but would seem like its a major and complicated scam involving a supposed officer, a supposed diplomat and a supposed shipping company……I dont know how to check out the ID he sent me – its a US military ID, nor do I know how to check out his address in the UK. I do have lots of pics of him so if anyone would like to see them please email me at

  24. Update….well turns out he is genunine. Got his package out of London himself got his doucments and paid the money into the bank and now he is heading here to see me this weekend to pay me back the money I already sent.

    Who would have thought that there are actualy genuine people doing this!

  25. Hi Shimrit, I am now pretty certain that he is genuine. He had to pay out 1000s to get his documents for his package and the shipping company helped him to do it. He is flying to Glasgow tomorrow morning to meet me and to pay me what I laid out…..will post an update soon.

  26. have been chatted to by a colonel david burgess (sam) of usa army for two weeks. He asked for money for his suitcase which is in Accra airport – i was told he was retiring end of month to london. I have loads of pictures to prove this.didnt realise it till today that its a scam. i sent no money. First time on the dating internet and could be the last.!!!!

  27. Here is an update to my story. The man I met online is who he says he is and is not a scammer. I met him last weekend as planned and he is genuine and real. He has paid me back the money and we are now seeing each other. I am so relieved that things have turned out so positive and realise that I am one of the lucky ones when I read the hundreds of stories on the net of woman and men been scammed.

  28. hi,

    I’m currently in a scam at the moment with an american solider who is based in Iraq. His name is

    Sgt Douglas Milner

    He is chasing me for 50 pounds to start off with to establish phone communication with him.

    This is a copy of the email I received from his solicitor

    Hello Renee,

    I arrived safely in Africa, Nigeria.

    PAYMENT DETAIL (Western union transfer)

    Name: Blessing Owolabi
    State: Lagos
    Country: Nigeria
    Zip Code
    State: 01
    Country: 234
    Security Question: To establish contact with.
    Security Answer: Douglas

    Please send the mtcn number details after payment as to confirm your payment and your telephone number details as to complete all necessary processing within 24hours.

    Best regards.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Barrister Roberts Collins ESQ.

    This person is starting to become demanding as he has being asking for money for a while and I have not paid up. His emails are crap for someones who’s first language is English.

    He also sends me poems – but when you search you can find them on the internet.

    Just wanted to share… please be careful!


  29. Please, if someone is asking any money or any other sort of thing (like diplomats and parcels) RUN!!! tell them you will take legal advice before you say anything and tell them tou´ll return…They will disappear..It hurts but only for a while…

  30. I have also been contacted by:
    Sgt. Benson Martins,

    I started to notice something was strange when his answers werent matching his previous statements. Then he told me a sad story about being a windower and having a 13 year old daughter. It never got to the point where he asked for money b/c I have a friend in army intel—and I had her run the name. Of course it didn’t show anything….and neither did googling his name. I lucked onto this site, and I am so glad that I did.
    I’m kind of scared b/c he knows my name and my state. I didn’t realize my yahoo IM posted my full name until he typed it earlier. I hope he can not get into my accounts. I’ll be watching things just in case and waring the other women on the site.

  31. Oh and this is the e-mail that he asked me to e-mail asking or his leave. He asked me to include my adress, name, occupation, work adress, and let him know everything b/c he would need it for the interview to request leave.
    I was lucky enough to notice the strange ending and contacted my friend.

    Military e-mails and websites don’t end in

  32. Kendra, I’m glad you found my site and also that the alarm bells went off in your heard to go looking and asking questions in the first place!
    Thank you for sharing this useful information with us.

    It might be worth contacting your bank and telling them to watch out for unusual activity on the account. They may be able to help you with more security measure on your accounts.

  33. hi i have been chatting to a jerry moore a colonel in afgan for 6 weeks, i felt so good with his emails and endless love. but then came the luggage was stuck in Accra and could i send 5500 pound and he will give to me when he came home as he due to retire. i fell broken inside. but this is the only time i was happy i was skint and had not money to help. i went back on the date line yesterday for the first time and was not on there 5 min before a Colonel Robert Burgess was chatting to me. same story widowed with a son, i wish we could stop this so no more people get hurt.

  34. I am in talks with a american soldier in iraq thats sending me a parcel via a diplomat i want to report this but dont know how i still have the emails trouble is i gave him my address will i be ok i live alone what happens when this guy knocks on my door

  35. My sister is being scammed by Sgt. Jeff Miller. I need more information and pictures, so I can prove it to her. Is there anyone that still has pictures or stories about him?

  36. Hi Christine…No 41…

    I too have been communicating with a colonel Jerry Moore Burgess, widower with 1 son, in the british army who is about to retire next week…

    He has made me feel special, with all his poems, emails, dreams, dedicated songs…etc…

    Sounds like the same person…

    Sent me a picture of himself with his son. 1 with his brother!!!!

    I haven’t been asked for money as yet and had thought he may be genuine until tonight…..

    I became suspicious after i asked him what was the time and he rattled off a time that didn’t match previous conversations or my other clock set for Kabul, Afghanistan…

    So I started really searching and came across here…

    I will keep the convo going to see where he goes with it….

    Would love to here from you Christine or others who have been in contact with this person….

    regards Janette

  37. Hi everyone ihave had same experience as christine with a jerry moore colonel in afghanistan same story widower with one son and declaring undying love for me and marriage and he is very clever i do beleive him when he said he had defense intelligence training he definately knew how to get inside my brain and manipulate me but i did see sense when the warning signs came with the money request for lost baggages and his friend who phone from ghana asking for the money for the stamp on his luggage which was held up in customs and excise. I have phone the army and they were helpful they will tell you if the name exists i do have photos too so will look at some of the suggestions to see whose photo he is using it is terrible i really fell for him and was living afghanistan two months with him.

  38. Hi janette

    just seen your post too yes i had all the love letters dreams poems and music too and the photos thank goodness christine posted her experience. I confronted him with it the scam and posted all his love letters back to him which were considerable and when i asked him who he was he cut me off on the ichat. The army are helpful. I began to realise he has so many women he is doing this to that he started to get confused too as another alarm bell went off when he next sent email asking me if i had something for a barrister felix and wondered who he was talking about. So it seems he is doing this to a lot of women.

  39. Hello Janette, Theresa and anyone else that has been communicating with Jerry Moore Burgess.
    I too have been in communication with this person for about 6 weeks now he has not yet asked for any money but the fact that he has ben sending you the same messages as me tells me everything.
    I too have had the poems the dedicated songs, the dreams and the same photos of him with his son and his brother and undying love, I too became suspicious regarding the time difference which wasn’t always consistent and he asked odd questions about my childhood and what my tastes are with food and clothes etc.,he also at one time got me confused with someone else.
    He really got into my head as well,he knows how to push the buttons.

  40. Colonel Jerry Moore is still at it. He has declared undying love for me with poems and music. He says he is a widower with a 16 year old son and is retiring from the Army and flying into Heathrow Airport on the 16 March. He would like me to meet him at the airport. He has not to date asked for any money but he ought to be stopped from fleecing other vulnerable women as he is quite good at what he does.

  41. I was approached via dating website by a man (Loveheals) who claimed to be a colonel in a peacekeeping force in Afghanistan and a recent widower. His profile wasn’t altogether convincing but his English was reasonable. Subsequent emails weren’t and contained factual errors and strange claims. He reckoned he graduated from Sandhurst as a Sergeant Major, but Sandhurst is an officer training college from which you pass out as a lieutenant so I knew that couldn’t be true.

    He then claimed to have done officer training in the USA but when I looked up the college on line it trained veterinary technicians. We have plenty of Vet training courses over here – no need to send someone to the US to train.

    There were all sorts of other anomalies to do with a polish mother and a father called Burgess but his name was Jerry Moore, so that didn’t hang together. I decided this guy must be in a psychiatric institution and terminated the correspondence before he had a chance to ask for any money. He sent me photos of shrines to American soldiers in Gan and one of him with his son. It never occurred to me it might be a potential scam. I just thought he had an identity disorder!


  42. I’ve read most of the postings and have just noticed that Jerry Moore appears to have several aliases, all variations on J and M!

    This man really got to me with his emotional warmth and his sad personal life. I must be more emotionally needy than I realised because I was prepared to drop the other men I was corresponding with and was really looking forward to him finishing his tour of duty (which he described as ‘retirement’) and falling into his arms! I am 68 and ought to know better! But I’m not totally daft and there were too many holes in his logic even for someone as soppy as me! So, girls, beware men with first names beginning with J and last names beginning with M!

  43. Heres another one who’s been taken in by Colonel Jerry Moore, same story widowed with one son, soon to be retiring. It was all too good to be true and I suppose I was a little suspicious, but he was very convincing and made me feel very special. Its a hard lesson to learn but thanks L and F and everyone for the warning!

  44. Hello everyone, Iam currently in communication/relationship with Jerry Moore Burgess. I have been since the end of January, and met through the love and friends website (which he has now put himself on hold with). I have had everything promised to me, as have you all and I have stupidly, to help him sent a money gram for £200 to a Mr Ibrahim Basasu at Accra International airport Ghana, where the poor mans luggage is stuck and the luggage contains gold bars given to him by the president of Afghanistan as a gift! (I know, what an idiot I am but, when you are feeling low and someone gives you all the right attention you do stupid things.) So anyone out there don’t fall for it, I am about to report him to love and friends, especially as today he asked me for £1000!! To “Prove my love to him” A friend told me to google armed forces online dating scams. Thank god I did. I have really been sucked in. If anyone does find out who’s photos he is using then let me know. My e-mail is take care everyone, guess I won’t be buying a wedding dress this year, HA!

  45. Hello everyone, Iam currently in communication/relationship with Jerry Moore Burgess. I have been since the end of January, and met through the love and friends website (which he has now put himself on hold with). I have had everything promised to me, as have you all and I have stupidly, to help him sent a money gram for a small amount to a Mr Ibrahim Basasu at Accra International airport Ghana, where the poor mans luggage is stuck and the luggage contains gold bars given to him by the president of Afghanistan as a gift! (I know, what an idiot I am but, when you are feeling low and someone gives you all the right attention you do stupid things.) So anyone out there don’t fall for it, I am about to report him to love and friends, especially as today he asked me for £1000!! To “Prove my love to him” A friend told me to google armed forces online dating scams. Thank god I did. I have really been sucked in. If anyone does find out who’s photos he is using then let me know. My e-mail is take care everyone, guess I won’t be buying a wedding dress this year, HA!

  46. Sandra

    Trying to contact you…could you check your e mail address please. Like you, I was asked for money from this guy…what a scam.

  47. Hello everyone who has had to deal with jerry moore please be careful he tries to come back again he has been following me around on other sites and tries other identities including one of james ruddock anyway the name is on this site again and i am suspicious of him somehow gaining information from these sites. You can detect him though he uses same language so you should suss him out but be aware he tries it on again. sorry for the person who gave money he is very clever the way he presses all the buttonsthank goodness it was only £200 and not more. Hope you all find decent chaps on the sites there must be a lot of nice ones out there. kind regards teresa

  48. Jerry Burgess, or whatever he calls himself now seems to be operating on as I have just seen his “photograph” in my search. I have told the site and hopefully they can do something about it. I’m still so angry and upset about this!!! 🙁

  49. He goes by Sargent first class Joe Galvin…braveheart 70 for me I saw the red flags before he got my money!

  50. Hi Girls,,

    Well isn’t there quite a few of us now that have identified that rat Jerry Moore…

    I really would love to hear any ideas anyone has in trying to get this guy caught…

    Sham he really did look

    How do we find out who the photo really is???



  51. Well done ladies everyone who has had to deal with jerry moore and all his aliases be warned he is out of afghanistan now and trying civilian aliases but you will be able to suss him out still uses same story. I am finding such a sense of humour about it now and have been laughing over what jen said about reporting him to we must be chasing him off every dating site Never underestimate the power of women!!

  52. Hello ladies

    I have been talking to James Ruddock for 3 months, he is very clever and at first I believed him. He hasn’t asked for any money yet but then I haven’t declared my love for him and told him it was daft to promise to marry someone you haven’t met so he is still working on me. He said he is retiring in the next few weeks from the army in Iraq and will be coming to the uk to a house he owns in Oxford. He is a widower with 2 young daughters and no other family, his English is almost perfect but he makes the odd mistake. I found him out by checking the iP address of his emails and found that some are from Washington US and some are from Accra in Ghanna – I think sometimes I am speaking to more than one person, I think there is a group of them all operating together. If you want to check ip addresses of the people who email you just google it and you will get instructions or I can tell you on here, the IP addresses give you a lot of information. I have already reported him to Dateline where I met him but I suspect he never uses the same name twice on any site. I also have loads of pictures of him but I have never spoken to him other than on MSN and he commits a lot of time on there. If anyone wants any more info please let me know as I would like to stop as many people being scammed by these idiots as I can.

  53. I have also had dealings with these lot on – Master Sergeant Steve Jordan.. 6ft 2 widower, what a hunk.., 2 childern being cared for by mother-in -law who suddenly develops cancer.Sent photos of the kids too, which had me thinking he was the real deal. How sick really. Tried the ts2 telecom scam and the military $1580 to get leave out of Afganistan.
    Alarm bells were ringing when ‘THE PENTAGON’ couldn’t spell Sergeant…. come to think of it neither could he!!
    Luckily I didn’t part with any money.
    We need to report these to the police.. these people need to be stopped.

  54. This scam is insane! It even expanded to german dating services… A few weeks ago, my mother was contacted on by an US army officer named DAVID MILLER. Soon his profile was gone, so he continued by e-mail.

    Luckily she became immensely suspicious as soon as he tried to relief her of an awful lot of money for some kind of package he wanted to send her. She told me of her suspicion and after some research I found another victim and eventually this site.

    The idea that this asshole of a fraud scammed so many people unpunished drives me crazy…

    I can only sympathize with the victims and hope that other women spot the scam before they lose their savings.

  55. Hi Carey,

    Thankyou for the idea of checking IP addresses,,, Great idea…

    It’s great girls how we are banding together from around the world to knock out the rats from the net and squashing our dreams of happiness.

    Keep it happening and we will make a difference…I am so wary now and after reading any suspicious profiles I report them STRAIGHT AWAY…As I think it’s important to try and get them off before someone falls prey like we all did.

    Take care

  56. Please note Ladies none of the Photo,s are for real.
    Jerry Moore its seems is useing other peoples identity also the names he uses ARE Real Famous people .
    He,s certainly still doing the rounds too.
    Take care everyone.
    Jess .

  57. Hi ladies i am still having to deal with jerry moore and his aliases four times over this weekend. I love this site though it really makes me laugh so much the whole thing the way we are chasing him off the sites we are probably doing a better job than the authorities. I have taken the positive out of it and i hope i find the love of my life if anything he made me aware of how i can love a man and its good to think positive of it, maybe i have found him already who knows but its definately not jerry moore and his aliases so all those women tricked by him take out the positive from it and kick him off the sites and warn other women, and its good to find a sense of humour about it you have all really made me laugh so i am sitting here in hysterics well done.

  58. Havent seen dear Jerry on plentyoffish yet but I’m betting one or two of him are on there somewhere!

    So pleased I found this site, feel so much better about things now.



  59. I am writing this after last night finding this site and realising I too have been ‘wooed’ for the past 3 months by Staff Sergeant James Ruddock. He contacted me via the seniordatingagency site and sent me photos of himself in uniform with his name and rank for me to see and said his unit was attached to the CIA at present!. He has since sent me further photos of him with Afgan locals and again in uniform with the date and time on each photo. I have even had one photo of him stood with a gun on a sentry post with a sign saying I love you Carol. He has declared his love for me on numerous occasions despite me not reciprocating this affection. He also told me a close friend had died in Afgan and asked me to ring his son Bill who is supposed to be 21 yrs old in USA and check he was ok as he hadnt heard from him for a while. I did this for him and rang the number he gave me – a young man did answer and confirm he was Bill. Not so genuine it all seems now. He has since told me also that a package with $450000 was being sent via Diplomat Evans to uk to me for him to collect when he retires and flies to the UK to see me which has now been cancelled twice in the past two weeks. The package got stuck in Ghana customs as another lady has said and the dilpomat emailed me and asked me for money – he did not get it and then emailed me later that week to say he was in London and needed paying £120000 as agreed by Mr James! Needless to say he received no money from me and no reply and I forwarded his emails on to James Ruddock. The last thing I have heard from James is that he was flying to UK to meet Dip Evans to sort the package and paying the man. He told me he was intending to live in Peterborough where he has a house with swimming pool and has another house in Baltimore USA which is will be selling. He talked of taking me to the Bahamas, watch the world cup in south africa and taking me to the US to meet his army colleagues. He said he had had his house in the uk for three years. He also told me he was born in Germany, had an american mum and german dad. His dad left his mum and has never seen him since. He got married and they adopted a 4 yr old german boy and lived in USA. His wife apparently had an affair with another army soldier and they then divorced.
    I thought I had given him a hard time over all of this as it was just “too good to be true” yet hes kept on coming back for more! – until now. Havent heard from him for over a week and suspect he has now gone. I want to contact the US Army and at least report this to them and send a photo to see who the man in the photos is but I dont know who to contact – does anyone know who I should contact and how? and if anyone has photos or wants to compare the ones they have with mine then please email me on

    many thanks for taking the time to read this. Please dont be taken in with this man – he is too good to be true and is just a fantasy of all that we women would want in a man! but its not real.

  60. Carol

    I’m going to send you an email and attach some of the photos i have of James Ruddock. I only had one of him in uniform but couldn’t read the name but he send me others including ones of him and his daughters but as he has told you a different story I think he will have given you different photos. There is a site called and he is mentioned on there too and also using the name of Steve Ruddock – what is so funny is that he has been wooing us both at the same time and didn’t get a penny from either of us. I told him the game was up about 10 days ago and I haven’t heard from him since then. Have you checked th IP address of his emails? I reported him to which is part of the FBI who investigate internet fraud and as I believe he lives in Washington they may be able to find him if you also send them he ip address.

  61. One important thing keeps coming through for me is poverty and i am looking at real ways of helping people in africa there are some sites on google that you can do small things like giving glasses apparently people in ghana going blind, my neighbour goes there and she collects glasses that people can no longer wear. Also babies clothes and underwear for women which makes them safer apparently from men. These things can make the real differences not the dreadful scam this man tries to do.

  62. Just wanted to say also there are really nice men out there and hope you all meet someone nice. i hope i find the love of my life if i have not found him already! Good luck and remember we can give to people in africa in small ways and help kind regards teresa

  63. I ve a couple of american soldiers romancing me, one a major sargeant Wilson Larry Bryant and the second is a Sgt Ralph Edwards suppossidly serving in Al Kut camp delta Iraq. The first gent got £200 for a parcel that was seized by US customs in Accra, Ghana and the second has asked for money for a radio phone connection, he has nt had a penny yet, thank goodness.
    All connections with these men have been severed. be very careful on, thats where i met these two.
    Please take care

  64. Just wanted to say there are good charities for the real soldiers men who are wounded that return from afghanistan too, whilst dealing with this experience i remembered my own father who was caught in bomb blast in 2nd world war and his recovery from that. My mother too in the RAF. So this is another of the good things i took from the experience.

  65. just an update on my last email. The e mail addresses used are and I confronted sgt ralph with my findings on this site and i ve heard from him once saying that he is real and that he would not do anything to hurt me. But surprise surprise havent heard from him again,
    I hope this information helps someone else as this site helped me.

  66. Hi I see a lady called Rhona has had contact from a scammer called Steve Jordan. Well I have had a chap contact me calling himself Nicholas Carson Jordon who is in the us army in afghan. He gave me a simular story as Rhona if its the same guy. But with this his wife died of cancer and the 2 kids are with his mother in law in scotland as both his parents have died. No money has exchanged and neither will it but I am not sure if this guy is ok or not. I sent him a copy of a piece about all of this and thought if he was a scammer I would not hear anything back from him. I then got a text saying he had passed it to his lieu as he said it gave a bad image to the military and they new nothing about this scam. I have only had the one text so far since so time will tell. If Rhona thinks it could be the same person can she email any pics she has on

  67. I have been corresponding with Jerry Moore Burgess for about a month. But my intuition told me to keep my radar switched on. Then the surprise came today when he asked for money to clear his luggage out of customs in Ghana on transit to the UK as his diplomatic stamp had expired. Always polite and a real smooth talker he was on ISM for about 2hours with me H’mm and I thought I was worldly wise, at least I was wise enough not to send him any money and wise enough to wave him goodbye.
    After which I decided to do some checking, I just wish that I had thought to Google his name earlier and found this site.
    Keep up the good work girls

  68. I too have been scammed bya guy saying he was a US soldier, he was in iraq when we first started talking then got sent to Nigeria! I sent money for the phone so he could call me when ever he wanted, he is using the name Daniel Cole and I have traced his IP address to washington, and checked him out on buddy finder and there is a Sgt Daniel Cole on active duty, but when he was supposed to fly to Australia to see me, he was taken ill at heathrow airport and I had this Doctor ring me to tell me what was going on. Well long story but when he said he needed an operation and the Army would only pay 60% I knew straight away it was all crap. I have since sent him emails telling him I knew what he was up to and that I had reported him to the CID and had rung the US consulate in London, but he still rings me lol I have pics of him in uniform and out, and pics of him with his girls. Since then I have had 4 other people try to scam me, but I have my eyes wide open and wont fall for any of it. Girls it is so easy to be drawn in with the nice words and poems, dont feel ashamed, it happens to the best of us!

  69. Hi everyone this site still has me in hysterics you would think the FBI and the CID would have caught him by now with the IP address in washington being given to them. I am still having to deal with him as well i cannot beleive he still tries to reach me on the sites i also suspect he gets access to facebook and i hope not emails but be very wary of this guy and his flock he keeps trying time and time again lots of different aliases.

  70. Be aware girls…on Love and Friends the same pic as Jerry Moore…this time under life2gether…he (they) must think we are stupid. Trying to report him to site.

  71. I dont know why this master brain in washington has not been caught he is behind all the others probably based in ghana but he is definately the one they need. I do beleive he is ex army and had training in defense intelligence thats what he said and the way he gets into your mind its almost hypnotic, i hope the authorities dont ignore all the experineces of us on this site, i still keep having to deal with him trying to get to me two times last. week


  73. I have been scammed by a Sgt Mark Donnelly was serving in Iraq now in Afghanastan, widowed with a daughter Laura. I sent £ 200 for ts2 phone connection and he called 3 times, he had south african accent, when i asked about accent he went all huffy, 6 months later he needs me to send money so he can visit me for a vacation, I stupidly sent £1,150 through western union to Lisa Collins who was supposed to be arranging the flight. He never arrived and e-mailed claiming flight had been diverted due to swine flu. we have been talking for a year now and i believed him. joined facebook on thurs, searched his name and it came up with lisa collins as a friend, he came on-line and i asked him about it, he told me to go and kill myself, Who does he think he is Romeo and i’m Juliet, not heard from him since but mailed Lisa Collins and asked her what her relationship with Mark Donnelly is, she replied that he’s her boyfriend, i asked for my money back but she said she sent it to Mark’s uncle in Nigeria, I have pics if anyone wants to see them.

  74. Hi ladies- I am the wife of an American soldier and one of these scammers is actually using my husband’s information and pictures. It is absolutely maddening. We would have had no idea about this, but two of the ladies he has tried to scam have been able to track me down, and contact me to let us know. My guess is that he took the pictures and basic information from my hubby’s Myspace (which he has promptly deleted). The worst part is that he is using pictures of my son as well. If anybody has any idea of how to report these people please let me know!

  75. Hi Alyssa that must be annoying but most of the people on here see the wider picture and its annoyed most of us all the innocent mens images that have been used. If you read through some people have reported to the FBI and CID here. The army here were helpful and i know its not anyones fault here or there in the US. One person traced the Ip address to washington and its my take on dealing with this man that he is the brains behind it he has had some kind of traning the way he gets in to your brain almost hypnotic. Its a shame your husband has had to remove his Myspace that is not fair why should everyone remove their details on the net because of this scammer and his accomplices. Hope this helps you alyssa kind regards teresa

  76. Hi Alyssa,

    I would think of reporting your findings to the police to start with, as this is fraud. maybe when they catch the person your information will help.

    Good work girls


  77. Hi everyone i contacted the action fraud people above that shimrit on this site suggests and its the ladies who have given money that can do more apparently because they have given money and i suppose thats good evidence. I thought i would pass that on and also there is another site called the based in america so its worth talking to them too they deal with this sort of thing. I still am not sure sometimes that i am still dealing with this guy i just dont click onto anything that looks slightly suspicious.

    1. Hi
      I’m from the UK and am so ashamed to say, I have been scammed out of £1,000s .
      I cannot get over I fell for someone sitting behind a computer…. Said he got robbed then a bomb went off and badly hurt him….and so on

      Year later I’m still paying the money back. Thing is I sent the money via money gram…,to a different name ( as he couldn’t get it as he was in hospital)

      I realize I’m a fool for getting sucked into all the lies

      My question is, did any of you can your money back or did the scammers get found

  78. Please be aware I have just had several emails today from Rick who is on the site seniordatingagency – he calls you angel on his first contact and now he has just let on that he is an american soldier fighting the Taliban! His English grammar is also not good. I have told him I know he is a scammer but that doesnt seem to have put him off and I have reported him to the site so hopefully he will not be on it soon.

  79. has anyone been picked up by Cpt Mathew Anderson asking for money to be sent to the USA so he can have a calling card to use from IraQ?

  80. Ive been chatting for the last month to a Sgt Markuus miller.A widowed Us soldier of dutch descent serving in Iraq. He asked me first to take delivery of his son Amar from a US diplomat and travel with him to US to meet him.Thereafter he asked for money to help his son Amar who was in a hospital Africa. I told him to get lost.. and that he wassnt going to get money or a ‘green card’ out of me.I sent him packing when i saw him on U tube tonight as a scammer called Philip Miller. The photos on there are the same ones as the ones he sent me.Wandering what the scam is and if he is the same person as Jeff and Johnson Miller that other ladies have been chatting to ?? can anyone out there throw any light on this.

  81. just a final note….girls just watch out for a soldier called miller, Im not absolutely sure but he could be Markuus,Richard,jeff,johnson,mark or David from what I have gathered from other ladies who have been scammed. The photographs he uses has the surname only on his uniform so theoretically he could use any first name… so beware

  82. Thanks Alison for sending photographs…I can now confirm that Jeff miller is using the same pictures as Markuus Miller

  83. Hi Ladies ,
    Our Jeff Miller was briefly on facebook but soon disappeared when he knew we were on to him , he found me on but quickly got me to msn instead as he cannot be monitored that way. His ip address came up Ghana not where he said he was.
    Anyone else wants pics of the creep that tried to scam me please email

  84. Dear Girls…

    How can we nail thise guys. Repport them to the FBI, Military? I would like to get into contact with the women who has been talking to the Ruddock guy. I have a lot of pictures, and the “I Love you Carol” I got too… only wiht MY name. Smiling. Come on girls. Let us DO something about this problem, so that no other will suffer the same.


  85. I’ve been chatting to a edwards Ralph, who is in Afganistan. He has sent me pics, but I cannot send him post because of his position. an SFO!!! Has anyone heard of him.He seems nice and friendly, of course. Is there anywhey I can catch him out, met though dating for parents.


  86. Lisa you can check with the army if this person exists at least i found them very helpful. I also have to say that there are some men similiar to this in academic world not after money but using mirror image tactics and hypnotic effects to try and get their way so beware. I feel sorry the way the army has been targeted for this scam they have enough to deal with. As usual you all make me laugh so much well done everyone keep informing the sites when you find them its nothing for them to check and be observant.

  87. Hi Lisa I had been chatting with this guy Ralph Edwards…A.K.A. Rapheal Lon Edwards… Yes stay away.. I learned the hard way… I have pictures I even had him post a picture of him with a sign that said I Love You Debbie on it.. I even had him take a picture of him with the date also.. We have to stop this guy and all others.. If you need to contact me use my email address… I even saw him on facebook trying to chum up with another lady don’t worry i warned her… LETS STOP THESE PEOPLE

  88. If we have to or if I have to go on every dateing site and report them… I need help… can you ladies and gents help out…

  89. Reading through the blog, and many aspects ring a bell with my “Major General”. However, he is in the English Army and I have not read any stories with an English Major just American serving soldiers. We talk regularly, via phone, texts, emails, and webcam. Poems, lyrics and romantic songs, declared his love for me and sadly I think I have fallen for him too. Do I need help and do any of you know of any stories similar to mine?

  90. I was contacted by a Guy from who pertained to be from Scotland. He then turns out to be a US Soldier based in Kabul, Afgan (So he says) ALARM BELLS!!!. He says he hails from a small town called Moline, IL, USA. He is widowed with a 10yr old daughter who is living with grand parents. The IP address he is using is from within the USA. He sent photos then send he had to go on patrol with his Men. I then asked for a photo of him in Uniform, he tells me he is in ‘Intelligence’ so doesn’t have to wear uniform!!! So what does he wear when he goes on Patrol!!
    He answers with ‘Ya’ instead of ‘Yes’ and ‘Okay’ instead of OK!! Lol. Think this one has changed his name to Sgt James Burks!! I have photos so if anyone wants to compare them then please email me at
    Don’t part with a single penny!! If he was genuine then he would move ‘Heaven & Earth’ to pursue a genuine relationship!! I have been promised ‘Undying Love’ If its sounds to good to be true then it probably is!! Trust your ‘Gut Feeling’ I did! May play him along a bit more. So glad I Googled and found this site!! Luckily I live in a Uk Army Town and know that the majority of Soldiers in Afgan use ‘Public’ Internet that is available, not that he uses the Armie’s Laptop because he is the ‘Boss’

    Sue Bell

  91. Hi Kelly,
    Sound,s similar.. significant too, many ID names have never been in the Military.
    If it sound,s too good to be true …


  92. Alyssa No 89. ….Me and another lady have also been trying to track down ‘the real soldier’ do you know how the other girls tracked you and your husband down ? Its really difficult ,she has been trying for some months.I think its only right that the real soldier is made aware of this abuse. Would you be able to confirm whether the photo on You tube ‘Philip Miller dating scam ‘is one of your husband. or alternatvely could you email me at to let me know ?

  93. Hi Kelly,
    Your email reminds me of a Jerry Moore ,who made contact with me via LOVE AND FRIENDS ,yes so charming too , so please read NO 55 on this site.
    Take care.

  94. Hi Kelly

    Sounds so like all our stories about Jerry Moore..

    Please read from mine (46)down…Maybe that will enlighten you..

    What photo’s did he send to you?



  95. Hi Girls
    Just to let you all know that our sgt Miller has been posing as a sudent in USA on as Miller 45gg .Ive complained and he has now been removed … I wonder where he’ll pop up next ?

  96. sgt Miller was on be2 dating site just recently but was deleted by the operator, I believe he´s still there but under different names (might be many I´m afraid!)so girls, please don´t fall for this man for your own good !

  97. Has anyone heard about “Larry Morgan”. (says he´s Dutch but lives in USA) He uses the same type of words as our famous Jeff Miller, and he also contacted me via Be2-pages, and I´m afraid he´s from the same gang. I haven´t answered him yet and propably won´t. This may be some new name he hasn´t been using before. By the way, I live in Skandinavia, so it seems they are everywhere allready !

  98. i have been a victum of this to i meet this guy claiming to be in the us army i was lucky enough to have a great girl from the states who he also contacted inform me of this and i end all contat well i have tried to i was unfortunat to send him a old mobile /a digital camera /ring and neck chain yes they were cheep but mine and a little teddy with a rose and a letter poring my heart out to him /a and i topped the phone up for him and he even has photos of me also a we amount of money but i guess that that was stupid of me to do that the thing is i as all you ladies on here thought i could trust him a army solider who would not trust that well i am here to say this guty went all out he even had the neck of a garraff to send me pictures of what he looks like only it is not him the real guy is not the age he is and does not have children and has a brother and i cant tell you this is not happy about this guy using his identity i just wish he would leave me alone but he wont this guy is harassing me by phone and facebook but i wonnt let him get me down i am stronger than that

  99. I know for a fact now; “Larry Morgan” is fake too ! He has been deleted from Be2-pages allready but I guess that he had enough time to get someone in his hook… Anyway, when I refused to send money to mr.”Jeff Miller” he shouted at me: now you´ll see the man you´re dealing with !!! I had the courage to tell the police what happened and I haven´t heard from mr.Jeff Miller since.
    (I think I`ll never have to hear from him again !) He doesn´t come after you, he´s too busy trying to get new targets ! Just remember to stand up for yourselves girls and be strong when dealing with these guys !!! I felt like raped when I found out he´s fake, but I´m getting over it. From now on I´ll be much wiser 🙂
    Take care all of you !!!

  100. Hi everyone just to say i am still dealing with this guy trying to contact me so remember

    He and his accomplices are probably on every dating site.
    The photos used do not tie up with the age given
    Always some kind of sad story of being left with child a lone parent often a widower
    The master mind of this operation has had some kind of pyschological training he is very hypnotic and clever they way he gets into your brain
    You will suss him out though uses similiar language and techniques and always get the site admin to check its a problem for them too so they dont mind or check with the army at least the name and they can let you know if this man exsists.
    He declares undying love very quickly
    Asks for money for lost baggage or any other excuse

    Dont forget lots and lots of nice men out there too!! and never underestimate the power of women!! by keep reporting this guy you are helping all other women.

  101. Hi ladies, well interesting reading. Anyone heard of wesly moore from seniordating agency.? I wish i hadn’t, he was so clever he scammed me out of 3,900.I was besotted with him as he sent me lovely card songs, told me he wanted to marry me.This very morning he had cheek to ask me for another 1000 pounds for injections before he could leave ghana. His bag was stuck there with 500,000 dollars plus 2 gold bars.

  102. This wesly moore told me he was a colonel in usa army in afghanistan, due for retirement.He was such a smoothy i fell for his patter hook line and sinker.Also he had a 6 bedroomed house in Michigan. What a fool iv’e been, i kept it to myself until my married kids sussed me out and him.I now feel so stupid for ever believeing i would find love with him. The last few months have been nothing but a worry but now its out in the open. Good luck to you all.

  103. Hello, Just wanted to add to the list of names on hear. Im on datethe Uk and have been in contact with a supposedly US soldier going by the name of Michael Gross. Im also getting the poems and undying love and wants to marry me. He approached me two days ago about get a phone card. If anyone has heard about him would appreciate any info thanks.

  104. I also was contacted by a Sgt Jeff Miller,station ed in Bagdad, falling in love with me in 5 mins, photos etc. The he had a secret for me to keep, he had $2million US in his room he had to get rid of and he wanted to send it to me so I could look after it until he arrived over here, via a diplomat and im sure that would have just be the start of the scame for me t give him all sorts of personal details. Im a firm believer in Karma and those people will eventually be dealt with.

  105. Is there a way of finding a list of serving members in iraq.
    I have had contact with a soldier who i know was honest thenmy computer was hacked and the language changed.
    I had to reformat it it and lost contact.
    also afghanistan would be helpful

  106. Dear Rhona,
    I too have had dealings with Msgt Steve Jordan in Afghanistan. I met him on and I am sure that you and I have the same set of pictures. I only wish that I could fiqure out how to get in contact with the real Jordan to let him know that his pictures are being used to scam women. I have a friend whose husband is in the Air Force and she told me to contact Senator Kerry’s office in Boston and to speak to someone there who deals with military and veteran affairs. The most amazing thing about Steve Jordan is how very American he sounds. What part of the country did he tell you he was from? Please feel free to email if you would
    I hate to say this but I’m glad I’ve found someone else who has had contact with him. I didn’t lose any money. Hopefully you’ll respond.

  107. claims and is in need of help so hHello Ladies, I too think i am being played into a scam on by a man going under the name honeywell 45yrs old, he’s using the name Leutenant Patrick corcoron, he’s a solder in Irag claiming he has already fallen in love with me. He’s vaction has come up and he is having problems getting he’s funds out because of the strictions there he e can get out of Iraq or he will loose place of his holiday’s. He hasn’t come out and asked me for money yet, but i’m sure he’s working up to it slowly. should i let him know i’m on to him or who should i report this to so he doesn’t try to scam anyone else on there, and i hope he gets cought so he doesn’t do this again. Please if anyone know please contact me and let me know what i should do, thanks. From Tammy

  108. I’ve now started a forum as well so you can discuss scammers more easily. If you want to carry on this discussion you can head over to where you can sign up and then post new topics and send each other private messages. At some point I will close comments on this post, as I think it’s getting a bit too long.

  109. Has anyone ever heard of a Sar. Maj. Balame Lee? I just sent him over 600 dollars and now I’ve heard from multiple people it could be a scam. I don’t even know what to do now.

  110. Monica: it could well be a scam, but without knowing more details I can’t assess whether this is the case. I can confirm that this is usually the sort of sums they go for. Can you tell me (and my readers, if you like, otherwise you can send me a message through the contact form) exactly what happened?
    If this is indeed fraud, you can report it to the police (there is a special service set up for people in the UK), but apart from emotional support, there is not much they can do I’m afraid…

  111. I am currently talking to a Raymond M Klose who is staioned in Baghdad.
    I have a photo of him in a 101st Airbourne Div uniform and also one at a Red Sox baseball game.
    He is Dutch/English but brought up in Texas by his grandad.
    No requests for money have been made and I would never ever send any.
    Have had telephone conv with him.
    Has anyone else been contacted by him.
    My e-mail is

  112. Hi! This man named Colonel Joe Monroy.
    This morning he got very upset when I asked him if
    He knew his name was on the web as a scammer.
    he hasn’t e-mailed or I’m me back.he wrote me from
    He sent me pictures and sent him some.
    to be safe I wanted to tell someone. You know it would have been
    If he was the real Joe Momroy, but the chance of
    That is zero. It a shame that people have to
    Use a soldier’s name. A shame that people lifes
    Have to be mess up by these scammers.I feel sorry for the Joe Monroy’s
    Of the world. So ladies beware. This man could very well
    Be the scammer called the Iraq Soldier.

  113. Just found out about one of these idiots through my mums emails, she’s just got out of a marriage so she is pretty vulnerable so I am keeping an eye on what she’s doing so she doesn’t get hurt again. The guy is called SGT.Carlos, Carlos Amando apparently. . I contacted him off my email address warning him that I was onto him. Just watch out for this one guys.

  114. Well done Ryan your mum will appreciate what you have done and you are one of the nice guys we all hope to meet on this site. Well done

  115. Hi all ive been chatting to a guy supposedly named Boers J Lennox for the past two weeks i was suspicious over some of the details so far he hasnt asked me for any money, is currenly serving in Afghan as a Sgt, want to come to uk on leave, asked me to fill in form i wasnt until the form was e mailsed that i had concerns i didnt appear offical had stars and stripes on it, this guy spends about 4 -5 hours every night chatting to me he apprently comes from allentwon hes 50 i have pictures of him i can clearly see his name on his army shirt but reading all you guys have put that prob means nothing anyone been scammed by this guy can you please e mail many thanks my e mail is

  116. Hi. I’m in the UK, met a US soldier serving in Afghanistan through Everything has checked out so far and, if he is real, he can make all my dreams come true. However, I found a link yesterday to a website about Nigerian scammers and his name and hotmail address were on it. I confronted him last night on IM and he was furious – says someone is trying to exploit him. He’s widowed (wife died in car crash) and got two kids 16 & 18. He hasn’t asked for money but I have bought him a mobile top up. I get emails and texts all days and I so want to believe him. Does this ring a bell with anyone else ? Obviously some spanish/hispanic background but a polish/baltic sounding surname. Love to hear from anyone.

  117. Jeff Miller beware. I too was caught up in this scam back in March this year. He was trying to bring in $4 million US into Australia. The diplomat got stuck leaving iraq and contacted me via email and phone for 3 weeks constantly asking for a sum of $US8,000. I told them no and got the police involved. It didnt go down well but you need to stand up for yourself, be brave but firm. A friend of my helped me trace their IP address back to Ghana.

  118. I was scammed last July I think or round about there. Colonel Briscoe Roberts based in the Pattika Province of Afghanistan was his name and title. God when I think I was very vulnerable as I had split with my hubby in Feb that year, had 3 very young kids and ended up very angry, soul destroyed mum with not a penny left after he and his transit company which doesnt exist took my money. If it wasnt for my best friend and another friend who was a policeman I wouldnt be here now as I would have ended it as it was the final nail in the coffin so to speak. Reported it to the police but apart from all details and email addresses they cant seem to do anything. This year Briscoe Roberts turned up on facebook. I was disgusted and angry to see him and yet he still comes back with another little story. If I could nail this persons balls to the floor and set him on fire I would. No one has an excuse to do what he did if he is a he or whatever to another human being. Maybe we should start to somehow find this scum and do something about them!

  119. i have been scammed by george ruddock for 3 weeks, i fell for his charm!! what an idiot ive been, i feel sorry for the poor man who’s identiy his used, he was very good looking aswell, a widow, 2 daughters, lives in new york, been in the army for 28 yrs. then asked for $45000 for a private jet, to come and see me in england.i think this the man posing as james ruddock, and steve ruddock. please be aware.

  120. Have been in contact since 8th July wih a man who calls himself General Paul Knocks with the American forces.Number20 Margaret R, my case is exactly the same but this a.m. have received phone call from Jeff Perry, diplomat, for £3,700 to release luggage from Spain THat belongs to Paul Knocks who is at present supposeably in Iraq. Told Jeff Perry to go away as I know this is a scam. These two names are probably new to the scam

  121. Hi
    Think i have someone trying to scam me at present?
    An american guy in Iraq, widow with 5 yr old boy, wants me to sign for a phone? met him on a dating site Friends Reunited and fell in love with me after a day!! cant prove it yet but am VERY suspicious???

  122. So similar stories to mine. I fell in love with Scott Morris Smith, rig engineer in Scotland. He told me everything what I wanted to hear and when I needed to hear. Touched my heart, sent poetry and was very sweet. First thing in the morning, during the day, last thing in the evening, he was thinking of me. Love love love. Blaah blaah blaah. Pictures were very friendly looking, not really too good looking, shaved and healthy looking. Who ever the man is in the pictures, he has great smile. I got pictures of his kids. I really would like to know who is in the picture. He probably does not know that his identity is misused, also the pass port is fake. He said he was widow, car accident 5 years ago. He was a rig engineer working on and off shore in Aberdeen, and soon after we started emailing he had a work duties on a rig. He booked flights to see me, to spend 6 days with me. I can still see the tickets on line. He told me about a great contract that he was applying, last year he failed. This year he got it, over 600 000 sterling. Just when we were chatting online he got the award. Then he got a phone call from the attorney from his company Transocean Ltd. And then started the money begging. Before he left he just up graded his bank account but didnt have access to in online. Ha. I got email from his attorney, email address from Contract Legality Department in Transocean. Everything looked fine, email add looked valid, the story was strong. I also had got an email from a company in Scotland when he was arranging a job for me, arranging me to move to Scotland so that I dont need to do a career suicide. That email looked valid as well…althought there was no phone number. I fell for the first scam. I didnt actually care about the money and it does not shake my finances. I live in a world where is no scam and where is no dishonesty. I payed the money to cherish goodness and sincerity, I needed to believe in the fairytail I was living in. But I knew in my head that I dont see that money again. I did have the alarms in my head and the story was too good to be true. And I was not shocked when next morning my darling Scott asked for more money. Now he needed to pay for the rig engineer union, otherwise he cannot leave the rig. I played the game along. I said I will try. And I gave him excuses. And yes, our love wasnt strong and made in heaven any more when I didnt send the money right away. I called Transocean and there was no attorney Eugene Morgan, no cashier Emmanuella Williams, no rig Engineer Scott Smith. I phoned the biocompany who was supposed to build a new lab in Aberdeen. There is no such thing happening. I didnt check this out before the first money delivery. I just didnt want to know, the dishonesty makes me more sick than loosing money. I still played the game along in the evening when I knew all this and told him that I have called both companies. And he still tried to convince me that of course these companies wont give any details to outsiders. But he got really upset and did the hardest emotional black mailing ever. I didnt care, I already knew he wasnt the man I thought he was. He phoned me to tell me how much he loved me. I asked him to just talk to me…I know this sounds bad but when he called me, he didnt sound like a white man. He was a black man, not white as in the pictures. I can recognize the way of talking. That was the final proof.
    I know I was foolish to feed the scam. But at the same time, I do believe that good things has to happen to good people. Im naive. I will be naive. But I will not send any money any more. The price of my good heart was 4000 sterling. He asked over 2000 more.
    I wouldnt never ask money if I was dating someone online. A man should never ask money from a woman. Really.
    “Scott” is back in Parship. Blurred picture is a tall and white man. I have reported Parship about this and also the new user code IEOAWYKR. He is looking for his missing rib…I think he is looking for a rip off. Please be careful. I didnt believe that this is actually happening until I went through this myself.

  123. Let me tell you ladies they are everywhere.I recieved a friend request on skype from SGT Emmy Teddy Cole and excepted.Let me say the photos are amazing,1 of him with his mum, another of his children,1 of him in civilian clothes nice black t shirt with big muscles and the last in army clothes holding 2 guns…within 2 days (i love u)saying he will be be with me soon.Such a sweet talker had me sucked in beyond belief.It all started to unravel when he slipped up on a few things and i then became suspicious..He had said his father and sister were killed in 9 11 and that his mother had the children due to his wife being a junkie.I actually looked up on the net the names of the people that were killed in 9 11 and there were no matching surnames.His mother had dementia and she was looking after his children but he had a nanny looking after them all..He had told me that he would recieve 6000000 thousand when he left the army which would be in March.The next day he asked me to write a letter to the army requesting his leave which i did.Today he said that he had a problem and that he didnt want to tell me. 2 mins later he ased me for 1300usd.When i asked what it was for he said he did not want to get his boss in trouble but still saying he did not want to lose me.Tonight he has told me that he would not be here until jan when he gets released from the Army but was March yesterday. I also noticed that the way he was writing and spelling would change and when i said to him “it sounds like you are a different person” he was very angry and said What do you mean i am me, you have doubt now.I like you for you and it is for real.. I believed him and im still talking and playing his game but only to get as much info as i can,,im no fool!!Please Ladies dont fall for their charm and as lonely as we are we dont deserve this.. Lets fight back!!!!

  124. Has anyone had any contact with a Chris James from Kent,UK, supposedly in Iraq, 40, widowed, got a 14 yr old son, due to retire from the army tomorrow aas it happens. I didnt send him any money and havent heard from him for 9 days after he asked for 500 pounds for his sons holiday as his bank account had been frozen due to someone trying to hack into it.
    He was very convincing though, I even had e-mails from the “son”

  125. Hello,

    I just met this certain US Army Soldier in FB . His name is Col. Mike Patrol. Just recently, were already chatting in YM and had given me an email address to request for a satellite phone so we can communicate anytime. But im also suspicious because i have already read
    warnings about the satelite scams.

  126. Ladies,

    I spent 9 years in the U.S. Navy and I can assure you these so-called American soliders are fake and it makes my blood boil that some skanky foriegner is impersonating a soldier!

    Listen up! Any soldier over in Iraq, which the way, we pulled our forces out of there last thursday. Only 50,0000 soldiers remain over in Iraq to train the people over there. So, there are no more “combat” soldiers in Iraq.
    A real soldier can not have a civilian request leave on his behalf. A real soldier has a military email address that ends in .Gov

    A real soldier can use his own cell phone in Iraq or Kuwait or any other country that will get a signal. They do not need a specail phone. They do not need your money. On top of their own military pay, they also get combat pay. There is really nowhere over there for them to spend their money so they are not broke. Do not let these fake african wannabe soldiers fool you and take your money.

  127. Hie ladies I’ve read all these sad stories about some women who’ve been scammed and I was just wondering if anyone has tried to be scammed by some supposedly sgt called Wayne Sheen who’s supposedly a soldier based in afghanistan because he’s trying to scam me, be careful ladies….

  128. I had a suspicious feeling about a guy called wayne jude that started messaging me through facebook. He claimed to be a 46 yr old soldier based in Afghanistan, said he was a widower with a 14 yr old son who is staying with his grandparents. He claimed to be from Texas, but his english was really poor. In addition he stated he was 46, but in his pictures he looked no older than 30. Alarm bells rang for me when he claimed to be falling in love with me after one conversation on yahoo messenger. After reading the above stories I have blocked him from my email, messenger and facebook. I had only chatted with him online a couple of times, and as yet he hadn’t asked me for any money fortunately, but the story sounds way too similar to what everyone else has described. I’m not taking the risk. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

  129. I was contacted by SGT CARLOS AMANDO through dating for parents, he sent me six messages and photo’s said his parents were dead, had a daughter who is nearly seventeen, who lives with her tutor who is her guardian and his wife died too. I got suspicious when he asked for my mobile number to contact me in the day (he’s in Afghanistan) on patrol. I put his name on google and found this website, I sent him a message on msn asking him if he had access to a web cam and haven’t heard from him since.


  131. might be a new one from Carson City, NV. I was suspicious the first time he wanted have my email address and sent me emails immediately that he wants to marry me. “i am an Honesty man who is really seeking for long time relationship that will end up in marriage I can feel it in my heart also that you will be the right woman to be with for the rest of my life cause you sound so interesting”. What kind of b.s. is that? The grammar is really bad for anyone who is slightly educated too.
    Sgt Monroy Howard Zezzena, daughter 16 in a boarding school that went bankrupt in 2000 and no longer exists (I asked him where she was staying while he was in Iraq for Operation Freedom – the school is in California but the address for the school is in Boonville, MO). I’m still waiting for the request for money. I made up a new email address just for our conversations so it will be easy to delete it. I’ll give it another day.
    It has got to be a scam – he sounds phony to me and I haven’t found this name online yet. Be careful ladies.

  132. i too was contacted by carlos amando. we have spoken for a month now. He told me the same story about wife, child and parents. I would love to compare pictures that i have.please contact me julie and ryan

  133. I have been scammed by Carlos Amando.Please can Ryan Julie and Denise contact me.I have photos and many emails from him

  134. forgot to add that he is live now on msn and was last nite I spoke to him he tried to say it was all my fault. I have since traced the IP address for one of the messages received and it was sent from London not Afghanistan

  135. Think i am being scammed by Colin M Robinson out in Afghanistan wanted 3,500 uds to cler luggage, stamps expired did not send any money but he is still in contact with me

  136. think i must be in a scam right now. meet a guy 4 weeks ago and hing that has been mentioned above has happened. undying love, satalie phone system, bad grammer etc. however his story is that he is retiring after 20 years service and needs a next of kin to accept his benefits.He is a sgt serving in iraq, although this dosnt sound logical to me, i cant find out from any web site how the us mility retirement works re benefit. i have told him about scams that go on and that i will not give him any money and he says thatthere maybe an admin charge to sort out the benefit but i have said that this should be deducted from his first payment. i not syre if he will ask me to handle money or to pay the so call admin fee but has anyone else heard of this scam. his name is sgt robert davis. thanks

  137. Hi my partner is in the army. Lillyrose is right.
    you may not request leave for them, they have already picked there dates. I am not sure for the us army but for sure the uk army does not deal with any gf’s, fiances will only speak to wives.
    They do not need money they cant buy anything out there. they dont need a special phone, but you can top up through a secure MOD website.
    hope this helps

  138. Barbara, please leave email address and I will contact you. The pictures you have of “carlos” is there one with his mother, one with his dog and one of him smiling. How old did he say he was?

  139. Hey Lynne!! I am inquiring about Sgt. Monroy Howard Zezzena. I have been e-mailing & instant messaging him for not quite a month yet.

    Asked him for his whole name today, then googled it and it took me to this site.

    Can you tell me more about what he has told you or can you send me the pics he sent you. I’m pretty sure he is the same guy you are talking about.

  140. This guy told me he was from Carson City, NV & that he had a 16 yr. old daughter in a military school in CA. Told me hi was in Iraq for Operation Freedom, too!

    He asked me to e-mail a general to make a request for him to come home. How crazy is that a civilian asking a general to send someone home. Lynne contact me at Thanks!!

  141. Hello lady’s i come from holland and I am also talking to a Amercian Soldier, but he don’t aks for money, but he is sending alot of picture’s. Can some one of you send me a picture of him, because i have so many picture’s, maybe i can send you the picture’s too.Send it to we can help each other.



  143. Hi Just letting everyone know that Msgt Steve Jordan has moved countries – now in the airforce fighting out of Afghanistan… mm had to go flying the other day.. wrong rank for a pilot. He is still scamming.. imagine being that poor mans family… the name on the unifrom does say Jordan ..
    do a search on who is msgt steve jordan and see what comes up. The people running these scamms are scum

  144. the IP adress of this guy was in Nigeria.. so perhaps l should expect a huge lottery win shortly. Be aware of banks that are asking you to confirm your details… since l was contacted by thisguy l have been asked to verify bank details – for a bank l’m not an account holder with..

  145. Hi, I was emailed by Paul Knocks for 3 days until my son found his name on this site. Of course I tactfully got rid of him. If he had of asked me for money he wouldn’t have got it out of me anyway so he was wasting his time with me. Thank goodness for this site, please keep it running for others to look a.

  146. Hi every one and thank you for all the above. I have been scammed by Capt.JASON JORDAN. I sent off £229 for the phone connection which he has used only twice but was very American. His story is lost wife to child birth still has two children in london living with a nanny. He now wants me to do the leave scam so i called the police today after finding this site on sat. They are going to get back to me with in 72 hours. So they say, i think because i did part with money they will investigate this. JJ doesn’t know im on to him yet, the police have told me not to communicate with him any more. But i dont want to spook him i want them to catch this S-o-b in the act so im going to mail him today saying my laptop has crached and ill be away for a few days. so then maybe the police can catch him in the act. I will keep you posted as to what happens next. My guy was lovely he typed english very well and he woo’ed me while i was still getting over the death of my son. These “animals” have no heart so please dont fall for them. If he seams to good to be true then he proberly is.Oh and he found me on Friends Dating Website.

  147. Up date from 168…. the police phoned back today but all they have done is give me a crime number and said they don’t think they will catch him. I said isn’t any one coming to copy all the mails I have had from him and they say no but keep them just in case… With atitudes like that no wonder these scam artest get away with it. When will the police and everyone realise this is the new crime wave…they can’t rob banks any more so they fleece open hearted woman. This must stop..what can we do to make them listen…..

  148. Hello Lady’s i am also talking to a Soldier and his name is Brain Miller en I am also talking to a Mark Miller and they used the same picture’s. I think he wrote is name wrong nobody has the name Brain. Brain Miller stands on facebook. If you talk with him you can send me a e-mail. The Mark Miller is delete on netlog.becareful lady’s.

  149. My Mum has been talking to a man on the internet that she met on a dating site. He goes by the name of Andrew Rudduck, but I have found that he uses other names such as Billy, Stephen and James. He claims to be a 55yr old male in the US Army serving in Iraq and that he is due to retire within a few months. At first he was very charming, knew all the right things to say to get a girls attention etc. He sent her photos of himself in his uniform and also with his 2 daughters. He said he lives in Fulham and while he is serving in the army, his daughters go to a boarding school there. He emailed my Mum on a daily basis eventually telling her he loved her and wants to care for her and be with her forever etc. He said he was sending two bags to my Mum that were to be delivered by a ‘Diplomat Christopher Amey’. He siad one bag had his army uniform in it, and the other £250,000. He asked my Mum to look after it until he retired from the army in a few months time. He said she was the love of his life and she was the only person he trusted with the money. She thought this was a little suspicious at first and questioned him about it all, asking if it was legal etc. He then sent her an email saying she didn’t him and that he was a good man who would never cause trouble or harm her. This made her feel guilty and she agreed to look after the bag. She then had a few emails from ‘Diplomat Christopher Amey’ updating her with his journey from Iraq to the UK with the two bags. She then gets an email from ‘Andrew’ saying his bags are being held in customs at an airport and can she pay £6,800 to release them. Of course my Mum didn’t pay as she then realised he must be a scammer. And as you can imagine, she’s not heard from him since! Since then I have found him on several ‘samming’ sites warning people of this man, with details and photos of him (the same photos he had sent to my Mum) and stories of several other women he has tryed to scam!! Be warned, he is still out there!

    Kayleigh London, UK

  150. For Mandi66

    Sgt Major Jeff Edwards US Special Forces 75th Airborne ring a bell, asked me for a Blackberry Torch 9800, serving in Afghanistan (alledgedly) he didnt get it of course and was furious!

  151. I have recently been contacted by a Scammers claiming to be a US Army Sergeant in Afghanistan – SGT Arron Smith, ( known as Smith to his buddies and RonSmith to his commander) who was originally from UK and moved to the USA at the age of 15, He said he was a window and has a son called Michael. I soon i released that i was dealing with a Scam because way he was writing and then i was sent an email from

    Multi-National Corps Afghanistan
    Public Affairs Office,
    APO AE 09342
    About Subject of the letter… AKO/E-5/SGT/ARRON SMITH/MIL

    The Email address used to send me the Generals email was: from

    The email stated : that vocational leave application of your fiance ”Sergeant Arron Smith”. Had been granted and then went on to say You should also be aware that, during this transit process, you are going to remit some amount of money to one of our finance agent in the IRAQ/USA or UK. This will be refund to you as soon as your fiance’s safe arrival is confirmed.. then the email went on to say “I have attached to this email a copy of the policies and instructions for a vocational leave request and also a copy of the money back guarantee form, Please find the attachment, print, fill and submit the attached money back guarantee form through this medium (Email)

    i was aware that from the Media General Stanley McChrystal has been replaced and has been hired to teach at Yale. and the email address used to send the email would not end in COM for the US military .

    then the scammer emailed me saying that he had been told by his Commander the required amount was 3,500GPB and the Generaloffice would be emailing me again with instructions on what to do.

    Beware of this Guy – i clicked very early on that it was scam – but he keep on emailing – now i have blocked – happy to send photos if any one else has been contacted by this guy

  152. How stupid we are. I had a Sergeant James Bell, soldier in Iraq, few weeks to retire. Wife died in accident, 14 years old son in Washington on a military scholl. We mailed weeks. Then he wanted to sent some personal things to me. No problem. Then suddenly has has to leave to Afghanistan 10 days before he retires. No problem. He sent a messanger. He called me from London, hasn’t enough money to get a certificate to get the luggage from London to Germany 200 Pounds. Stupid me paid. Next day another problems…he needed 1000 Pounds. I stopped the contact. No “I love you” mails since 3 days.

    He use pictures from the young General B.B. Bell and is very very intelligent. Only the four stars of the picture are not the rank of a Sergeant 🙂

  153. Wow ladies… thank you for all of your comments!!! I’m now growing suspicious of my solder, Sgt. Aaron Amos (sniperjar83), even though we have been chatting for a reasonably long time. Has anyone had any suspicious correspondence from him?

    Has anyone had any luck with the army in locating the real soldiers that these scammers have stolen identities from?

    thank you SO much for your help!!!

  154. a couple of yrs ago l started chatting to a guy called delwyn he said he was an american solider in afghanistan ,we started chatting on friends reunited.we chatted for a few months after a while he tried to get my bank details out of me saying he needed me to pay some rent to his landlord in america and then that he needed to get some of his inheritance from his dad out of america over to england for when he moved here.l never fell for it thankgod.l just kept saying no all time l let him know l wasnt a fool and that l knew l was being scammed he said he didnt want to hurt me as he was falling for me an then he just disappeared.

  155. Hi, contacted via dating site by a Sergeant James Burks, pretending to be a widower with a daughter, out in Afghanistan.. and planning to retire from the US army.. all seemed not right, then he wanted me to mail his daugher 3,000 dollars for her birthday (how much!!!) via a UK bank account. Needless to say haven’t .. usual undying love and marriage story.. so watch for this name… Reported this crime via a great link I saw on aol today for US soldier scams

  156. i do hope that these scammers are all caught but i have made it a game now as there are so many one day i might find a real guy aaron amos is one of the worst he keeps it going for months and sgtwilliamssmith is after money i hope this helps some of you alot have appeared over the past few weeks on smooch

  157. i have found another one he is under patnodejoe and gets quite nasty when you won,t pay up. majorkhrim known as benjamin is in iraq and has asked for phone have been chatting for months he comes and goes i am catching them all slowly hope this helps

  158. I have been in contact with Williams Smith adn recieved e-mails for a so called ohone connection to him in Afghan.

    He is extremelly convincing!!!

  159. I have been talking to a guy claiming to be a Sgt Robert graham from us Army based out in Chile for about four weeks. He was very believeable until he told me last week that he was naming me as his bonifide beneficiary… alarm bells starting ringing … i recieved emails from or claimimg to be from the United nations.. the last email i recieved was on Saturday asking me to pay charges of £3,700 as a cash transfer .. yeah right !! i told him i would not send him any money and he got really nasty surprise surprise !! has anyone else been fooled by the same name ?? thank god i didn’t agree to send money i could have quite easily but something wasn’t real his slang in his messages dis and dat instead of this and that !! maybe if he had worked on his vocabulary i may have fallen victim to this scam !! What goes around comes around i hope for these awful people!!!
    Ladies beware !

  160. Thanks girls for the posts, he has popped up again on under the username of steveforlove_a_448 .

    Will report him under their terms and conditions.

  161. had contact with williamssmith today lol have got him to admit he is scamming he got nasty but then was ok, told him i knew what he was up to am trying to get him to tell his real name but not got that much yet. does anyone know if the guys that are not soldiers in usa are scamming as well am talking with a john barry now if anyone knows anything please let me know. thankyou

  162. Hi all I am an Australian lady and have been experiencing a similiar story. The soldier I have been talking wth is Timothy McChrystal I am going to call the American consulaute in Canberra our capital city and find out more. These Nigerian bastards are good.Many thanks to all those who put out the warning and I hope you have more succsess in the future. Carol

  163. Hello all I have been talking with an American soldier in Afghanistan for past 2 months by the name of Timothy McChrystal he is a Militaty Policeman and has asked for money to set up satilite phone contact and money for his leave on tour. I have received paper work to fill out etc. I had alarm bells early on however these Nigerian bastards are very good. Good luck to all of you and hope the angels bless us all in the future.

  164. Hi, think my friend is being scammed by someone using the name Anderson Cooper, very original ;). Thing that worries me is he has been speaking to her via webcam for a couple of months and she said it appeared he was were he was stating. It sort of made me feel a little easier that she regularly saw him, but suddenly asked for £4000+ to get luggage due to diplomatic stamps being out of date. How do they manage to webcam, thats well scary 🙁
    If anyone else has info on Anderson Cooper would love to know

  165. Mik: Well, obviously the guy is a scammer. It’s hard to tell what this person appears to be to your friend without actually being there. Some people are in denial for a long time before they admit to themselves they are being scammed. There must have been some clues, as this person clearly isn’t the real deal. It’s important to note that not all scammers are based out of Africa. Was this person claiming to be in Iraq or Afghanistan at the time? What proof did he give?

  166. Hi Shimrit, he was claiming to be in Afghanistan and the background scene via the webcam seemed to confirm this. This guy was on webcam to my friend at least 2 hours per night for a couple of months. It amazes me the lengths they will go to

  167. Mik: Strange. I wonder how he did that. Then again, this is how these people make their living and a good living at that. I guess they can afford to get what it takes to make their stories convincing. It’s lucky he went for the stupid diplomat story, thus alerting your friend to the fact that he’s a scammer!

  168. I got this message on MySpace – 98% it’s a scammer. MySpace and other services generally have an abuse report function. Reporting scammers, or likely scammers, helps protect other people, so please do take a couple of minutes to do it.

    “Brother i am Sergent Foster Criss working with the Us Troop here in Afghanistan.I need you to urgently contact me at my email because i have a very important discussion i wish to speak to you about”

    I’m a man so the scammer probably wouldn’t try the dating thing, unless he thinks I’m gay. More likely would tell me he has come across some Taliban gold and will give me 15% to help ship it back to America, but to do that he will need some money up front, access to my bank account details etc.

    “Once bitten, twice shy,” as they say, but better to get wise before you get bitten.

  169. I am still talking to Staff Sargeant Andrew Stephen Ruddock not had any requests for anything nor given anything the emotional blackmail is good he is going to kill himself if i do not believe he is a good man he is the real Ruddock and people have stolen hid id. he has given me 3 addresses one of the camp which he says he will be in big trouble for doing so, one of the embassy to check him out and one his home address. Can’t believe how many lies and how persistent he is got loadsof photographs and he says he is going to show himself on a webcam he is unbelievable I too think I am chatting to several men.

  170. A few months back someone posted about Jason Jordan and YES I know him meet him on u have pics of him i love would to compare stories

  171. I have been reading all the stories and yes mine would probably fit with 80% of them. I know now my MORISON MILLER is the same as Jeff…Philip…Anderson Cooper…and it looks like about 30other names…I to have about 20 photo’s….so this guy is still very active there is a site called STOP US SOLDIERS SCAM on FB with about 560 members to date….not all of them my guy…its so interesting because we started chating over 7 months ago….and half these gals here were chatting at the same time as me….and oh I recognised theat he had to leave me to go on patrol with his boys..and he was so weary from war and those suicide bombers from the Taliban…where as most of the gals Ive had contact with feel the same that we were under some hypnotic spell…i recongnise most of the others here had that same feeling…Im in Australia and rang our federal Police but they can do nothing we sent the money and they have no Interpol allience with GHANA and yet some of the IP adresses are in the USA-CALIFORNIA-WAHINGTON-…I feel like a toothless Tiger…Im angry enough to do something positive if anyone can suggest it to me. My last contact with this group…as Im sure there is more than 1 person was only a 3 days ago….I will come back to this site to see if anyone can suggest that there is something I can do

  172. Mawonei – just found these postings and then yours about sgt wayne sheen – lots of emails declaring love but IM couldn’t spell very well! Asked me to send about 400 pounds so that he could get the sat phone via western union – realised beforehand and a lucky escape. Sad because I don’t know who the person was in the photos…relief that it was not just me!

  173. I am being victim of a similar scam, I think. I met this supposed American major in Afghanistan about a month ago and he did seem to be sincere and nice, but this week something weird happened. He didn’t ask for money, but said he wanted to send me 40 thousand dollars because he couldn’t go back to the US with this amount in January, when he is going to retire. Then he said that he had sent me this amount in traveller’s cheques by UPS and even sent me a copy of the invoice, but the catch was that I would have to send 600 dollars through western union to Ghana to get the money and he also wanted me to send this amount to his US address later. I was stupid and gave him my home address. I didn’t pay anything and after reading all these things here I won’t, but my fear is if this scammer can put me into trouble by having my home address. I am afraid of being victim of money laundering here. Please write some comments of what problems I can have by having sent him my address!
    Oh, and btw, his last name was Miller too, but he said his first name was Scott. We saw each other through cam and everything he said was very convincing until this money stuff happened.

  174. Hi have been IM for the last 10 days with a David Brown, widower, lost his parents very young, has a 22 year old son in law school in the US. Claims to be in Afghanistan, special operations so cannot call. Sends beautiful poetry and connects most nights. I have 4 photographs. His son has just been involved in a hit and run accident in London but there is no hospital called by the name he claims his son is in. Also the email from the Doctor which he forwarded to me was not from a hospital address but No requests for money or anything yet but I have a suspicision it will not be long. He contacted me via matchaffinity and asked me to remove my profile asap

    1. I was contacted by Major General Walker same story wife died 7 years ago has a lovely daughter but also a son Mark which he forgets about ‘ pics of him and his daughter are lovely and a very handsome guy. He has been very charming with no intent. Stupidly I have been taken by him but yesterday I backed off. I had a gut feeling something was’nt right. and said I was to old for him. He became a little annoyed and then revealed himself as a 25 year old from Africa. I deleted immediately and thank goodness no money changed hands but he was soo convincing.I am very upset by this.


  175. ladies… we have a new SGT MAJOR JOSEPH WIJTSMA … does the name ring a bell? a new latest scammer. who is about to retire nxt year… he is sometimes 50, sometimes 60 years old.. and im about to receive a package to be delivered by a so called diplomat from international red cross.. i feel so sorry for the victims who fall for it..
    mail me:

  176. My best friend, despite my strong warning that parting with 10k to a man in the army you have never met is totally fool hardy, lost 10k earlier this year. the money, luckily for her was covered by her brother to ensure her 2 kids did not go without but not everyone has a lawyer brother and even he could suggest no way to get that money back and arrest the devious bastard for his crime. I can not believe people fall for this crap but they seem to regularly. I wouldn’t lend my best friend a tenner and yet thest seemingly bright women fall for some story, hook line and sinker and part with wads of cash to people they have never met. Come on girls, ring me if at all in doubt and wondering whether to part with any money and I will tell you to absolutely not/ Yes they say they are eye surgeons, they work for Nato or some organisation we have heard of and email official forms but they are abject con men and liars and we need to wise up and not feed their lucrative, latest scams. If a man is worth his salt he would never ask a lady for can you all hand over your cash to some smooth talking patsy.

    Please wise up and get smart and if I can track these despicable deviants and arrest them I would.

    Any rich person out there want to sponsor me to track these losers down and return these women their money…

  177. Hi I have a simialr story but they claim to work for Dyncorp rather than be in the militsry. Photos have “him” and others in logo’d t shirts. I believe the photos are real but just stolen from a real person. English has also been very good apart from a Christmas day email. Stating traditional US fare of red cabbage and apple dumplings that i just happended to find had been published word for word by THE LOCAL about a german camps xmas day. He is using the name Greg Howell and Freinds reuntied Website. Looks like I have had a Close call

  178. I almost was scammed…praise God im spiritually equip… They try and get into your emotions… after a few days or a week all of a sudden they are in love with you…They seek vulnerable ppl and Christian ppl… They play the crying tactic… if they know you wont give money they will use other tactics to get ID on you… I was lucky as i have brothers that use to be in the army… Watch out for FB scam soldiers… i have kept them on my facebook list as i have report them and waiting on a response… my email ppl is if you want to know more about these scammers…


  180. Hi have been talking to Aaron Amos ( since middle october and inadvertently found out he was a scammer when he asked me to change from msn to yahoomessenger. what confuses me is that his ip address has had him in various places, the latest ip header I have picked up is sunnyvale USA and Lagos before then the ip placed him in the Uk. He asked me for money which I have refused but he still talks to me, did challenge him when he gave me a name and address for money to be transferred via Western Union, the address was in Manchester Uk. Had an attempted scam before this but picked up on it quickly as the writing was poor and when I spoke to the person on the phone, they were so different, (it was two people) and was from Ghana. Aaron though is very cool and I would really love to know if he is American, British or South African. Would love to know more about him if anyone could help. All i want to do is find a nice genuine man, but the scammers are so good, sometimes it takes a while before you realise that you are being scammed!!! Love Peace and Happiness to all who have been the innocent victims of these scammers

  181. A Raymond M Klose is trying to scam me. He thinks he is so intelligent but he is just a amateur. His grammar is the level of a 9 year old child. I think he is stupid to give the same details to different people. If he wants to scam I think he should learn to do it properly. He and all the other scammers are a joke and a disgrace.

  182. We may be living in a selfish consumer society but money can’t buy you love.

    Emailing, texting or talking with someone on the phone that you have never met is not dating or romance it is not real.

    Turn off your PC and your TV and give your life meaning by giving love to others – get involved in some voluntary work.

    1. I’m sorry Jules, but I think you’re wrong. Nobody’s saying that emailing and texting is the goal of online dating. Meeting people in today’s world is hard and online dating can help make initial contact between people that will lead on to real love. There are millions of people in this world who are married and raising families after meeting online.

      Voluntary work is important and I agree with you that more people should give of their time to others, but it has nothing to do with love and romance. I don’t think the human desire to love and be loved is selfish. Without it, there wouldn’t be a human race at all.


  184. Steve Jordan
    Looks like I have also been conned but only
    Got contacted today by steve Jordan!
    Good timing to have dine the search and found
    This site! Would love to compare pics !!

  185. i believe some scammers are from the African continent and they send pictures of white good looking men to their victims. Also some pose as being so religious to trick people into thinking they have good morals. How low can these leeches go? My suggestion is that they get a job to cater for their monetary greed. If I had the power they would all serve time in prison for their crimes against the very essence of humanity.

  186. I’m glad to find this site…not sure if I’m being slammed yet or not been talking to a WO2 by the name graham Johnson. Said he is send a package via a diplomat who happens to be coming through Ghana. After reading the thread I am very concerned that he is not who he says he is and is trying to con me! Story is he is divorced has a 15 year old son, but doesn’t speak much about him. Handsome guy and I thought he was real, but now i don’t know. He is based in afganistan. If a soldier sends a package home is there a cost? If this is a scam I will be more than upset because of the emotional investment than anything !!!

    1. Hi Brenda. I’m sorry to say that this does sound exactly like the usual scammer story. The Ghana package thing is a real alarm bell. The scammers also usually use exactly the same thing you describe – single father with a son.

  187. I’m wondering if all these guys are actually all the same people? I have traced the IP address of the “diplomat” to Witchita KS and for the “soldier” to Accra Ghana and Sunnyvale CA. I would love to nail these guys and am going to call my states attorney general’s office first thing. Just worried I dint catch on soon enough and that they will stop talking to me when I don’t send money.

  188. Anyone know the best agency to call to try and get these guys caught? I was told by Kansas Attorney General office that since I wasn’t taken for money they wouldn’t investigate! For me its becoming a mission to get this scam ring brought down and to justice. I don’t want another woman having deal with this.

  189. Has anyone been contacted by a jacson old? he says he’s in afghanistan, is widowed with a teenage son and even got me to speak to his sister – Kristina, he wants me to request for his leave as he wants to come to the uk, i have had my doubts for a while, the love poems etc got me suspicious, would love to get some feedback, thanks

  190. Hilary soldiers dont need you to request leave for him, this is a scam, I unfortunately lost money but have been trying to make others aware. Ask him to e-mail you from his military e-mail which ends .mil, also once you request leave you will be asked to pay a fee which is returnable once their arrival in the UK is confirmed, it’s all lies, if you want to chat further you can e-mail me

  191. I was talking to a guy calling himself JAMES MILLER still sticking with the J & M theme lucky for me I worked out pretty quickly that he was a scammer, especially when he asked me to send money via Western Union, which rang major alarm bells.. also I have family in the UK Army so knew he was talking rubbish. But the same story, says he is a widower with one son but the story he tells just dont tally up. I must say at first found it quite funny, probably cause I only wasted a few hours and lost no money on him, but after reading what some of these poor women sent to this man or men is shocking. I met him on a site called Badoo and have reported him to them, but so far he is still chatting away to unsuspecting women which I think is very poor practice on Badoo’s behalf. I have left comments on his picture, which I think he can delete himself! So please ladies be warned

  192. I’m afraid I’ve just come across James Burks, he’s been emailing me saying he’s a serving soldier in Afghanistan and has a daughter living in the US and his wife died two years ago of breast cancer – the usual sob story. I traced his email of to the town of Gosport here in the UK?? Luckily I saw his name on here and broke contact. I think he’s doing the rounds so ladies, please beware.

  193. Msgt Steve Jordan appeared again. I’ve only received 2 emails from him but something seemed off, so my sister and I googled him and found this site. I was shocked by how close it was to my experience thus far. My biggest alarm was his weird use of words when he said he grew up in the states. I do worry about who this man is in the pictures with these kids. Please be aware of these. I’m thankful that my gut told me something felt wrong. But he is out there, found him on

  194. I have been talking to SGT Michel Edwards for the past few weeks up until last Tuesday. From reading posts on this site and others he goes by many names Ralph Edwards, Eddie Edwards, Micahel Edwards, Edwards Smith.
    His photos are actually real photos of a former commando called Ralph Edwards of Tallahassee Florida who posted all his photos on My Space.
    My suspicions were really raised when he asked me to request leave for him with his Lieutenant General as he is on deplyment in Iraq. The email came back telling me what to do and the £650 I would have to send which I would get back as soon as he arrived safely with me. The forms that were didn’t look real and the money thing was just the last straw. I confronted him online after researching him and finding mant sites about this scam. I even forwarded him the link to one site that had his pictures all over it. I told him that it was amazing what you could find out with the power of google. As soon as I did he blocked and deleted me straight away.
    I felt gutted at first but then was just thankful that I didn’t send any money! Please ladies be warned

  195. I have been caught by this scam and have lost £13k. I feel really stupid for being caught out but have reported it to my local police today, so will wait to see what happens. THe chap involved is calling himself Sgt Andy Williams, he has been in Afghanistan since last Feb and wanted to come home on leave, which then changed to retiring, all accompanied by requests for money, which I stupidly paid. I did, however, keep a copy of all communications (even Instant messenger – copying into Word), and the bank account details, so hopefully this will help the police. Has anyone come across this name before? I googled it but didn’t find anything? How can I find out who the photos are really of? They are of the same person and must have been taken over a period of time?? Thank you for your forum, which gave me the nerve to admit what has happened and to start to do something about it.

  196. Looking for 197. Kate…you were talking to Aaron Amos…
    My name is Susan I am originally from Yorkshire but have lived in Connecticut, USA for the last 25 years.
    I have recently been chatting with Aaron Ramos Woods (Woods was suppose to be his nick name) in Kabul, Afghanistan. I met him on He filled me with the usual bologna even sent a dozen red roses with no card attached so I called the to find out who sent them and it turned out to be part of a credit card scam!!! (Suprize..Suprize!!!)
    I did not send any money nor did he ask me for any…YET!!! I have had the gold bar story and $350,000 to be brought by a diplomat (a bastard from Ghana!) I figured out this was a scam long ago but decided to string him along for a while then it got old and boring so I sent him a letter with alot of questions, apologized for all the questions but said I had been a lawyer for the past 10 years (not true…I only work in a lawyers office!!!) and was very curios about the email from the diplomat I had received as the English was very bad and the email was very unprofessional and badly written!
    I wonder if this was the same guy as yours…just a slight variation in the last name???? Email me if you think it might be!!! Thanks!!!

  197. Please be aware of a capt Peter Harmstrong with the United Nations forces in Darfur Sudan he is also a very cleaver scammer but not as cleaver as me

  198. I am currently talking to a Colonel Maxwel Howard. Fortunately he hasnt got to the asking me for money stage, I found this site purely because a colleague had read that this sort of thing was going on. I am gutted, through I had found a second soulmate. will play him along for a little while and then drop the bomb on him

  199. Hi, maybe a new one for you. Found on from sittingbourne. And on Pof,from woodland, California. Goes by name of mrsimple. Then gives personal Email address, claiming to be an American Lt Col. in Afganistan. After reading all your comments, it all fits.

  200. He call himself Dennis Gray,& has an alleged daughter who is 10. I have checked the ip numbers of the Emails I have. They are not sent from Afganistan,but from Sunnyvale California, & Abuja Nigeria.

  201. I have talking to a Staff Sft Austin Miller froom New York PLeas if anybobody knows him let me know. So far he only wants a computer

  202. Was sent a msg on Mate1 from someone claiming to be Sgt Michael Sickman, British Army serving in Afghanistan. Says he is 45, divorced, 8 yr old son living with a nanny in Glasgow Scotland. Uses the email IP address is Sunneyvale CA. He told me he was retiring, got the papers, then his flight was cancelled and this morning asked me for money to help pay for his flight to the US.

  203. Hi Has anyone talked to a Sgt.Jordan Jasonbry at Kabul,Afghanistan. We have been chatting on yahoo for a month, he sent me pics of himself and of his 2 kids says he lives in Dallas,TX. Please email me and let me know if this a scam as well i have a friend who is emailing and talking to a Sgt. Bruce Wilson Mark has 1 son 9years of age… let me know please…

  204. Jackie,he only wants a computer? He has one. If you read all scam linked sites, you will come across plenty under the name of Miller. If its the same one, he seems to change his first name. Look for them, & contact some of the other poor ladies who have come across a Miller.

  205. E. I have had the same. Supposed to be in Afgan, but IP from Sunnyvale. The scam sites show this to be a popular place for these con men.
    There are also plenty of sites from real army people saying that there is no way their personnel need help with money for papers or anything else.
    We have to face the truth.

  206. Hi girls Im Tracy in Australia. I thinkI have been done over as well. Major Jonny Nugent – German decent, American Army serving in Afganistan. On patrol (combat) English seems to be pretty good but every now and then there are gramatical errors or spelling – we are all only human so I didnt worry about it too much. I had to fill out paperwork after less than a week and send $300US to America via Western Union – they advised me against it but I did it anyway, had to to get him out of the front line and over here so we could get to know each other and get married (yeah I know – after less than a week!?!?) How desperate is that? anyway now he needs $2500US for airfares and travel insurance because he froze his bank accounts before he left the States. Brother killed in action and wife in car accident same year 5 years ago – 1 daughter 20 hasnt seen in 15 years – served for 26 years 14months in Afgan. Its all sounding a bit familiar to what I have been reading here but Im hooked and dont know what to do. A girlfriend and her friend are concerned of course – said that the emblems on the paperwork didnt look right and now they have all of my details – what do I do? Any ideas.

  207. Tracy, you know what you have to do, or not do! Trace his IP address if you want confirmation. Its sad but true, but your not alone., we are all in the same boat. Its not just the money, thats bad enough, its the emotional side thats worse. There are loads of sites to find out. I even googled some of the things he said to me in Email, & some of what he wrote on his dating site profile. They took me straight to scambuster sites, just being copied & sent to me! How low is low? You can also find names & Emails of scammers sent in by other poor unfortunate ladies. Have a check. See if he’s there.
    Good luck!
    And just know that what goes around, comes around

  208. watch out ladies for sgt Frank Audry he was on girls date for free. Nearlly got me but thought this is to good to be true and yes it was. take care. how are you ever ment to trust and meet someone. xx

  209. how do we upload pictures to here so we can compare. Major Jonny Nugent just sent me another picture which was the profile picture of another guy on the same web site I found him on I had ‘smiled’ at both of them (crazy isnt it makes it feel like he was really the right one when I say that)but the photo was an extra he sent to my email tonight and the other profile has been lifted. I thought that they looked similar and that the stories were similar enough for alarms to ring so I reported a concern and tonight the profile has been lifted. Coincidence – I dont think so. The profile names were Amtyville and Styloz on . sorry this is long but I wanted as much info as possible on here. If someone lets me know about how to do the photos I will upload what I have here. Thanks and God Bless

  210. I’ve just added a feature where you can upload pictures. I’ve set quite a small size limit (300k), but it should work with more photos scammer send, I think. Any problems with it, get in touch.

  211. Hi girls these are the 3 photos I have of Major Jonny Nugent the American soldier in Afganistan. He has been very quiet the last couple of nights so I guess I wasnt forcoming enough with the money he needed and he is trying elswhere. Remember the profiles were Amtyville and Styloz listed for Sydney Australia on His email goes under jonnyontherun and remmember the LtGen David Howell Petraeus and his email which is hope they come out ok and we can catch these guys before they do too much more damage

  212. Is anyone talking to Colonel Maxwel Howard apparantly based in Camp White Horse just outside Baghdad. Same pattern, brilliant arnt they at making lonely women fall for them. He has got right in my head. Spoke to him this morning and he has a conference today where he gets an Award and a certificate. Told me to be back online at 1.00 so he could scan a copy to me. Also gets his retirement date on Monday after “his last mission to Basra” then is coming to england to marry me. Went a bit quiet this morning when I told him I didnt have any money or credit cards!!! Anyone reconise him or have a photo I can compare

  213. A lt Raymond M klose tried to get £750 from me saying that he needed a loan to pay the maid who is looking after his wheelchair bond mother. He is a calculating thief who even tried to get to my kids. I knew he was a scammer because I found his information when I googled his name. He has also used the name Lt James Goulding and scammed so much money from a vulnerable woman. His pager number is 07513460925. His Email addresses are and He claims to be working for the UN in Baghdad (lies) and is a pyschologist (lies). He is a money-hungry scammer and scum of the earth. I think it may be a gang of people doing this. He sent me lots of poems (lies). I told him to get a job and stop asking women for money. Sister, please take care of these people as they are invading your emotions just for money. Remember there are decent men and women out there but please vet everyone that you meet and PLEASE do not send any money to someone you just met on the internet.

  214. This Lt Raymond m Klose/Lt James Goulding made up a story when I confronted him about his name being on the scammers list. He said it was his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend who was lying about him. He has no remorse and spent 10 weeks talking and grooming me. He wanted me to send him money to prove that I trusted him via Westerm Union (this cant be traced). Also these people must have many false IDs. He also encouraged me to send the money on my son’s name (no doubt he did an ID on my son’s name). These scammers are dangerous and like to play ‘mind games’ with their victims. remember they are scamming so many people at the same time. If you are in doubt please just check. Although I knew he was not genuine I spent so much time talking to him as I wanted first hand experience of a scammer as I want to write a short story. Men/women, all you have to remember is not to let anyone manipulate you on the internet. You have a right to find happinness on the internet and there are genuine people out there as well. PLEASE DON’T LET THE SCAMMERS WIN

  215. Indeed Sgt MajorJoseph Wijtsma has been at it again. Fortunately I ‘cottoned on’ very early in our emailing, just to see where it would go. I taught English as a foreign language, so saw from the first email that his lack of fluency did not match his profile a Texan, obviously not a’Native speaker’
    2 months after our emailing I got an email TOP SECRET. His story ran thus: 6 of them had traveled up to Kunduz province in Afghanistan and overun the Taliban and comeaway with a haul of 6.8 million US $s. which they decided to share. To get it out of Afghanistan he wanted to send it to me , and by now he considered I was to be his wife!! in London, via a RED CROSS Diplomat.Here comes the Sting Part 1.
    The’diplomat’ had to pay 3.200 pounds in Dubai as his tag ( what is this I wondered?) had expired.This I was to hand over to him when we met in London. He would then take me to the vault wherein the 1.6 million $ were tored( his part of the loot and supposedly for us to investand share).I was to pay the balance of 5.000 to him for his services, once the box had been opened.Added to which I was to pay for all his hotel expenses.
    I did a great deal of internet research and found his name on 11 websites.
    He sent me details of his passport, but the signature and the profile of a handsome white caucasian male did not match. He had a thick accent, Afro-Carabbean,as did the ‘Diplomat’
    I wrote a long and detailed final email to him,in which I pointed out that I recognised a scam when I saw one.

  216. here is a picture of a man, supposedly grom the USA working in Cyprus.
    this man has asked for money for rent
    money for I don’t kow what
    a blackberry phone, and even now is STILL asking for me tosend a 15pound top up.
    He does not answer my questions, ignores issues I raise, like repaying the loan ( yes I was dumbe nough to fall for his sweet talk, and actually felt sorry for this scumbag) knowing from experience how difficult it is to get paid when working for foreign companies, especailly if there is no work permit.
    After I stumbled on this web site I did an IP search and found his email registerd in sunnyvale CA, though he told me he was from Texas.
    Like a lot of you here, I feel foolish, and know I am old enough to know better.I am using a nom de plume, as I would hate any of my family or friends to learn the truth. I confided in my lawyer, a friend of many years who was totally non-judgemental and sypmathetic, but said there was little I could do.
    this guy invited me to sta with him at a time when I really believed in him.The night I was packing, I got an sms to say his mothr was desperately ill in USA and he had to fly home the next day.
    I had booked my flight and refused to cancel it, even on the bus to the airport he was smsing me not to get on the flight.As it turned out I had a nice holiday on my own, but felt very angry deep within.
    his name is steve hanson
    his email is
    Now, google search shows a guy by the same name who is a musician in USA…I think he is he real thing, but the one i have been emailing with is a scumbag scammer.
    I ahve learnt a valuable lesson and can only urge other ladies to be on guard, and beware. ON NO ACCOUNT SEND ANY MONEY, DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS, CERTAINLY NOT YOUR BANK DETAILS.
    I have to add on a positive note that I have met two very nice genuine men via the internet, and I am still friends with them, though there is not romance. One In USA and one in Canada. I have met both of them and never had a single doubt whilst emailing, so there aresome good guys out there, but we have, like Little Red Riding Hood, to beware of the Big Bad Wolves ( which fairy story was, incidentally written as a warning to vulnerable young girls. Noting seems to ahve changed down the years.

  217. forgot to add his picture.
    he also has a page.
    myspace, which is where I found him when I googled.Oddly others on his list of favourites are all females, so if anone out there has been targeted I would like to know.

  218. Lt Colonel Maxwell Howard, what a fantastic story I got. Went on his last mission to Basra where he met an old lady who looked so full of pain and worry, apparantly had seen her there on his last mession last November where his friend was killed. She asked him to go to her house in Baghdad, with the key she gave him, and retrieve the family treasure they had hidden in the cellar. He sent me an urgent email to wait on line for him because she had given him some of this treasture and need to get it back to England to me, whom he described as his wife. I then got an email from a friend who was a diplomat who needed my name, address and telephone number as he was bring this case back with documents, treasure and papers and he would phone me and let me know where I was to meet him. When I finally told Max that I knew he was a scammer his Christian morals suddenly deserted him. Ranted that I would have to face god one day and be judged because I let him down and then a second email telling me that no man would ever want me until I was laying dead with one eye open, whatever that means. These men are evil people

  219. By the way these are the images I have for Lt Col Maxwell Howard plus his certificate and the passport for the diplomat
    [img] certificate.jpg[/img]

  220. I feel sorry for all the real soldiers who get their details used and abused by these scammers. I think they go on Facebook and Myspace sometimes and just steal people’s identities and then use them in emails to unsuspecting women.

  221. I am chatting with a suspected scammer and i want to know how can i find out his IP address. Can anyone help me with that! It will be very usefull for me!

  222. Anybody been contacted by Charls…Probably another scammer !
    Charls Kennethek February 3 at 11:02am Report
    Hello Angel, Am captain charls, US Army is my regiment. i have been in the military for long. Am a man of good gesture very loving and caring.I got this link from a friend who introduced me to come over to facebook where i saw your profile which got me attracted to you he met his very caring Angel on line and now they are living hapily together in the state as husband and wife,I was frustrated by the death of my ex-wife who died in a plane crash and left me and my only son.l almost lost my life due to the heart break i got, but thank God today im getting back to shape.Am here to see maybe the same will work for me and you.I have been alone for3years and i decided that am not going to marry again but i believe life still need to go on with life since am still alive and healthy.I have alot to say when we get to meet …As a busy man….there are lots to do but i will find time and come here to see as soon as you mail,i cant wait to hear from you because your profile really caught my view…You can mail me into my

  223. Reply for comment 194:dear Hellen, thank you for you post. GREG HOWELL found me too on “professional single and dating” site, he sent me same pictures you have, same story with DYNCORP, he said he has masters in space technology in Denver, Co., USA, and that he stays 1 month in Surrey UK and 6 in Afghanistan. I managed to trace his IP address and he is from…Ethiopia!!!! BIG SCAMMER; These are “his” pictures

  224. Same one
    [img] to Frown and really difficult to[/img]

  225. Ladies beware…there is another scammer out there impersonating one of our soldiers again. This guy is using the name Sgt. Roy Johnston fighting in Afghanistan. I found a web site that contains every saying he has used in his emails to me. It’s “scamwarners” in case anyone is interested.

  226. Tengo contacto mediante correo electronico con stephen ser soldado americano en Afganistan. Es de lo mas amoroso, esta super enamorado de mi!! Aun no me pidio dinero, pero lo que me llamo la atencion es que pregunto si tenia casa propia, y cuanto tiempo llevava en mi trabajo. Pero lo de enamorado es solo que soy (ironica). Tambien dice tener un niño adoptado que tiene 11 años. Estoy dispuesta a seguir la relacion para ver hasta donde llega, Ahhhhhhhh le comento que este sr esta en donde busca novia cuya presentaciones mne-Y no revela demasiado datos .Saludos cordiales

  227. Lt Raymond M Klose has tried to scam me for a few weeks. He said he’s working for the UN in Baghdad. He said is Dutch/English. He said he has a son called JK who lives with his aunt and mum (who is in a wheelchair). The worrying thing is that he was so interested in my boys. He almost had a fixation with them. Im really worried about this now as we do not know the background of these people. He also claims to be a psychologist. His aim is to make you trust him so that you can send him money. He tried very hard with me. I wanted to believe in him but I knew this was not real and I was right.

  228. please anybody who can help…? My mother has been talking to a us female soldier based in afghanistan who is going by the name of..Sgt Jenny Adams-ward. she has a son of 10 years named Richard. My mother has already been scammed in the past by another woman and over a period of 2 weeks parted with quite a large amount of money…im worried sick this is another scam as she received a email with a money back guarantee form and addressed letter from a ssgt schwartz brian and regards from a general david h petraeus…pls anyone with info and pics of her jenny…cheers

  229. Hi Wendy – check out post numbers 148 and mine at 198 – WS is def a scammer – luckily spotted before I sent money but I very nearly did! Met him via girls date for free

  230. I have been talking to a Srgnt, capt%20jack&, he is divorced with a 13 yr old son called Paul & he is in Aphganistan as we speak. Met on Oasis 1 wk ago and now been asked to leave dating site. Have been asked to secure safe phone line??? Is he a scammer, I wont be paying anything..

    did like him though

  231. Hi,
    Have been talking to a ‘sergeant in the USAF based in the UK with the UN but currently on tour in Afghanistan.

    He goes by the name of Sgt Mark Jordan. He says he is 46, a divorced father of two children (sent photos of ‘himself and with his kids.’) His mother has breast cancer and cant help him out…. apparently

    He contacted me via a BlackBerry app called PinWall. Has been telling me he loves me (its been 4 days!) and asked for £200 to use a special satellite phone. When I said I didnt have it he switched tactic saying that he needed a new BlackBerry and could I get him a ‘used’ one. Has got very quiet and huffy since telling him that I wasn’t going to get one as I couldn’t afford it. Am playing him along to see where it goes lol. He started to mention a way of him cutting his tour short so he could come to see me… told him not to bother telling me if it involved money lol. Strangely, the honeys and my loves have dried up!

    Wish he were real – could fall for him lol.

    Posting to say that they are spreading their reach wider than just the internet.

    [img] n kids1.jpg[/img]
    [img] Mark Jordan.jpg[/img]

  232. Girls, James Burks is such a busy chap I do not know how he manages to work 18hrs a day in Intelligence, writing his reports, ‘checking on his men’,sending ecards and writing drivel to me. He contacted me on about 1 month ago but earlier in the year he messaged me on Uniform Dating, where he has 2 profiles which are inconsistent with each other.On he goes under caringheart_60. I have him sussed but am just maintaining contact for the time being because he is giving us such a laugh at work.He is currently using but I have 2 other email addresses for him. Can anyone tell me how I can trace his IP address or what that is? He is an obvious scammer, never uses my name, never remembers anything you tell him,no real conversation, lots of endearments. I did give him my mobile number and I have one for him. Considering he is allegedly in Afghanistan his mobile number has a UK code. His use of english is that of someone with english as a second language.Of course he loves me and wants to settle here when he leaves the army. He has not yet asked me for money but I am awaiting his request. Other guys allegedly from the US military I have had contact with are Sergeant Trevor Corcoran and Reeves Anderson amongst a few others.These two were hanging around on Mature Dating. James has been the most reliable for regular contact!! The others gave up because I did not chat much to them. As you girls say, very quick to get me off dating site onto instant messenger chats.I will be reporting him to
    However, I would like contact with the guy whose photo James is using.He looks really nice. Anyone know how I can find out who he might be? If anyone wants futher information about James Burks or can give me any please contact me at I am lucky in as much as I know he is a scammer but these guys need to be caught and convicted for preying on vulnerable women and causing so much misery.

  233. Well I have just spent the last 3 weeks chatting online and falling in love with a Major Burke James Patrick of the USA Army in Kabul, Afghanistan. Who is apparently dead. Also has shit bad spelling and grammar. Some of the words used were Angle guess he meant angel, love, my dear among others. He also loved God and he was watching over both of us Not sure that a major in the army would have such bad spelling.I wised up when he asked for money and fortunately never sent any.

  234. hi shimrat,
    just received your email, i am convinced this guy is a scammer. he asked all about my finances, apart from my account number. his english is ok, with a few mistakes, he changed his town of residence here in the uk from nottingham to norwich.his apparent official UN email address is so home produced.(no gov.) and what on earth is a surgeon in the UN aid mission in afghanistan doing with a pay as you go mobile, i wasnt allowed to ring. i did do once and he switched it many things didnt add up. he sent me a present, which was sent from somewhere in the uk the day before, and obviously from a market. the carrier bag it was delivered in gave it away. online he spoke of god and quotes, very romantic, but when he texted it was a different matter. broken english just like it was a different person. anyway i emailed him and told him what i found out online, and to get a job like the rest of us. he replied hes coming back to the uk in a couple of weeks, and will prove it to me. cant wait….. it wont happen. thanks for your concern, and thanks for your website. it opened my eyes. will keep you updated if he decides to get in touch again. which he hasnt done since i told him of my find.

  235. Gwen, sounds like the same guy. Bad spellings, poor use of english. Sure an alleged officer would have a better command of english language, even if they are American.Well,he is a busy chap.I was a bit confused about who was dead and how you found that out?James asked me for money yesterday so I let him know he had been strung along and that I knew exactly what he was. His reaction was really funny, he hopes god will forgive me.

    if you think you have a met a scammer, go online at PIGBUSTERS.COM there a lots of pics of our so called is a drawn out process going through all the pics, but well worth it. thats where i found mine. if their real they dont mind you checking them out. better safe than sorry. AND DONT PART WITH ANY MONEY.real soldiers earn enough, and the army will pay for any flights….. good luck everyone


  238. I have also been chatting to a David Wheel supposedly serving in Afghanistan. Asked for money to set up secure phone connection – luckily didn’t send any (though very nearly did – he is so convincing, with poetry and loving sentiments) Was on as lovessurreyx I reported him this morning they said they would look into it.

  239. hi i got talking to a man from b2 site who left as soon as i started talking has laready sent me poems loves me wants to marry me .wants me to pay for phone connection. has a daughter 17 in colorado whos grandmother ,ooks after while he is away.says he originates from hull, uk his mum still lives there. ive scoured pics on sites but nothing comes up, his email ady traces to sunnyvale CA so am a bit mixed if he is a scammer altho lots point to it he is called Lt brian rivera, rivera brian on b2, hoping im wrong hes gorgeous lol

  240. Well, I am relieved to say that I became suspicious after the second e mail from staff sergeant james miller. It contained a loving poem supposedly composed by him during the previous 24 hours. He obviously had forgotten that I am a writer by proffession. The poem was perfect, perfect syntax and composition. I am now playing him along I actually, having read the reports on this site, want to play games with him. I want to see, either if I cAN SCAM HIM back or just get him so excited by promising him loads of money! Gonna tell him I have a huge investment bond maturing in July, haven’t decided whether to ask him for interim money which I will pay back double or just get him really to think his ships come in’ ! Incidentally if it is to work I would donate to charity. At the very least he would think he has hit the jackpot!!! Want to play his game back to him. anita

  241. I have been chatting to john jean hook.47 yr,US army in Kabul afghanistan.he want i send money $2,000 for forigion company and he will delivery money from company $1,100,000 for me keep wait him and he want to have a bussiness(5 star hotel) in thailand.who can be careful lady

  242. Have been unlucky to have contact with 2 men through Uniform dating. first was a Sergeant Matt Nolan 1st time I had chatted to anyone from this site… Seemed nice at first, widowed had sone David lived with guardian, claims to live near me in the UK, always used the term hun (saves having to remember my name!) born in america serving if afghanistan, was suspicious quite quickly as english and grammar sometimes poor on messenger,similar time difference inconsistencies, then came the “I need you to top up my phone hun so I can text you as I am coming home soon” I said no and he has not contacted me since… Then on Suday got chatting to a Staff Sargeant Frank Maxwell Smith seemed OK at first, then the I am serving a Dafur at them moment (groaned and thought not again) his story is wife killed in car crash, his son Harry lives with guardian, he then started asking if I owned house, did I live alone etc…. I fed him a load of lines to keep him chatting & sure enough lasy night got an almost identical “hi hun can I ask a favour?” I have sent him a link to this site.. wonder if I will hear from him again! lol… Are there any genuine men out there???
    [img] maxwell smith.jpg[/img]

  243. Hello
    I’ve been emailed again today by someone who says they are a sgt, in Afghanistan. Again from uses the username funsoul999 and sent me his email as I have again let the web site know but cannot really believe that it’s happened to me twice now.

  244. would really like to no as much as i can about sgt david wheel. he is scamming my mother and she is so in love she wont listen. please help guys thanks gaby.

  245. I would like to thank sue, I to have been chatting to a SGT DAVID WHEEL,supposedly serving in AFGHANISTAN,Iwas chatting from begining march 2011 to 6thmay 2011, He asked me to set up secure phone line connection, with connectaphone, usa, I might be blond but im not stupid, luckey for me ,My son inlaw has not long come back from afghan, and said not heard of camp volcan, and that if they wont to call you they can all use there cell phones,I carnt believe these men are saying they are out fighting, when they are not, my son inlaw came home with his friend , and they had lost eyes limbs, and there minds, I to met this man David Wheel on,And goes under LOVESSURREYX, Ihave reported him to them to day, So ladys please becarfull, and again thank you sue,I did keep all emails and photos,

  246. I have been chatting with a Serant Major James Miller since beginning May. Supposedly has a 12yr old son living in his place in Middlesex. Apparently James is retiring soon and returning to UK on 2nd June!! Had a couple of hints for money so far, such as son has a broken X Box and has been pestering him, then he has to use work laptop – his friends loved ones have sent them laptops. Needless to say I have fobbed him off on them. Now he has asked that I look after some money he was awarded by the President of Iraq – $500 thousand dollars – Yeah right as if!!!! He is going to send it with a diplomat friend. At moment I am playing him by being very practical and also saying that I wouldn’t want to be responsible for looking after so much money when he doesn’t really know me.
    Have an idea for shaking him up a bit will let you know if it works. At present he still believes I will help him. lol

    Oh he has shown me pictures of him in uniform and sent me one out of uniform. Will try to upload it if you recognise him please let me know.

    Funnily enough when I downloaded the pic he sent it saved itself under the name Wilson.


  247. Tonight James Miller showed himself supposedly on web cam was on a few seconds so hard to judge if him or not. Then few m inutes later back on line saying he had given money to diplomat and could he have my full name and address to give to diplomat
    I said sorry my love you know am in middle of moving give him my phone number and tell him to call when her gets here…lol This is a cheap pay and go phone just interested to see if when I get contacted. I asked for name of diplomat, apparently his name is Mohammed Hassan from Iraq. he has now gone off to tell this man my name and phone number…..
    I have never given him my full name and my email address is actually a nickname. I am always wary there as I have an unusual surname. So will keep you all posted.


  248. [img][/img]
    Hello Gill,
    Was this the man on the webcam. It is a stolen video of this man. You can look by the way on my facebook I’ve a lot of pictures of him in my facebook, if you want you can search of the name Noëlle Rijkers. Maybe he send you also the pictures that I have. Be careful.

  249. Thank you raine, No when i said to him he tryed saying some one had stollen his id, Had nothing more to do with so called sgt David wheel, I have reported him to match . com, But they not bothered, He is still on the site, so girls be carefull,

  250. Sgt. David Wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    chatted for 3 months, very convincing fell for the phone line and the leave request forms etc. Scammed me out of over £6,000 Beware ladies

  251. Yvonne and Gill,

    Yvonne, the person in your picture, is the same webcam person that I saw. Gill, the picture you downloaded is the same man that i have pictures of on my emails. The man that has been emailing me goes by the name of Kelvin Miller, from San Antonio, Texas and who was stationed in the Afganistan. He is also a widower and has an eighteen year old daughter who is pregnant. I have found several pictures of Kelvin Miller on other websites that I believe or not actual pictures of the man that I have been chatting with. Please be aware, be very aware of Kelvin Miller, Command Major in the United States Army, retired and a daughter that he states is named Christine. By the way, his wife was a drug addict and died in a car crash. I feel bad for these people whose pictures are being used in these scams.

  252. Does anyone know of Sgt Michael Kennedy – serving in the 2nd Falcon Brigade Combat Team 82nd SF Base Division Kuala Lumpur. Real handsome man and name on uniform. Has two boys back in Texas staying with their guardian. Widowed 6 years ago. Real smoothy and gorgeous if I am honest. Pretty heartbroken at the minute but at least I haven’t lost any money. Thinks I have parted with 3700 for 4 weeks leave to the UK next week. Has asked me for further 1250 for exit fees. Still chatting to him.
    [img] Favourite.jpg[/img]

  253. Hi Gill!
    I think I recogtnise the picture of James Miller. I have see military pictures of a man that look like the same person, but called David Miller. A person I know have been scammed by David Miller. Could you pleas lay out the militarypictures you have of James Miller? Then I can see if it is the same person

  254. Hello Charlotte,

    I am Yvonne and I talk also with the Miller guy…you can look on facebook by the name Noëlle Rijkers there are standing only pictures of the Miller guy…there are more than 40 pictures of him…wish you the best…

  255. Hi again! Have just found at James/David Miller have many aliases. He also use the names: Leonard Miller, Miller Johnson, Ricard Miller, (dolphinpicture)Austin Miller, and all this profiles exists on FB.They all somehow is connected to people living in Akka Ghana. The picture of “James Miller” is in all these profiles. Recommend everybody to check the pictures in Noelle Rijkers FB profile.Does anyone know who this poor man is, in the pictures? He have a right to know what these scammers are using his pictures for.

  256. hello!!! I am Airam .I have some pics from this guy whase name is Major Gray Miller or Major Jeff Gray Miller he say that he has 4.7 million’s dollars that he got from saving a woman in Iraq and he need from me to send him 2,000 dollar so that he gonna send his diplomatic frend to my house to bring me the money if anyone see this guy be careful not to fall for his lies if you know about this guy letme know and becareful about this guy too Eric Boateng hes got too be the guy behind it all and

  257. [img][/img]

  258. [file][/file]
    Good evening from New Zealand These fake soldiers have only begun to ”hit” on NZ women recently You have liar on here named Mark Miller and he is also known as Mark Williams and has several IPs 98 138 91 172 //98 138 91 43 and two others He said he worked for anglosaxonpetroleumcoltd and tried to scam me for 1000usd to build a sattelite to talk to him To send via western union to a Brian Gordon and that the security officer was a Rev Matt Brown He could not talk by phome for security reasions What rot He then said his son was at a seminary in England and the doctor needed 2500 USD to fix his broken arm I said nonsense Then he wrote those love phrases which these pests copy off websites Then hbe got nasty It is no use getting nasty to me it is simply water off a ducks back He said also he was appointed by US army as architect engineer on ship I asked name of ship Reply anglo saxon petroleum company He said at first he was in England then said froM Coney Island He came orignially frienship/dating site That site has become a scam site Now if you people are scammed you can fill in aform IC3 for FBI and they will acknowledge and send back a password In England it is Scotland Yard Rest assured these pests are being caught
    such an orchestrated litany of lies
    If you knock long enough and loud enough at the gate you sure to wake somebody

  259. this jerk is also mimicking brigadier general mark yenter I reported this scamm to US army Washingtoon
    It is the same scammer mark_williams

  260. If you go to site 419 scam You will find a picture of the box that scammers use to show us the money Its fake
    You see word diplomat That is cock and bull too Not sure if these liars are scam get the name up on google That never fails

  261. Hi I’m quite embarassed to say I have been in contact with a Sgt David Wheel… If my gut instinct hadn’t got the better of me last night to just check things out a little further, I would have parted with £229 for a secure phone connection , I don’t actually have that kind of money spare ! … Something didn’t ring true a number of times during the evening chats & daily emails ! last night was the last straw when I recieved an email requesting a money transfer to the local officer for the uk … in SPAIN !!! He is on friends reunited dating as Kensingtonpassionx , I have reported him to the site this evening … I have attached the photo’s he sent to me (I wish there was some way of finding out who the pics were of to let him know what was happening )
    [img] in uniform.jpg[/img]
    [img] on hols.jpg[/img]
    [img] lakes.jpg[/img]
    [img] in uniform 2.jpg[/img]
    [img] Boat.jpg[/img]

  262. oh boy! As I scrolled to the end of these posts, I found the same pictures of a person who is now representing himself as MSgt. Samuel Jordan (, who I met on Military Cupid. There should be some way to prosecute these identity thieves! After only two very elaborate emails from him, the red flags were flying high! A few typos, some grammar errors, and immediate “connection”. He mentioned service at BAFB, so I decided to google his name. Sadly, the real MSgt Samuel Jordan is deceased.

  263. hi any one heard of an Owen stevens on uniformdating?

    US army currently in Afghanistan ??

    son named Dave in Scotland

  264. Manda,
    Just checked this site again to see two photos that you have that I was send by Sgt David Wheel or Wheelbarger as I also received one in uniform with that name. When I asked him he said he preferred “Wheel”. I also received one of him in the bath! I feel sorry for whoever`s photo he is using. I tried to string him along for a while after I had been scammed and he is very persuasive. Gave a further story of being sanctioned for opening fire on women & children and therefore would be only one or two more payments. Said he had applied to retire at the end of his tour and he started to ask for details of where his bonus payments could be sent. If I had been even more foolish than I had already been think the next request would have been for bank details for the imaginary payments to be made.

  265. Is there an Sgt Amber Roach ?. I think she is a scammer. I’m from Australia, been in contact with her on a dating website. Has all the photos etc with the army uniform . Says she needs to move US $20 million she stumbled upon.

  266. Just like to say I have for the first time used a dating site and been chatting to soldier so called working for the united nations. We have been chatting for about 3 months and everything was great until monday last when he asked me for money to get him back home as he was so depressed being away. At that point an alarm bell rang I cut all contact with him there and then. I think it is awful that they can prey on vulnerable people and shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. I also got a call from my bank saying could I ring a number which was for a police force. Rather than ringing the number I rang the main number for that police force and asked if they had the name I was given working for them, as it turned out they did. Low and behold did I get a shock that my bank details and my name was traced through an e-mail and they were telling me to close my bank account straight away. Luckily for me the bank account was one that don’t use anymore but I don’t know how anyone could have got hold of it. I am also receiving calls on my mobile from a Nigerian number which apparently is also a scam and I have been informed not to answer the calls as it will charge my account. Just a warning about calls aswell. Just don’t fall for it as soon as someone asks for money cut all ties straight away no matter how they have made you feel about them. Would you do that to someone you just met here or on the streets or in a pub (I would say no you wouldn’t so please don’t fall for it) take my advice check out all the scams on the internet and if you are using a dating site please read all the advice on how to do it safely most give information on scams and what to do and not to do.

  267. Listen, I would like to first point out to some who may be confused here that these scammers are NOT ACTUALLY SOLDIERS. The fact that some people have posted on here that SGT Jeff Miller has scammed them, or that you should “let them pay for their own leave” or “Hey they signed up for it let them stay in afghanistan.” This is all part of the scam. The Army pays for your leave. You don’t require any type of money to be paid out of pocket. You tell them where you want to go, they send you there. It’s that simple. DTS takes care of all the logistics. These people are not soldiers. They’re playing on your emotion and support for soldiers. Whoever SGT Jeff Miller REALLY is, is certainly not a US or UK soldier. So please make no mistake, our soldiers are not out here scamming you out of your money from Afghanistan and Iraq… That is simply ludicrous.

  268.….another scammer. Met him on Military Cupid. He tried to make me believe that he was on tour in “Kabuhl, Aphganastan”. Huh? RED FLAGS! Aside from a poor command of the english language, he used term such as “dearie” and “mum”…from an American soldier? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but…Then the request for money! Here are a couple more: Jason Church ( His approach was more subtle, but he was cutting and pasting conversations from others. He told me he had a daughter, but one of his lengthy emails mentioned a son. When I brought that to his attention..he stopped all communication. Another: Charlson Berkeley ( Another cut and paster. He asked alot of questions about some deep topics. He sounded educated at first, but it must have been too hard for him, because he quickly digressed. When I asked about his sudden failure to communicate…he stopped communicating. I now realize that his “deep” questions were his way of collecting answers he could impress other women with the stolen deep thoughts! Be careful women!

  269. has any one heard of Lt Gary Search Firefighter? He scammed me out of a lot of money.. He is based in Iraq, his former CO was Col Troy Donelly.. Gary stated Troy went to jail for scamming people. LOL.. I am still talking to him, in hope that he will leave someone else alone.


  270. Hi everyone….the guy in post 273 and in 308 is now on He’s now cuddlesteve0076…..
    silly man. silly man.

    watch out!

  271. did you know that I am selfish, because I would not send money to a Peter Nelson in the UK. He wanted me to send money that I need for my house payment to him…gee I am really being selfish…

  272. Hi Everyone
    I too got caught by a scammer using the name Greg Howell. I could have lost 5 grand but at almost the last minute found out what was going on, thankfully. Obviously, it has been a nasty experience but in amongst it all I kept thinking about the poor guy in the photos. He’s just as much a victim as I am.Because of this I decided to take some steps to try to make him aware of the fact that someone is using his photos and pretending to be him.I’m so glad I did make the effort as I found out 2 days ago that he has now been informed. I feel a little better, although there’s probably nothing he can do, he at least now knows.

  273. Peter Nelson is a scammer from the UK, who stated he was from Minnesota on the dating site evow. His emails are from Nigeria. He stated that he wanted to come see me, I informed him that he’d have to pay all the costs to do so. He stated he had the money, next thing I he tells me is that he has not been paid from work for over 3 months,and has no money for food. Now he is suing (or sewing)as he told me for past paychecks, and he gave them 1500 to start the process.
    Peter Nelson or Nelson Peter is a scammer

  274. Hey my mom was scammed by a gent with the name Patrick Richard Schwartz.He also said very nice thigs to her and boom al of a sudden asked for money.I did a little bit of googling and boom there he was a scammer of note. I m so glad my mom did not pay him any money.

  275. My mum has been talking to a guy ‘jack Mathis’ he claims was in Harrogate but now in afganistan as a bomb disposal in the american special forces. It all seems to good to be true sending her poems nd saying how buy house together with lots land and is rushing things. Lot as thy have only been talking about 3 weeks he firstly asked my mum for £690 to set up a secure telephone thing and now he is asking for money to get him out to pay £18k which at the moment my mum is refusing by he is guilt tripping her and saying he will pay her back when he gets to England. He says the money is for NSD fees and paper work does any one know what this is? And has any one had similar experience? I am really worried for my mum and to make matters worse I have seen on the dating site where she met him (friends reunited) someone who looks exactly the same who is also from harrogate and widow with daughter.!

  276. Oh my bloody good god, I can not believe the amount of women falling for all this.
    I am a female in the British Army and have worked alongside many american soldiers throughout my 16yrs, Ladies they do not need cash by any means, they are well looked after whether in a peace keeping operation or a war torn operation such as afghan, they are given phone cards to call home or the UK THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING. they even have Burgerking. Whilst on operations they do not pay tax, they have access to thier money they have a PX (a very cheap tax free shop that sells everything). They are better looked after than the British.
    Please ladies DO NOT believe this they are probrally Nigerians that have found a loop hole to con very inocent persons the real americans ask for nothing. And Chez no disrespect but are you part of this trying to convince these people?

  277. hey ladies I’ve been chatting to scammer called Andrew Ruddock US army, claims he is in Iraq with 14 year old daughter Sarah in britain being looked after by caretaker!! wife died.
    Had all poems everlasting love etc. Supposed to be coming out for good in next 4 weeks. I’ve tracked his IP to Redmond USA so beware photo’s enclosed

  278. I am one of the victims of Msgt Jordan. He went by Samuel with me and used the same address as he did with Nickie (308, 318). Good news is, on one of the other boards to feature this scammer’s exploits, one of the ladies finally found the real soldier. His name is Jason B. Jordan and he is connected to Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas. Anybody who wants to commiserate can contact me at

  279. Hi I have been talking to an american soilder now for just over a month – who by all accounts is in love with me?! He has asked that I set up a secure phone line so we can talk and that is when I became even more warey as oh yes I have to pay – his name is Morris Deimel Brown from Colorado – or is it? how do we find out these things? Is there any one we can contact in the Army to assertain if a certain person is real.I’ve had pictures but like we all know anyone can get pictures. I met him on a dating site but am now chatting to him through IM messanger at Yahoo
    Greatful for any info…..

  280. I have good news, I have located the real Gary Search I previously discussed, He is aware of the person using his name and pictures. Both he and myself are victims. I have to admit, finding the real soldier, helped me close this chapter of my life.

  281. I have been scammed by a Sgt Stephen Bryant, US Army, based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Son called Cole living in Manchester with his Nanny.

    Wants money sent to Paul, his business partner, in Nigeria for some logging business.

    He is actually in Nigeria. I found out when he phoned me and forgot to withhold the number – which was based in Nigeria.

  282. I have just read a comment on here no 273 Sara. I too have been talking to a Sgt Mark Jordan who is an American in the Air Force serving in Afghanistan. He said he is based in London. Widowed 2 children who live with his Mother in California. Unfortunately he sent me lovely emails and a couple of poems and he told me he loved me after a few days. He aske me to get a sat phone which I couldnt really afford to pay out for but sadly I did £300. Since he got the “phone” he has briefly rang me 3 times but when he asked if he could arrange for hie to go on leave and I was asked for £1500 for fees I wouldnt do it and sent an email to him and another bloke calling it a scam. I have still spoken to him but I wont be sending any money. Last week I didnt hear from him for a week then he emailed me again on Thursday night. I know this has to end now as I have just been reading all these comments. I know Sara how you could easily fall for him when you saw the photo on the dating site. I am glad I have just read this site even though I have no intention of sending any more money and I will definately will have to stop the chats I have had with him on Yahoo. Thanks Sara.

  283. so embarassed to say that I fell for it too. I signed up to a site called . This guy says his name is Gordon Carl and is a general in the army He wants me to send him a lap top. I was ripped off by the dating site as they took money from my account and I googled them and discovered that other women had been duped. This is the name he has given me to send it to :

    Name: Tsawodzi Emmanuel
    Country: Ghana
    send me the laptop through D.H.L so that i can get it ok
    if you send the laptop to he let me know ok

    Is there not a site that we can report these people to. I haven’t parted with any money but I know there are vunerable women out there who will.

  284. Helen you have to remember that these men are really good at what they do.
    They are really believeable and that may be hard to understand unless you have been there yourself.
    They have all the photographs and the stories behind the photographs.
    It is very difficult to tell if they are a scammer at all.
    I am not a stupid person by any means but ‘Stephen Bryant’ had me taken in. Although I never sent any money he did ask for money to be sent to his son Cole via the Nanny’s account. He didn’t get it and that was back in February this year.
    I blocked his im on yahoo and his email address plus his son’s email address. It is the only way to go.

  285. Been taken in by this guy going as Ramos Alex on Facebook. There are numerous pictures of the same guy on Facebook and was sucked in by the poetry and the pictures.

    I challenged him about the forms etc as they are fake and he told me they weren’t so I pointed him yesterday to the American Embassy site and haven’t heard, and said to him that the money I sent was theft.

    His English is bad as is his spelling. The sentences are very short which makes me think English is poor.

    Bitten the bullet on this one. Wasn’t looking for anybody anyway as came on Facebook, in days he wanted to marry me. ! But what a scam!

    I am amazed I was taken in by it but haven’t been very well so think that was also a factor and all a dream.
    How stupid fell for his dream, stories and a different lifestyle.

    One of those names is similar – Blessing Peak appeared on his Facebook page the day I transferred money

  286. Hi
    I just meet this guy in a chat, he says he’s in afgha. I was reading all the comments before and i think the guy i meet is not real. I dont know to much about the army, but when i ask him his rank he told me he’s a captain, when i ask him he’s rank again he told me he wasnt sure. He also says he love me, he miss me ect,ect,ect….. And he told me to ask for his vacation request to and they will charge me some fees. But God is good, because for that adresse i contact this page. He says he is captain Boggs Parker Colman and his email is

  287. It’s a scam – don’t send it back as he will ask you for more money if you haven’t already paid some for that form.

  288. I live in Australia… and it has made its way onto a dating site here.

    Colonel Marcus Robbles. Widowed 9 year ago. Wife couldnt have kids… just about to get out of the US Army after 27 years and wants to permanently live in Australia. Sent me poems… even sent me flowers and red wine… Then wanted to send a package via a diplomat however the diplomat was held up in Ghana and to start off with it was 8500 pounds and then reduced down to 2000 pounds… LOL…. I did fall for it to start off with but as soon as he told me after 1 week that he loved me and 2 weeks he wanted me to be his wife… I smelt a scam…. but just went with it.. however I am going to take this further so as to warn other women as I am sure there are alot of embarrassed women out there feeling very vulunerable.

  289. Has anyone heard of Daniel Wheelbarger ?He is on Friends reunited ,he says he is American and has a son.Says he works for the U S Army .My gut instinct tells me something does,nt ring true about him. He emailed me today.

  290. Has anyone heard anything about Peter Wood who claims to be a Colonel in the US army, serving in Kabul, Afghanistan ?

  291. Beware Loot Dating IS A SCAM. A reasonably clever/subtle one albeit. Fictitious females will contact you with their free one line comment ” I am not a subscriber how about gifting me one” ? Loot should be ashamed of themselves. Stay well clear if I were you.

  292. I was a victim too,I met this guy in a dating site,alot of soldiers on this dating site anyway,he said he loves me then he wants to come visit me for a month then he asked me to pay $850 dollars to his boss..I smelled scam immediately..I never sent the money,why should I pay for that?His name was SGT.Paul Howe and he is a good looking one,saying he was stationed in Afghanistan..he is handsome and kind but there are some flaws on his grammar that I immediately saw that he is not an american..Beware girls..

  293. Dating is site is not a bad place to meet Mr right but the members are bad people!! ask youurself why should a man travel miles from USA to marry someone in UK? this can only happen once in a million time especially on dating!!! why can a soldier ask for money? or why can any man whom you have never met ask you to give them money? warning !! this people are all over dating sites and some are here claming that someone used their husband`s profile and etc be very careful and think before you leave your email address on web you don`t know who is reading your messages…Lastly I guess it is better to report this people to police they can help and protect your privacy!! be aware that this people are smart and they know you can search for the truth and report them…I know how it feels to be a victim and this people can really waste peoples time and destory peoples lives..saying this from my own experience…we need to take our time and date people in our own area, if you like someone who lives far try to meet each other and take one step at a time…It is hard to pick up the pieces of a broken heart please don`t do this to yourself..ALL THE BEST WITH LOVE

  294. S/Stg. Mark Smiths-Edwards claiming he loves me. Retiring in 4 yrs and lives Tampa Florida. Is stationed in afghanistan and has asked me to request a leave for him at(.com address) … almost fell for it!
    He contacted me by e-harmony and FB … His EMAIL is or Thanks for all these postings, very informative … my heart will mend. Canadian Girl

  295. i have been in contact with a sgt miller johnson and now he has ask me to pay fo his leave can i trust that because also the emailadres to what i have to wright for his leave change and i have to pay trough western union

  296. Hello has anyone heard of Julius Walker, a 55 year old Lt Gen in the US army currently serving in afghanistan, he claims to love me (met through, he says he retiring soon and is in the process of sending his bags to me, he is using a agent called sadick adams, have been informed that he aand the bags have been stopped in accra, ghana by customs and that the bags contain gold dust which is unregistered, and because of this they want money for the certificates of insurance etc so that he can proceed with is journey to the UK, and now have been informed that the tax dept also need £8500.00 which is owing in tax on the gold dust, can anyone advise me on this, because the emails keep coming and I am getting really frightened by all of this

  297. Oh and forgot to say they have my address, phone number also, I have now blocked the number from my phone, but have had so many sleepless nights worrying over this, he has also told me that he has no access to his account because he is a war torn country.

  298. i been talking to a soldier who claims he is in kabul afganistan . he calla himself matthew _ watson gunn , he claims he ost his wife in a car crash 5 years ago and has a 16 year old son in boarding skool in uk . he claims he was sending me a packege containing money 4 me , i got a txt from an agent claiming he needed 1,200 2 send documentation 2 release the money . seemed very odd 2 me , i still talk 2 matthew leading him on 2 try and find out hes who he says he is which i know hes not . he claims that when i recieve the money he intends 2 leave kabul and live back in uk , most oddly thing is he doesnt talk engligh more afgan hmm , makes u think , plz ladies be aware he is a fake

  299. he is using an agent called anthony amanyo & claims he need 1,200 4 documentation 4 a package containing 6.1 million 2 be sent over 2 myself from kotoka international airport accra ghana .

  300. I also think he is using various names from some of the stories i have read sound very much simular . beware ladies

  301. Whenever you use online dating just be careful.

    Do an IP address check, which will tell you where they are. Of course you need an email from the person you are wanting to check out, which needs to be into your normal email account. Then expand full headers and look for the IP address.

    They are quick and easy to use and will tell you all you need to know.

    I use this one

    Do try it out on a friend’s email address, this will put your mind at rest that it is accurate.

  302. Hi, Marcus Robbles is at it again (thanks Joey for comment 344). I must say that he is completely convincing with a very good standard of English. I would never send money to someone off a dating site but at least I have not got my hopes raised for nothing. Great that you ladies are posting on here and being there for each other 🙂 Sad that we need to do it.

  303. Margaret 345.
    Beware Daniel Wheelbarger is more than likely David Wheel/Wheelbarger. See my posting 312 and all the others 280,288,293 & 295. Especially Manda 307. Photos were several that he sent to me.

  304. Hi I think i am being scammed has anyone heard of Nicholas Dalton he is on facebook been sending me emails to my gmail account he has asked me for leave money alarm bells ringing please email me on if anyone has had any dealings with him i feel pissed off and an idiot i live in london ladies please contact me on my email

  305. I have been in contact with David Wheelbarger, get to know him trough the 47 yeras old, divorce, moved to Norway because of 13 years old son and because his ex are from Norway.
    Did you heard about him? Started to chat June 12

  306. hey i think im being scammed but not naturally suspicious abd the things i have been worried about have worked out and been truecos i checked lol x

  307. wish i could see the picture of the l men that are scamming just be nice to see if my “soldier” is amongst them x

  308. I have been asked for money today by a Alex Wagner his bank has been frozen and needs money for his son Greg so he can go on his school trip 950 pounds he has photos of a man in a US uniform with the name Wagner on it I pulled him on the fact I new he was a con man and he said I was not fit to be his wife I told him to go and F… himself and he said that,s not nice… he is on the girls date for free site now please do not trust anyone that wants money for anything these men make me sick don’t let them in your head be safe.

  309. hi girls been talking to SGT WAYNE SHEEN ring any bells any where. Met him on a dating site seriously single. I think he is trying to get money out of me for a sat phone but i wont be sending any money. Just warning others says he is 43 based in kabul is divorced with a 7 year old boy called alex lots of love and poems and like pizza. so just going to play him for a bit to see what other crap he can come up with

  310. I too have been talking to a soldier from the US also in Afghanistan. His pictures he has sent are of a very handsome man. His name is Daniel Wheelbarger and I’ve just been asked about making a phone connection which is going to cost me £250 so he can talk to me! and I get to pay for this priviledge. Says he lives in Stratford UK and is on tour for 6 months oh and has a son of 13 years. I’ve been beginning to smell a rat as his English isn’t too great when he writes, looks like a copy and paste job sometimes. Have other people been scammed by this person too – I’m outraged and very glad I have found this site.

  311. has anyone herd of srgt mathew john serving in iraq he seems too good to be true would love to here if he is the real deal or not thx

  312. Also beware of a Sgt. Olabode Collins – my sister really taken in by him but all a scam as you all know too well on here!!

  313. hi i met us marine goes by hatfieldtrenton he to is a scammer found him on benaughty site here in Australia wants to reitire and send for him lmao. just thought i’d let you girls know out there he was such a charmer. photo handsome marine indeed who ever he is

  314. Wow, beware of Edmond Lopez, SGT in Afganistan. Copy and pasted his position from Winkipedia. He is an extremely handsome man…thought it was alittle odd that he send me a picture of he and his mother, then one of himself in uniform holding a gun, then one dressed in a suit.
    Poor english, divorced, has 16 year old son living in Africa. From Albany, NY.

    Disgusted, but didnt get me…

  315. New names for you :, sgt in Iraq, usual story wife and parents dead, 10 yr old son Micheal in military school Paris, best friend consoling a grieving girlfriend after Christopher’s plane fell out of the sky on it’s way to an airport to drop Christopher off to meet his Internet girlfriend after she transferred £1000 through Western Union to pay for his flight. Christopher luckily survived but needs major leg surgery according to his doctor who informed girlfriend that it would cost £6000. Funnily enough the cell phone number is still active!!

    Meanwhile, same lady is chatting to, who sent all the “official forms” for her to fill in requesting leave, signed at the bottom by Robert Gonzalez, consequently this has not been done. Money needs to be transferred to
    Name: Mrs Sylvia Joan Hennessy
    Bank Name: NATIONWIDE
    SORT CODE: 07 02 46
    ACCOUNT No: 11570766

    Obviously once bitten twice shy!!

  316. OMG I am so pleased I found this site!! Has anyone heard of Cpt Elton Christopher Kuti, serving in Kabul Afghanistan? He contacted me via facebook a month ago, i fell for him hook line and sinker for the first 10days that is! He said he has been widowed 3yrs ago and was ready to find love again. He has one son Aaron, who is in football academy in Florida. So he says?! He says he is well off and expecting inheritance from his fathers property who died 28yrs ago, thats when the alarm bells started ringing, thats along time to wait for that coming through! We talked mainly on fb for the first few days then he asked me to join yahoo so we could IM each other every night at the same time, 11pm my time and 2am his, thats a strange time he should be getting his sleep i said he said a soldier never sleeps!! Also he has his own house out there because of his rank with a pc, printer and tv, but no webcam! also he cant talk via phone as telecommunications are blown up, id have thought he wouldnt be able to get internet if thats the case?! he has sent me nearly 20 photos of himself and 2 of his son. he even gave me his sons IM so we could talk. I went on next night and there was his son, the first thing he said was ‘Hi Sweetie’ just like his dad, very strange way to talk to your fathers girlfriend i thought lol. didnt answer him came off straight away. He says he is a captain but when i googled the badges on his uniform in the photos, it came up as sergeant! He writes in his messages as if he is foreign and his spelling is bad. He says he will retire when he has done his duty in afghan he will be 49 and he will have been there for 2yrs, thats a long time!! His fb is blocked all i can see are his pictures and info, there are several women on who have commented on his pics. when i confronted him about his fb being blocked he said he didnt know how it has happened and that it must be from my end, yeah right lol.He has told me that he loves me and wants to marry me when he retires next year, of course i said yes, got to keep him going to see how far hes going to go! He asked me to send email to the military to set up a wireless connection so we can talk via phone, i pretended i had at first. then 2 days ago i did out of curiosity. WOW they want $880 to set it up lol, thats what i was waiting for the money sting! he didnt contact me at all yesterday. He IM me this morning when i was checking my mails and told me he had a broken arm and had been in military clinik all day!! He isnt being sent home as he still has to be there for a mission!! lmao!! i told him about the fee for the connection and he said that he wanted me to pay it so we can always chat on phone, like yeah soon as i send it youl be off lol! ive told him to give me 2 weeks to get the money together then i will send it off. More like i want time to warn the other women in that he has on facebook!! What really annoys me though is that he is using someone elses pictures and identity, the poor soldier in the photos could none the wiser or even worse past away. it really boils me that someone can be so evil to do this, use someones identity to rob women. The email address he gave me for the connection application is, its quite a convincing mail you get back untill you read it again and see that there are lots of spelling mistakes and also speak as if foreign, and the links to website are under construction!! I really wanted him to be real at first he was so charming and good looking, i just feel now for the real soldier in the photos. If you have also heard of him please let me know, i will let you know how i get on informing the women on his facebook. Good luck girls

  317. Hello ladies,
    Well it seems that i have also been scammed by a steve edwards,staff sergeant in the us army,currently serving in afghan,fortunatly i didn’t lose a large amount of money,same story,widowed with a son 19,we had been chatting for about 2weeks before his computer died, so asked if i would send him a new one,no chance i sent him an old 1 i had in my house, address accra ghana!!suprise suprise it didn’t work over there,he insisted that he wished to come and visit me in the uk but would need his diploma to sort papers out, these diplomas donot exist ladies, i phoned the American Embassy in london,so please be aware if any body asks you for money for papers they are extremly clever,it is true that if a soldier goes into afghan on a military flight,but wants to fly out on a commercial flight they do need their legality status verified,only because their passport isn’t stamped on entry to the country so they may be illegal,all this information is readily available from the Embassy web site,including the charges to get the passport verified,no diploma can do this it has to be the military person involved,i met steve edwards on, i have reported him there at the moment he isn’t contacting anybody else on the site,so ladies if you are contacted by this man RUN!!!

  318. ladies please be aware of steve edwards clailming to be a staff sergeant in the US army over in afghanistan,he is a scammer,he contacted me through oasis dating,they have now blocked him,so i hope he soon learns that us genuine ladies will not take rubbish from them.

  319. Received a skype message from Major Maxwell John Spoon aged 58 asking if I would be his friend on Skype, supposedly from New York and serving in Afghanistan

  320. re 286 sue may5th
    funsoul999 alias stay away please you have had a lucky escape DO NOT KEEP IN TOUCH WITH HIM IF HE COMES BACK i know to my pain and sorrow he is a scammer i can vouch for that to my cost

  321. Heres another scammer .

    Christopher Theaodore .

    Beware currently on be2 dating agency.
    I was suspicious from the start .
    Widowed lost his parents .Now stuck abroad and needs money to get flight home.

  322. My sister has just been scamed by a man called MICHEAL MEFFENGALE. She has been talkig to him for the last 8 months. She has just realised and is gutted. Any one know who this person is. He comes from YORKSHIRE. and promised her the earth. Who is this man. What a ….He said his wife was dead. had a son who lived in a huge house. and wanted to marry her. I want to know who the picture is that he sent. Can ay oneadvice. Who can she report him to? Thanks.

  323. Has anyone heard of captain john rowland or sargent graham edward micheal please inform they are a scam if not beware there out there!

  324. Ladies I’m a veteran of Iraq and a long time member of the armed forces..I assure you that no true soldier would need money from any of you for any makes me sick that these scammers are posing as soldiers and using our life stories to take advantage of people..most soldiers can be looked up on its a secured sight so you’ll have to use someone you know in the military to look them up…

  325. Thank you James,
    it is such a shame the the guys in the pictures that are being used cannot be contacted and warned of what is happening,i am in the UK could a friend of mine in the army here look on the US web site?these scumbags need to be stopped,BBC radio 5 is doing a news report on this scam on the 26 sept at 9pm, i am sure it will be interesting listening.there is also a wall of shame on the web page a soldiers perspective, which lists pictures of soldiers that have been used in this scam.

  326. I am at present trying to be scammed by Nathaniel Ian Walker, supposedly with 9 regiment in Tripoli. He too says he is a widower with a 16 year old son. 58 years of age retiring from army shortly. Sent his documents on ahead with a diplomat by the name of Anthony Burke. Document package was held by customs in Ghana last monday as insurance tags were out of date. He now wants me to send £3ooo to have them released and brought to my address by diplomatic courier. We had been chatting online for 6 weeks, while he too declared his undying love and how soon we were going to be married when he got home. He also sent all the love poems and photographs to go with his promises. When I said that there was no way I could raise that amount of money. his attitude changed completely, and said that I was turning my back on him, and how much he wanted to be out of Lybia and home with me and his son. If I cared anything about him at all I would do it and send the money by moneygram. I am very lucky that I found your site first, and though it hurts me to believe people can do this to widows I am glad that I found out in time as I had an appointment with my bank manager this coming monday morning 19th Sept. to transfer the money for him from my account as he was tering my heart to pieces. He also said that his father was British and his mother was Mexican, because after reading some of his emails they appeared to be in broken English as the spelling was quite bad. I met him on Dating Agency at the beginning of August. His email address is and He uses both, and says that he is an Executive attached to the British army in Lybia and has been with the army for thirty years. So many things were not ringing true when different dates for certain things were given to me and this started alarm bells ringing. It has made me feel very much of a heel because a lot of what he was saying was making me feel so sorry for him. I have not however found his name or any mention of Lybia in any of your corrispondence, though I have come across a Julius Walker in them. I feel very bad if he is telling me the truth but so many others have been on this site with the same sort of story. I hope that I am not wrong on this and that it can prevent others from being scammed .

  327. Here is yet another scammer ,he contacted me on Oasis dating goes by the user name Godsea1,email,

    I have been talking to a lovely lady at Oasis dating,they will be putting a warning on there home page under “Fraudulent accounts” warning of this current scam and what to look out for,something positive at last.

  328. Has anyone heard of Jack Keeler apparently a marine in Afghanistan. I am very suspicious although he hasn’t asked for any money yet.
    He has a son living with Grandma in California and says very similar things to what I have been reading on this site.

  329. KATE

    Search his ip address, this will give you his true location, please don’t forget they are very clever at what they do, sometimes taking months to get you to trust them,and to build a relationship with you,but they do seem to follow a very similar pattern,if he mentions a diplomer, he is a fake as they do not exist, pop onto the American Embassy website, as lots of info about this stuff there.


  330. would just like to say that i believe im being scam med at the moment, although im not as naive as he thinks i am, I grew up in the military and my brother is still serving in British army and we have a lot of american family so easier to find out certain things!
    Whilst in a conflict zone they are not allowed leave only on compassionate grounds.
    I am being told I cant sent him anything, thats a lie because i can send care packages, he has asked me for £450 to get his ticket over to see me for 3 months. I asked his rank which he gave me as Sgt Alfred Barrera, wouldnt give me his grade which incidently my brother found out from the insignia on his sleeve which all soldiers have (clever bloke my brother) All the photo’s were of the same guy and his daughter, this is suspect although the girl actually looks like him!
    When i spoke to him about my brother he told me i wasnt to tell anyone about him until he comes over here, he wont phone me or allow me to phone him, although they are not allowed to phone on mobiles so i know that bit id true!
    There are some things that ring true and others he is extremely cagey about.
    I will however say that on saturday i was asked to pick some money up from the postoffice and send to a collins daniel in Nigeria, i spoke to the guy after i had sen the money that is basically it, i know feel i have helped them scam some poor woman, was mad with myself when i read messages on here and realised what i’d done!
    I will not be sending this guy any money have told him to serve his time as thats what he signed up for and IF he comes over here he can come over on his own steam!
    Actually doubt if i will hear from him now he realises im on to him after the questions my brother told me to ask!

  331. thanks for that site just found out that although i have different photo’s the guy alfred barrera went by the name of tommy williams barrera same guy just different photo’s, what a tosser!!!

  332. Thanks for the information Annemarie. This guy asked me for money to get him home on leave so he could marry me and I want to thank you all for your letters on here as it was those that made me realise what a tosser he was, not that I would have sent him money, I am a single mum but that didn’t seem to bother him he just wanted the money. So thanks again.

  333. I have been talking to a Lt Col Glen Gardon for a while now, says he is in Kabul Afghanistan, how do I find out if he is for real? He hasnt asked for money as yet but after seeing your site I just dont know what to believe anymore.
    I cant see your photos so dont know what to believe anymore.
    Can you send me pics that you have please, dont want to carry this on if he not real thanks. Carol

  334. I’ve talked to a Captain Steve Spicer in Sudan, and he has now asked for money so he can retire, I have mailed a number of them these pages to him, unfortunately, so I did enough to disclose some personal information was an email address to mailto:, where they wanted some information, and stupid as it was so I left out some personal info. This is his email He is also on fb.

  335. Well I too got caught up with a scam, again he was a sergeant in the US Army and serving in Iraq, and soon to retire, a very handsome looking man ,pictures of him in uniform and also in casual clothing , he was very respectful , loving and church going man, he claimed he was a widow and had no family,and wanted to start a new life with someone special??? Well he did not ask for money , but wished for me to be in receipt of a package on his behalf to be sent to me from Iraq?? Well of course the alarm bells rang and I asked for his ID, which I never received, also I realized looking back, that at the start the emails were consistent, but then once he had my interest the emails were different the writing, the spelling also the color of the font(especially when we chatted on line) which changed as time went on and I realized I was not the only one that he must have been chatting to , it was obvious that he used one color writing for me and another for someone else ,just in case he made a mistake? I immediately cut contact with him or them, and I hope to never again hear from them… I just wish that the likes of them would get caught , I know there are a lot of women out there like me that went on these sites to meet someone nice and good and respectful , but end up with scum like that….never again that’s me finished.. just be careful ladies

  336. CAROL
    I would suggest you check his ip adress from the top of one of the emails he has sent to you,go to google and just put into the search engine trace ip,and it will give you lots of sites there, they explain how to do it,you could also check the soldiers perspective, wall of shame, there you will see pics of some of the real soldiers being used in this type of scam,remember they are very good at what they do,check his english grammer,does he buzz you every time you are on line?does he chat at funny times of the day? ask him the time, and check if it matches the time difference,that is how i caught my scammer out he told be it was 9.30 pm where he was but it should have been much later as i know the time difference, and he was scamming from Ghana,go into his messenger friends list see how many women he is talking too,i did, i now chat on line to two of them, 1 he has asked for 1500us dollars, the other a laptop,1 in the UK the other in NZ,please do not be taken in,if he wishes to come and see you then he does so on his own merrits,please be safe most are only after our money.


  337. I received a Skype message from Major Maxwell John Spoon asking if I would be his friend on Skype, serving in Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission.
    I have not responded as a result of reading this site.

  338. Ladies be warned!!! Colonel Roger Parker is on the prowl…. aged 60 in Afganistan, from Cheshire in UK. Son aged 16yr wife died of cancer – due to retire. Usual story…..I was asked to phone Ghana about a package….told him I thought it was a con.. didnt want to get involved with secretive packages and why would a package from Afgan to UK go via Ghana??? Lovely pic of guy in civvies, no army photo…would love to meet the real guy in pic…. Presume the con would be asking me to pay money for the postage.
    It is easy to get drawn in by these freaks……sad…. Lets hope there are some genuine guys out there!!!!

  339. My name is Niels Mikkelsen, I’m a reporter on a danish news-show at TV 2.
    currently we work to gather enough information from around the world to do a programme on this type of scam. are you interested in telling your story, please write an email to

  340. Hello, I’m making a Radio Feature for my final year project at university, about online dating and scams that people have fallen victim of. I would like to interview a victim of the scams, to make people know of the dangers of being online.

    If anyone is interested in sharing their experience with me then please send me an email to

    Would really appreciate any help people are able to offer.
    I am desperate for some help, as I am struggling to find victims.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

    Thank you very much!

    Leanne Mumby

  341. I met a person called Curtis Lopez on dating site called on the 10/10/2011.
    We both cancelled the profile and try to know each other. The more I try to find out about him things reviling that he was using someone’s photos to met women. His age given in the site doesn’t match the one he gave me on yahoo messenger. After two weeks He requested money to send him through western Union to Afghanistan British military champ while his money is locked in the luggage. He told me that he will be retired this week to come to London from Afghanistan. He has a lot connection so he can provide a contact details to trap people. I did my research and discovered that this man is not real. He did not want to skpe and see his face. He could not give me his military number so I can call MOD to find out about him. The next thing is he chatted on yahoo messenger and told me never contact MOD. He disappeared for ever. I reported him to the police. i lost £2900

  342. hi just finished talking with a haggard armstrong[david] for the last two months;usual charm chat till 3wks ago wanted to send me a parcel via diplomat containing money;usual story ;parcel held in customs and wanted me to pat 4;000 dollars;i refused; he was ok with me still declared he wanted to come here;last spoke on thur 27th oct wen he told me he was coming on 15th nov;havnt heard from him since; now i have another SCOTT MILLER BASED IN AFGANISTAN ;single;47 and retiring in 5 weeks said hes from texas but on his bbw profile hes from new york? anyone shed any light?

  343. Kathleen,
    I would suggest you take a look at A soldiers perspective,a blog site run by a true soldier CJ, Mr miller is very active on there, also check out the wall of shame,as lots of pictures of the soldiers the scammers are using,please stay safe,


  344. to 365.

    I was asked for money by William Wagner (he has photos of a man in a US uniform with the name Wagner, maybe the same but with different first name).I have got feelings that he is the same persone, met thim on the can find him on facebook but there are not list of friends -people who would know carefull ,Ladies

  345. hi ladies, i had been speaking to AREADYHEART man aged 45 from Perth Australia, his photos were just beautiful, he was romantic and said beautiful things, we were planning to meet up in brisbane – i was ready to book my fares and organise 2 hotel rooms next to each other. its the first time ive been on a dating site, we chatted for only a week, but for up to 7 hrs a night, felt a real connection with this guy, he said he was american, his wife had passed away, had a 13 yr old daughter, he worked on the oil rigs, was an ex professional golfer, travelled the world etc etc – all sounded too good to be true. i asked for more photos, and blew them up onthe screen and found differences between the photos i.e. shape of mouth, height, eyes, jaw shape different etc etc. i didnt want to believe it was a hoax, then got on google and searched his name BRUCE ADAMS couldnt find anything to do with golf, couldnt find him as an oil rig contractor, couldnt find anything onthe gold pro am circuit about him. i could have played him along, but decided to ask him to send me a txt or phone call without turning number sending off etc (I wanted to see if it ws an australian number he was calling from) and to establish identity, he didnt answer my email message, i did more internet research, then sent a very assertive letter saying that until he could establish his identity with me i would not speak to him, contacted dating site and an investigation is pending and i have not heard from him since, guess i felt sad as had created a picture in my head of meeting etc etc and he was absolutely gorgous in the photos… i sent another stern email re scamming and insulting people, i also smelt another rat as his grammar and spelling was not as good as it should have been for an engineer i.e. having studied for years etc…. his words were a little pigeon english… so putting two and two together i feel thankful that i was not sucked in. will be wise next time thats for sure. its like living in a fantasy land talking to these faceless people, they can say anything, and trust me, the words were beautiful…. we must only believe what is real, next time im suggesting we talk on webcam, i want to see the face and hear the accent, thats a start. nobody not even friends ask for money so if a stranger asks, thats a sure sign to give them a wide berth – never ever send money to anyone… not ever. we were going to pay our own airfares. he did get a bit short with me tho when i was trying to firm up dates to meet.
    one of the photos was him running a marathon and i searched on the club in US and also on his bib number, then sent the photo to all warrior clubs asking them to advise this person that their identity had been stolen, i have tried my hardest to advise the true owner of the photos… but the scarey thing is these scammers also grab our photos and we could be posted on dating sites anywhere using another name, quite a scarey thought really…. does anyone know if there is such a thing as identifying a person from a photo – anywhere on the web as i would like to find the true identity of this person….. scammers preying on ladies (and in some cases men) who just want to find their soul mate and maybe love of their life. busy professionals who dont do the social circuit to meet people, this I thought was a viable alternative, but is fraught with danger signs. do be careful ladies, dont get sucked in, take the words with a grain of salt, anyone can say anything on a chat email, hiding behind a mask of a stolen photo…. ps i also was a bit dubious, thinking a professional golfer who had trvelled the world would have no shortage of ladies wanting to join his group, why would he be on Oasis dating site. If anyone else has been stung by areadyheart please email me at, we can share stories.

    be safe out there…

  346. General Maxwell John Spoon added me on skype. His skype name is generalmaxwelljohnspoon2. Don’t be scared if he says he knows you or knows your contact info. Fail troll is fail.

  347. Ladies and gents,
    You guys need to be careful out there. These people make us look bad. @Ronda Steve A Jordon never served. There is a form going around to get him behind bars. The military send us to and from Iraq and anywhere else they send us. I ETS’d from Korea and they flown me home. Do not give them money. There was a guy arrested a couple of months ago for this. I am a vet from the 82nd airborne when I got this email.


    I am Capt.Joe Kepler Patton, an officer in the US Army,presently serving in the Military with the US Army,I’m commander of the Paratrooper with B. Co, 1st Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division stationed here at Camp Victory Baghdad Iraq, I am on the move to Afghanistan from Iraq as the last batch just left, and i really need your help in assisting me with the safe keeping of two military trunk boxes which has just arrived the USA from the UK. I hope you can be trusted? Kindly view this news blog below for some info

    If you can be can be trusted,i will explain further when i get a response from you. Please ensure to reply via my private e-mail address

    God Bless America

    God Bless
    Col.Joe Kepler Patton

    sad thing is I was with this unit’s sister unit, so I called my old unit and asked who he was. They never heard of him. Also He said he was a CPT but signed out as a COL thats 3 ranks higher by the end of the email……..nice try though. There is alot of sick people out there.

  348. I was being scamed by mate_kelvin40@yahoo. he is using a false identity. Beware of him!!!! he is till on yahoo messenger, datanta dating site and facebook

  349. Liz and others,
    I too have been scammed by a ‘pro’. He used the name ‘Lesley Howell’ and I am certain he is the same ‘Greg Howell’ Liz spoke of. He claims to be a trainer for Dyncorp, lost a fiance several years ago, has an ill mother living in Greece, etc.
    I would like to speak with you Liz and compare, as I believe he is also utilizing other aliases. Please contact me at
    Thank you.

  350. I can’t understand why so many of you allow yourself to be duped (conned). You must of all heard of the saying: “If it sounds too good to be true . . . . then it probably is” Simply don’t get yourself conned and further more, stop believeing what they say – they are coning vulnerable (gullible) people like you !!

  351. Hello ladies i have speaking with a sergeant Mark c miller. He is in Iraq also. He said he has one son 17years old. He too has been writing nice things to me. Sent me a picture of him in milatary uniform. he said he is divorced and his son is in south africa, to be away from his mother. I do have a phone # but cannot get through all the time. he said he is from ny but orignally Atlanta Georgia. If anyone has heard this before please contact me @

  352. I have been a victim of a scammer using the name of General John R Allen. he is a real General working in Afghanistan for NATO, I was asked for £25,000 to get gold bullion out of the country,and sent to me, for safe keeping, I told him I only had £6,000 and neaded £5,000 as my best friend was dying of cancer, and that I had to pay for his funeral, he begged my hourly for the money, but I refused, my friend died on the 26th October 2011. This is the sickest scamm I have ever heard of, any one else heard of the general. beware lowest of the lowest

  353. i my wife lynn has been conned by a markcus miller who claims to be in the army .this guy is not he is in acca in ghana ,,i want people to contect me who has been conned as i am going over to ghana soon to trae this guy …..

  354. hi my ex wife was conned by a markcus miller claming to be in the usa army in afganastan she gave 2000 pounds ,promiseing to come over and get married than take lyn back to washington dc to live,as a ex serivce man i check him out and yes you probably guess he is reg in the usa army.than further information came to light was this guy came from ghana who is married but working in a group ..i susspect this is a gang working in the usa and even britain ,i want to hear from any body who has kept payment recripts from westuion or even transfer details i am going over shorty to ghana to trace this conmen and if you read this conmen i am comeing to find u with cid and orthers please contect my email

  355. I am also curious to know if it is possible to contact the real person involved in US Army soldier scam. I met a US soldier who called himself Gabriel Rivera who was allegedly based out in Afghanistan via this year. We chatted for about 5 months and I unfortunately fell for a scam to pay for charges related to emergency leave as the emails did not come from Gabriel but from a Lt Mark Collins who was supposedly in the US Army processing dept. I filled out forms and sent money via Money Transfer and thought it was all sorted when I got one more request this Monday for more money and then discovered it had been a scam. I really want to contact the person in the photos who has the surname Rivera but I dont know if Gabriel is his real name to let me know he is also a victim of this. I have notified UK Police and IC3 and other agencies and have even emailed CID in US Military to help but nothing forthcoming yet. Can anyone help?

  356. Hello!!! I’ve been contacted by a so called US Army soldier deployed in Afghanistan Lucas Abel Milner email address He states single 39 year father his date of birth April 25th which is my bday don’t know how he got my bday information. Well he was very nice charming man to talk too. He mention he has a 6 year old son named David that the nanny took off out of state and now David is left with his neighbour. Lucas asked me send him 700US to help care for his son. I told him he was a scammer and he got upset and stopped talking to me. I did not send any funds. Then 3 days later he messaged me back on face book stating he missed talking to me and loved me. He send me email asking for marriage. He told me that he ruined his day that he was devasted that I called him a scammer. I told him I don’t know u and ur asking me for money and I don’t have any. Anyways this went on for a month. I did some research and asked him to email me from his military account asking him for his Insignia, Service number and unit information. Lucas told me he was going to do it and never did. He called me a fool and I told I’m not a fool this is the Internet and if he says u love me as much as u do this should not be a problem sending email from ur military account. I told him there’s lots of scams going on. I sent a example of one soldier that got scammed indentity fraud and I told him this is sad and there’s lots of low life’s out there. Anyways been 3 days I haven’t heard a thing. I reported him to face book and some other government sites just waiting to hear back. Forgot to mention I’m from Canada. Scams are all over the place. Makes me feel sad that there are this many bad people out there. If anyone need anymore information I have pictures he sent me of him and son neighbour other army personel. Lucas says he was using another army personals cell phone to talk to me. I hope he gets caught

  357. Has anyone come across Dave Mills – supposedly working in intelligence and humanitarian aid with the United Nations in Pakistan. Based in London.
    Nice photo! Met on Friends Reunited in October. Wanted to chat on Live MEssenger. chatted for a month – seemed really nice, interesting – seemed tyo know about UN, apparently grew up in USA, though British, was with Marines before joining UN, moving back to UK with wife. Had son, got divorced. Little things didn’t add up when I checked. Said he lived SE16, then Millwall (which is E14) based in London (no major UN offices in London since 2003,). Wouldn’t phone me, but said i could text his pager if I got him T mobile voucher. Afetr a month asked me for money to pay duty for some stuff he’d ordered for a private deal. Niot allowed to access his account while on tour, could only ise his card, which he had a problem with. Asked me to send to a Barclays BAnk account name Margaret Kent. Foolishly I did – can’t believe it now. Then checked emails form him (not many) and looked up IP address, but I think these were fake cos they located him to the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, and it was a proxy server. On looking up sort code, the bank was in Bolton.A later email had a different IP address. He sent more photos – very nice. Then asked for more money , after a couple of weeks of being very nice, and promising he was due home any time, and wanted me to meet him at the airport etc. I stalled and reported him to the police who have taken a statement and all the email stuff, and convertsations I’d thought of saving. But they’ve done nothing which is so frustrating. I did a reverse look up of the pics on google, and have identified the poor man in the photos from his My Space profile – he is from California, USA. He has loads of photos, and is probably unaware they’ve been stolen. There is nothing to suggest he has anything to do with this. I got a hilarious letter on fake UN paper professing undying love and soppy stuff, supposedly sent from a colleague who returned to England. Definitely Nigerian sounding. Managed to get another account no in name of Nicola Brunning in Cambridge, but have not sent money. So wanted to keep him ‘live’ so police could trace him, but I feel let down by them.
    Wonder if these 2 women are victims too.
    If anyone has heard of him please let me know. I am a widow, and its hard to believe someone could do this, but hard to believe I fell for it.
    It seems different from the soldier scam. But he definitely seemed to know about military stuff, world affairs,the UN, Pakistan/Afghanistan border stuff, but I guess he could’ve googled it. Some of the UN stuff wasn’t right. Lots of stuff about his travels – he’d been everywhere!

  358. ladys pls look out for this person david j sanders/sgt david j sanders/david elliot email address sgt david j hes not in usa army cant even spell it he hasnt lost his wife 6 years ago in the london bombings as soon as i said he was a scammer he said i was and the writing back was nothing like an american would say hes from afcia somewhere he said he loved me talking to him on the second day LADYS BEWARE

  359. have been in contact with someone calling themselves Daniel Morgan us military sergent.we met on a dating site and he wanted to send Us 2,2million to me through Un diplomatic cargo.Diplomat’s name Brent hiller.Sent all the requested documents but something kept ringing warning bells in my head so decided to google both names and am i glad i did so, tomorrow i’m submitting all the information to the American think i had fallen for it.Dan is dead may his soul rest in peacebut this world is full of sick people

  360. Since the beginning of November I have been e-mailing a ‘Cecil De-Bright Miller’, supposedly, a Sergeant Major in the US Army currently based in Kabul, Afghanistan who contacted me through Match.Com. He told me he was widowed, like myself, was 49 like me and had a 13 year old son, Mark, who was at boarding school in the US. He told me however that he had a home in Lewisham. It was only after my sister-in-law gave me an article from the Guardian about these scams I became a bit more sceptical, especially when he said he had a ‘package’ of money, medals etc. that he needed to be taken care of but had no family to send them to. It was suppose to be a reward from the Afghanistan Government for the hard work he and some fellow soldiers had done. I was worried a) how legal it all was and b) didn’t want the responsibility of it. When I mentioned why did he not ask the diplomat he had mentioned to place it all in a safety deposit box in a Bank of his choice or that I would have to get some legal advice if he wanted to send it over here, he became a bit more agitated. A few days ago after a couple of hours on the internet my sister-in-law gave me this website and where lo and behold good old Cecil’s pictures are under various alias’. Cecil never got to ask me for money and had told me he was rich where he had worked so hard all his life. I feel so very gullible.

  361. I joined 2b dating site and i was emailed by staff sergant james miller what amazing poems he wrote but he asked me for money and i never heard from him again, how odd i thought i could hardly beleive my eyes after reading some of your emails james emailed me only just three months ago.

    The secon man cap donald muel lovly family photos of his two girls and his wifr died sadly 8 years ago.
    Nice emails to start off with then he aked me for money.

    Is capt donald muel a fake i really would like to know in my heart i think he may be.

    Could anyone tell me

    Please take care these men have only just been on the dting site as quiet afew other men in afganstan


  362. please will you add my email address as i would like to hear from anyone who as ever heard from capt donald muel.

    These men encluding staff sergant james miller are on other sites.

    I have asked myself over and over where do they obtain the photos they send.

    They all seem to pose as fathers and their wifes have passed away they are
    all out fighting in the war.

    The men send perfect written emails to begin with then when you start to ask lots of quetions the emails are reduced down to a few lines.

    They are all posing high rank men and they start wanting your personal email addy very quick.
    The people that are doing this are clever and please do not trust them.

    Sadly we all join the dating sites in hope that we are going to find the one person that we let into our heats and trust.

    I did a search and found out some information. when you are in the us army no one can apply for leave on that persons behalf leave is not bought.
    please email me at

    I will be happy to pass on this email its very useful and i hope it will help someone else losing money
    take care

  363. I have experience the same as /Debs. the same excuse boxes to ship with awards, medals and US life insurence. But it was sent from Peter James Mcneil.Who has a very well grammar and a lovely way to treat a women. Thanks God I listen to my son and daughter who did notice that it was a scam. Who ever needs money should work for it or ask a family to help him or her. Not a stranger. We must be very carefull.

  364. I do not know what is happening in Nigeria. Many excroci pose as Christians and have a great persuasion. Talk by David J. Sanders. mail address. himself as a Christian, and says his wife and child died in the bombing of London.
    I have not sent money, but he used me to send “donations”, that money he received from women in Nigeria
    Minded women that marries them and is very romantic, very nice talk until you’re not agree with him.
    Please the soul no longer believe, is a excroc.
    Collect a lot of money every month saying that donations are for orphans in Nigeria.
    He wants to send money through WU and MG. Do not believe it is a liar.
    I asked many questions and I realized that in mind. I am Christian and I know that churches receive money via bank account, not by Wu and MG.
    Since I do not help children understand not agree with him, and hurting me, humiliate. I ignore it and everything is in my mesenger.
    If anyone knows the police in the city ADO_EKITI, Ekiti State in Nigeria, please contact me at ID
    These excroci should stay where they belong

  365. please beware randy stankovitch oasis dating..seen same pics as jeff miller on another sight..the dirty robbing b…tards..they should be hung drawn and quartered..god bless the proper soldiers.

  366. I have been in contact with an kenneth watts Afghanistan injured car crash now in Ghana a Sgt Daniel Morgan widowed one son in Nigeria car accident ?whether same man still in Nigeria has never asked for money never seen photo of him general carter ham wants me to pay diplomats for an award he got during Libya conflict but not all scammers are American soldiers anyone who asks for money online be warned that’s all I am saying my policy is keep your friends close but your enemies closer they soon slip up as many have .met them all either on skype or Facebook so be warned

  367. I think someone is tying to scam me but will be pleases if he is real. name being used ; He is serving in afganistan says he is a prpfessional engineer and has experiance in the buiding feild. very much the same story widow 2 girls asking to come to nz to live with me claims I am his soul mate. after 6wks? im not blonde and yoes he is asking me to pay his fares andhe’llpamme back it sounds dodgy

  368. I started doing some research about this Sgt.David J. Sanders. I got suspicious when he asked me to wire him money which he needed in order to get his “LEAVE PASS” so that he could come and visit me. The amount was shocking for me $ 12,000USD. Initially he make me trust him, telling me he’s lost his wife and son in a car bombing in London…later on he asked me if I could do something for him since his mother was sick and couldn’t do it. She collected money from good hearted people to send to the needed (orphans in Nigeria to some chuch to Ojo Toyosi)So he required my help to send the donation money for the orphans in Nigeria. he told me the money will be sent from Europe, USA, Romania…and I had to go to a WU. So, I asked him why didn’t this people send it directly to the church?, he said his mother is the one who has to keep the records, but he would do it when he cames to visit me. I said I couldnt do it, because I have two jobs and the time I have left is when I come home at midnight.. So, everything is closed and I just had no time. He said he would find somebody else..and that he was sad I couldnt do it because he trusted me. We kept communicating via e-mail…until recently he asked me to to all this paper work so that he could come and visit me…that’s when I was asked for the 12,000 dollars and send it through WU email from this Col. Robert Gonzalez. I decided to do some research and ended up here. THANK GOD!and You for the warnings. He also works with this Lt. Col. Robert Gonzalez, Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, Sgt. Patrick McCartney (I received e-mails from) ; Military ; ; ; .This names are used by these people and the documents show the logo of U.S ARMY (benefits dpt) His last e-mail said he’s sick and getting injections because he needs medications..even the “doctor” sent me an e-mail about his “condition”. I bet that was his last e-mail. Watch out for this email addresses!

  369. I’m a victim also. I reported it all the CID ( and the
    The scammers use free emailaccounts, they send account information and number of accounts with female names, and the mailaddresses of the “military” are also free accounts. has a warning:
    I rapport the accounts by the bank (check homepage and send the info due Contact file)
    You can track the IP addresses ( 9 and rapport the accounts also by the messengers yahoo, hotmail or whatever.
    Let them call you, just don’t respond, it can happen that the number appears like it did on my phone and rapport it.
    They use Western Union Money transfer and the Moneygram.
    Military can’t make a request for leave, if they can leave it doens’t cost any fees. They have access to their accounts, scammers say they don’t have access due security reasons.
    Talk about it pls and rapport it all!
    Military Serving their country don’t deserve this!

  370. i was almost a victim to gabriel rivera scam however he asked me to apply for emergency leave out of the us army however i did refuse. he said he had no family comes from georgia and had fallen out with his gay brother 10 years ago, when i refused bouquets of flowers started to arrive with no name on them from moonpig. he then told me it was his 47th birthday and i questioned this as i have the same photos that are attched on comment 281, when i questioned this he became very annoyed on an email and we stopped talking he was found out. the email i was in touch with is
    i had started talking to him through pof website i am worried for his next victims luckily i had my suspicions

  371. I have started talking to a Wayne Sheen tonight…something made me google his name…and this site came up..anyone heard of him

  372. Hi. I’m like everyone else here…I think I am being subjected to a scam of the ‘long play’ kind!

    I’m just wondering does anyone know if a “Sean P Tucker” is doing the rounds at all?

    And also, has a dating site called been involved in any of these scams?


  373. Hi. I think my sister is beeing scammed. but in her case is not a US soldier but an electronic engeneer working in Iraq. “He” claims to be italian, living in Holand (she lives in Belgium, how convenient), divorced with a 12 year old child at his care (claims his mother was a drug addict) and involved her in a long story of militia and kidnaping fear and can´t get out of Iraq unless receiving some eletronic equipment from USA, but can´t send the money to pay for beeing abroad with no comunication with his bank. She has never seen him, not even on a webcam, only a few atractive pictures from the dating site profile and some chating (the guy claims he can´t send emails that easily from where he is in Iraq for fear of beeing located and kidnaped by the suburban militia) tha fact is that she already send money to someone in UK, Russia and USA through Western Union (stupid!) but she doesnt even knows the name of his bank in Holland or the name of the suppliers in USA. Is this a new kind of scam? She´s conscious of beeing in a sleepery situation but st the same time too much involved with that “guy”. Wake up woman? What kind of guy talks about marriage after a month of dating on line?

  374. I met the man in baboo name James Ruddock. He said he works in US army us a major commanding Officer. Of cource my brain’s bells are rining because if he is Afganistan, how he can be in nsm messanger. I met him Badoo net and he has 14 years old boy and son is taking care with nanny in NY. But his profile is Birmingham AL. He didn’t ask money yet but he told only how much he loves me. I cann’t believe that.

  375. james Ruddock sent so loving message many timen but after few message I knew thia man is scammer. Just same story he is Afganistan major office in usa army. he aske me to sen my real name, phone number and address. He goes on a penson and got 89.00 dollaria ja myöhemmin 350.000 dollaria and he sent them me ad come back to spend the rest of his life with me. Shit I say. i didn’t tell anything to him. I think ha has many names and stories. he said he lives in NY USA, if he aggres was to Birminghamn.

  376. James Ruddock said he has 14 year old boy who lives with nanny in NY.His every letter were full of love so much nearly every rows. He aske at last today if I tell why i’m not write him any more. I said I don’t want to read his message anymore. I have red all theese stories and i know the nest question could asked moned to looking for the disappear oagage where the mony was. He wrote me only five days.

  377. Am looking for information on a Sgt Arron J Smith who is based at this moment in Afghanistan. He claims to have a 12 year old son. As I think that i have been totally scammed by him. Any help would be gratefully received.

  378. Hi Ridde and Nanny, I’m scammed also by a Capt.Ruddock, how stupid i’ve been send him already € 10000 and a laptop to Ghana. He was getting to me (?) Today had skype with him, he’s hold in Ghana, because of the fact his package is holden by airport, they want me to pay tax so he can have his package back (with a lot of money in it) as he says, lucky i found this website, reading now all comments about women been scammed, i’m ashamed of what I did, want see anything back I guess. Is there no one who can help us, to get such a men out, going into prison for what they did ? I feel angry, abused… how could Ive been so stupid , ok I’m fragile after my divorce a couple of month’s ago, living alone, was seeing for friends on internet, but this scam makes me so furious.. Everyone can get pic of that Capt Ruddock.

  379. I was to scram by someone calling his self Sgt Samuel England said he was in Iraq and need my help . But I know who ever this is is not that person. /watch out for him

  380. Well I think I am part of this scam business too although I haven’t yet been asked for any money I suspect that will be the next step!
    Thankfully I am not silly enough to send any and besides I just dont have it!
    I have been chatting to a Keith Edwards – 46 Widower 4 yrs with a 14 yr old daughter, US soldier but lived in UK for at least the time his daughter was born.
    I’ve had the poems, declarations of love & spending the rest of our lives together mails etc.
    He also states he has a cocoa plant in Nigeria which seems to be a new one, not seen any other messages that relate to that kind of thing yet?
    We e-mail and text and msn chat and he has called me on the phone several times when he says the network is too bad to get online!
    He has a very deep accent and my first thought was that he was african but there is definitely an american accent too since talking again.
    I have about 12 pictures of him and of coure he is very handsome, I tried to google him online but could only find one picture of a Keith Edwards and it didnt look like the same man?
    How do you look up military personnel online, can anyone help with that please?
    My e-mail is
    would be interested in hearing from others who may have spoken to this man too!
    Many thanks and keep your wits about you ladies
    Donna x

  381. Here is one sample:

    Honey, I will not hide anything from you because you mean a lot to me. I have a dying Captain here. Navy seal command. He might not make it to London where he will be flown to in 24hours for the nearest and emergency surgery. We do not have that facility here in Afghan, and if he is to be flown to the United States, his chances of staying alive is near zero. He gave me a dying man instruction. And here is his story for help. There was a community called Bishkek this community were attacked by some Taliban, and some how the team which he commands was signaled and he took some of his colleagues to intervene, and succeeded in protecting the lives and properties of the people of that community. They were also able to rescue oil workers and secured pipelines that channel crude oil worth millions in dollars being targeted for destruction with explosives.

    However, he received bullet wounds in the head and leg but he made $2,000,000 as compensation because he was severely injured and 2 bars of gold as gift from the community for his effort. But he might not survive the bullet wounds that has gradually destroyed him.

    He wants me to take the boxes home before I return to the Us embassy in Kabul and set up a trust fund for his son who is in Spain with his ex wife. She is married to another man. He wants the son to be able to get the money once he is 18years.

    He is being flown out in 24hours and I intend putting the package there. I will have it taken to one of our special military delivery unit in Kabul and have it registered with your name and address. The contents will be declared assets of a soldier who is being sent home. He is giving me $1million which he trust I will use for charity. I intend to use it and have my hospital running and maybe our vacation. If you have a business also you intend to run, we can do it together.

    I also don’t know how to set up a trust fund, maybe you can help show me what to do. I have the details of his son. I hope he survives the operation but if he doesn’t, I trust you and I can help him. You are a sweetener and I don’t know how I fell for you. Take care and let me know what your thoughts are about this.

    Love you sunshine.


  382. Jame Ruddok IP address is
    He is scammer and do it for his job. “Afganistan USA army officer”

  383. On oter man is Terry Williams who changes his names and he said he has architect office in Edingurg. One page is full of Terry Williams when he scam by buy some things and promise pay with cheques. He hasn’t pay anything. One site is full of this name what he has done. Ofcourse he loves every woman so much and said he has ring in his pocket to mary very soon. IP addresses,,, mail is I hope theese inormation help many.

  384. Ladies, please be careful of these scammers.. i am also a victim. this scammer said that he is a us army just deployed to afghanistan recently..he once called me and i have noticed that he got a very strong accent..not american accent. i started doubting about it. he used the name under Andy Sidge and a friend Petry Wade… he sent me the photo of Andy Sidge wearing a us army uniform..but he did not realized that the real names in Mr Sidge and Mr Wade uniform was showing in front pocket.. Stupid Idiots, not smart enough…i was able to trace these 2 us army’s real name…It was Ralph Edwards and Leroy Petry..poor guys they were being abused by scammers on internet…it’s a virtual personality they realize that they are being abused? can we do something about it.. i really feel sorry for these 2 soldiers..i am really angry…hope i can help to find these scammers.

  385. guys, i got nearly victimized by a scammer. they portray themselves as someone else by using fake pics some are using names of real american soldiers including those killed in action and steal photos from military websites on the social media profiles of real soldiers to make their on line dating profiles appear legitimate. they are usually from africa and have turn out to be global pandemic by spreading to other countries such as india, malaysia, UK,USA, canada etc. beware if these people never open their cam and ask money and bank details from you. come to think of it, is it right to give money to someone you don’t even know. your conscience and intuition will guide you. think and ask your friends and family’s advise. and to make it clear the real sgt, david sanders is in his mid 20’s and not 45 above. the one using this email> is bogus. ‘JUST DON’T GIVE YOUR MONEY TO PIGS.

  386. One man again has found who asked money, he said he lives in Canada (Ontario)and he has big busness there, but he has any propetie there. He said he has house in Germany. He makes business in Zambia and Ghana. He has only 15.000 dollars to start his business there. He hasn’t any more money and now he needs much more and asked if I’ll take loan for my house and make a small favourite him. I don’t give money him, his have to go Geman and sell the house what he planned to save it for older. Please be careful, don’t give money, address and phone numbers.
    Ip address are..…

  387. I think I have come very close to being scammed by “Gabriel Rivera”. I have pictures very similar to the ones posted by comment 281. I met him on and have been chatting for 6 months. I have had the story about him being an only child and both his parents being dead, although there have been no requests for leave. He asked me to apply for leave for him and I would not so he said he had done it himself – received e-mail a week ago saying that he had got leave and was just waiting for his official letter and nothing since. Goggled him and found this site. I feel sorry for the real person in those pics if he is not part of this scam. He is using same email addy as one mentioned in comment 441. He would have got no money out of me as i have none.

  388. Think I have another scammer – Michael Garcia. Says he is a surgeon working for the UN in Syria – lots of his personal details have checked out but already asked me to apply for leave for him – which I have said no to. I quizzed him on being a scammer and he got really angry and defensive. Spoke to me for a few more days afterwards and now disappeared. Any one else experienced Michael Garcia or scams coming from Syria.

  389. Atenção mulheres!
    JAMES RUDDOC está atacando novamente, ele tem conversado comigo através do e seu apelido é jamieluv.

    Atenção: ere is one sample:
    Honey, I will not hide anything from you because you mean a lot to me. I have a dying Captain here. Navy seal command. He might not make it to London where he will be flown to in 24hours for the nearest and emergency surgery. We do not have that facility here in Afghan, and if he is to be flown to the United States, his chances of staying alive is near zero. He gave me a dying man instruction. And here is his story for help. There was a community called Bishkek this community were attacked by some Taliban, and some how the team which he commands was signaled and he took some of his colleagues to intervene, and succeeded in protecting the lives and properties of the people of that community. They were also able to rescue oil workers and secured pipelines that channel crude oil worth millions in dollars being targeted for destruction with explosives.
    However, he received bullet wounds in the head and leg but he made $2,000,000 as compensation because he was severely injured and 2 bars of gold as gift from the community for his effort. But he might not survive the bullet wounds that has gradually destroyed him.
    He wants me to take the boxes home before I return to the Us embassy in Kabul and set up a trust fund for his son who is in Spain with his ex wife. She is married to another man. He wants the son to be able to get the money once he is 18years.
    He is being flown out in 24hours and I intend putting the package there. I will have it taken to one of our special military delivery unit in Kabul and have it registered with your name and address. The contents will be declared assets of a soldier who is being sent home. He is giving me $1million which he trust I will use for charity. I intend to use it and have my hospital running and maybe our vacation. If you have a business also you intend to run, we can do it together.
    I also don’t know how to set up a trust fund, maybe you can help show me what to do. I have the details of his son. I hope he survives the operation but if he doesn’t, I trust you and I can help him. You are a sweetener and I don’t know how I fell for you. Take care and let me know what your thoughts are about this.
    Love you sunshine.
    457. Nanny | May 20th, 2012 at 6:59 am

    Jame Ruddok IP address is
    He is scammer and do it for his job. “Afganistan USA army officer”
    458. Nanny | May 20th, 2012 at 7:21 am

    On oter man is Terry Williams who changes his names and he said he has architect office in Edingurg. One page is full of Terry Williams when he scam by buy some things and promise pay with cheques. He hasn’t pay anything. One site is full of this name what he has done. Ofcourse he loves every woman so much and said he has ring in his pocket to mary very soon. IP addresses,,, mail is . I hope theese inormation help many.
    459. chezza curtis | May 27th, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Ladies, please be careful of these scammers.. i am also a victim. this scammer said that he is a us army just deployed to afghanistan recently..he once called me and i have noticed that he got a very strong accent..not american accent. i started doubting about it. he used the name under Andy Sidge and a friend Petry Wade… he sent me the photo of Andy Sidge wearing a us army uniform..but he did not realized that the real names in Mr Sidge and Mr Wade uniform was showing in front pocket.. Stupid Idiots, not smart enough…i was able to trace these 2 us army’s real name…It was Ralph Edwards and Leroy Petry..poor guys they were being abused by scammers on internet…it’s a virtual personality they realize that they are being abused? can we do something about it.. i really feel sorry for these 2 soldiers..i am really angry…hope i can help to find these scammers.
    460. amvil olive | May 27th, 2012 at 8:50

  390. This man,David Daniels,wrote me week ago.
    Staff Sargent(hmm?)-Baghdad,Iraq, US Army and now Technician-Kabul, Afghanistan, British Army
    “I was going through my Facebook friends suggestions list and I found your profile..” Yeah right!

    ..”So i currently live in the UK with my three kids..” He is,by the way, a single father,huh…

    Greetings from Finland! 🙂

  391. now Mr Muller, vel Miller was promoted and is 2 star us general name Garry Sock. His son 12 y old Felix is in Ghana in american international school. thanks God i find out before i send money, he chating with me last 3 week. He found me on the BEARSHARE. PERFECT BASTARD. I wondering if he is in Ghana – i got his number – ghana number -he spoke to me as teacher his son yesterday – where i can reportet it. my email:

  392. Could anyone tell me if they know of Sgt John William Raymond who’s in the U.K but an American apparently waiting out to resign from the U.S Army? And Daniel J Raymond and Raymond Royce both U.S soldiers ??

  393. Please, never believe that some man in any army can use any messanger because of the enemy can catch the ip-addresses ja find them. An I have catched many ip addresses from the mail message wich leads to Ghana, or California. They speak only rubbish.

  394. Hi ladies, I also fell into the scam of Mr. Miller! Three weeks ago I started talking with this guy, check out the Internet to give me a clue, until you reach this page, Thank God! I read all the comments you have posted in FB and found to Nöelle Rijkers and are the same photos that I defrauded! He came to me for a skype account, becoming Gen.Graham call Miller, a widower of 49 years and a 15 year old son lives in Accra Ghana ! That child was the one who made ​​me, then told me he wanted to have a mom and I believed him, was very sweet and very loving and so I believed all the lies! At first I asked U $ 900.00 for a trip, but I said no I had them and ended up convincing me to send him U $ 150.00, this money send via western union, I have the name of the person you received the money, phone numbers , conversations, emails addresses, hopefully someone can find the whereabouts of this network of scammers!
    hugs with love from CT, USA!

  395. UPDATE on comment 464. Michael Garcia is a scammer. After a few days sulking, we got chatting again and he convinced me to apply for leave for him at and this is the response i got sent.

    Good Day, welcome to the online portal of the UN Leave facility Processing. I have looked into the records of the service men currently on deployment and realize that Dr. Michael Garcia plays a very Pivotal role and it would take due process for his the Leave to be approved.
    You can get back to me if you are ready to take responsibility for the cost of flight and everything this will cost as no service man on deplyoment has access to their funds here for classified reaons. An Urgent replacement has to be made for him, Our department can not take responsibility for cost of flying in the replacement or Dr Michael Garcia’s flight.
    After the charges are paid, we will send you a form, his flight details but for then provide the following details.
    Full Name
    Your Address
    Marital Status

    Yours Faithfully,
    Un Posting Team
    Standing proud in complacency

    Whoever he is, he definitely needs to work on his spelling and grammer. He is using email addy so all ladies beware

  396. I have been chatting with woman claiming to be Jenny Adams Ward a Captain in the U.S. Army as a medic in Afghanistan.Things started out okay at first I even goggled her and pics of her or a very close likeness cane up on a US Army site.She said she wanted to start a family ASAP.She ask me to look into a house even.Then she started asking me to reverse ship things for her to a suppose orphanage located in Ghana,Africa.I since then have gotten a number of letters and calls saying someone attempted to use my personal info on a fake or stolen credit card to purchase high end electronic devices.She even went as far as to send me money orders to deposit in my bank account,these turned out to be counterfeit and my bank pulled them and said as much.These are set to be destroyed.Then she ask if she could pay some bills for me,being in a tight spot with a few bills I let her pay my electric bill,I thought then I received a shut off notice for my electric stating the credit charge was denied.Forcing me to not pay my rent to catch up on the electric bill.Then yesterday she beg me to send some things to that orphanage again.This time I flat out said no.She has since then cut off all communication.This contact game from Facebook originally.I will contact police fraud identity theft division and turn all evidence I have collect to them and The FBI or Treasury Agent if and when they show up.On the money order scam.

  397. Hello ladies I just wanted to say how sorry I am that so many of you have been scammed.I posted a comment on how now they are targeting men also using women in the military.So if you have fathers or brothers or sons.Please dont let them fall victim like me to these people who have no morals.
    The person involved goes by the name of Captain Jenny Adams Ward.I believe these people have stolen her identity. Is there somewhere I can report this to the US Army to prevent any further damage to any other men or women serving and risking their lives for our freedom.Please send any info on any site I can report this to to my e-mail.

  398. hi every 1 i 2 have been talking 2 a GENERAL CARTER F. HAM — which i know is a decorated soldier 1 but not this 1 has been talking on skype / FB 4 ’bout 3 mnths said he wasa widower with a 15yr old son named Kelvin + that he lost his wife Christi then the sting – wanted me 2 send $770 so his diplomat could get a ( bx ) out of Accra Guana onto London then 2 Australia where iam

  399. Hi! I want to warn you about writing to Sgt. Michael conley. Hé contacted me thrugh Skype. At first hé was very nice but later on hé became very nayghty talking about sex and if I was related to another person who I am writing with on Skype. Then he asked me for monet and If I wanted to be related to him. I stopped writing to him and I didn’t answer him.


  401. Hi i have read all the postings here as i have read them the name MARK WILLIAMS has come 2 my attention a few times . i have been in contact with said person who is ( diplomat ) 2 a GENERAL CARTER F HAM )who by the way is a ( real) decorated soldier in the US ARMY ! he has asked 4 mny 2 b sent over 2 Acca 2 get bx 2 bring 2 London then 2 Aust. is he the same mark as in many of the comments b4 me have stated !? pls get bk 2 me thank u all + GOD BLESS — WOMEN UNITE !

  402. I had one after about the 3rd email I realised that it was a scamm . I played along with him and he wanted a ipad then he wanted me to send to his commander a letter for retirement and r n r leave and it was gona cost 1400uk pounds. He was deployed to afghanastan had been there 10 mths from america.
    I googled as I went. When I said if you in afghanastan they only deploy for 9mths and r n r leave is only to be taken if you have been there for 270days and can only be taken within the country your in.
    Will did he spit the dummy. I sent an email back saying- Don’t think every women going to get sucked into your evil lies and shame on you using other peoples photos. The biggest thing is he’ll email what time it was in afganastan but the time on his email come through on a completely different time. Then I got abusive email all I could do is reply with lol

  403. I have been in contact with an American soldier who goes by the name of Capt. William Ruddock. Met him in a dating site of UK. So far he has sent me 6 emails since we began communicating beginning of May. In his last email of early this month, he mentioned that by August of next month, he will be out of Kabul, Afghanistan, where he is currently serving his last mission…He seems educated, a smooth talker, and I wont deny he has me charmed. Unfortunately, tonight, in my curiousity, I got linked to this site: I discovered the photo he sent me. Ugh!! he is a fake! he hasnt yet asked for money yet nor has he mentioned about kids but only a bad marriage.

    Oh well…am glad I learned early.

  404. I cannot believe what I am reading here, only because it’s like I have written it myself.

    I recently started talking to a man on plenty of silver fish… he introduced himself at FITZ and immediately asked me to go to msn with him, which I did…. after only a couple of times talking, he emailed and asked me to get him credit for his phone, at that time he was in Hawaii visiting his daughter and mother… he was a widower of 15 years… of course I didnt get the credit for him, but we carried on talking and emailing… his profile went from the dating site, so I just figured he was happy with me and removed it… bells were ringing in my head because of the credit he asked me for and pressed it on a second occasion at which time I told him not to pressure me into getting it…. I asked to see him on cam and he showed me, but it was odd, he was sitting in the corner on a sofa and he didnt look like his pics but it was difficult because he wasnt looking into the camera…. he told me he was a native Hawaiian but he spoke with an african accent and he was white even though he claimed to be this native. He would send me poems and texts and I got phone calls regularly… this went on for a couple of weeks, then he said he was going to South Africa to work but would only be gone a couple of weeks and then back to London where we would meet.. two weeks later and still no date set but I kept pressing him… he sent me pictures of his home, his daughter and even sent me the link to his website, which I thought was a bit of a shonky job and I could have done it better…. I had an email from him saying that he needed £1500 to give to the contractor and then I knew what he was up to… I reverse imaged the pics of his house and it turned out to be a pub near my area. That night when I got home from work, he immediately asked me if I received his email, so I said… yes I will lend it to you, give me your bank details, of course I knew what his response would be… no, if you could wire it to me that would be better… I was so mad that I quizzed him about his house and how it was a pub but he insisted that it was his and that I was calling him a liar… damn right I was calling him a liar… MARK FITZGERALD MACE JAYSSON or whatever the frig his name is.

    Take Care Ladies and BEWARE.. the internet is a great big sea of Sharks !!

  405. jason jordan anyone? American military, air force, 47. usual tragic story… 18yrs in military, risking life everyday in Afghanistan, wife died, 2 kids being looked after by his mom who is ill, dad died, only child. claims he’s from Virginia. says he’s retiring from military end of October.

    I did see a newspaper article w the real jason jordan & pics match the ones this guy is using, but who knows who I’ve been online with?!? met on okcupid.

    ip out of Sunnyvale California
    yahoo email crystalplight

    uses profile name of crystalplight on okcupid. found profile by same name on with exact, word for word profile but with different picture. I have a few pics including a couple w his children. very handsome of course.

    just realizing today that it is likely a scam, and have already found quite a lot of info. I’m a rookie to the online dating scene and feel stupid for being gullible, have not yet been scammed except for the emotional toll this takes. i feel very angry that the name and photos of good men are being used like this. I’m considering making a report to the American embassy. I have saved all email & most chats.

    I called him on it and he continues to deny, insists he’ll provide proof of identity. communication markedly decreased after I called him on it. I was holding out hope that it was some kind of mixup, but the more I find out, the more sketchy it looks, and it’s likely a scam. heartbreaking.

    share info, photos and/or commiserate? please help if you can. yikes. this is just terrible.

  406. Hi to you all out there.. ive been contacted by a Captain Edwin Scott claiming to be with the Peacekeeping force in Afghanisatan. Has anybody come into contact with him because i think he is a scammer.. He claims he hasnt access to his military salary until he leaves, does anybody know if that is corrct, i seriously doubt it..He says all the nicest things and claims his undying love for me.. He too is a widower with a daughter,, ive seen him on webcam and he has sent me a picture of a child.. surely this is child abuse, using images of chidren for fraudulent means,, Is it correct that any email communication to the forces will never end in dot com.. I would very appreciate it if you know of this man or can answer my question, please get in touch with me..Its time these evil people where brought to book,, we have to stick together.. I feel so sorry for the people whos profile has been stolen especially the chidren,,

  407. I think I am being scammed by Sgt Michael Sickman, a sargeant in the US army who is based in Afghanistan. He has declared his undying love, told me of his 12 year old, and says he is due to retire and wants to come home to me. A couple of things didn’t add up.. and I thought to google him…I can’t believe I found him here on Number 234…He hasn’t asked for money…but now I know he will…

  408. Anyone know about this soldier name jeff miller?
    He sent me romance poem.i was chat with him few days. He thought i am stupid. He keep warning me to not chat by skype.he always want me to chat by yahoo.

    When i ask him to see his cam,he always get mad and told me that he really upset coz i dont trust him

    I gave him fake email address n also pictures.coz i know he also fake.his told me to not searching his name.

    Please help give me information bout this guy.

    His email is

    God bless you all

  409. Hi,
    I just thought I’s add my bit. I was asked to “friend” Col Dave Miller on facebook. I’m normally quite picky about who I befriend, but this man looked really nice. I’m a writer and my current book involves a soldier from Afganistan. I thought chatting to Dave Miller would be a great opportunity for some first-hand research. That was until he private messaged me. The english was extremely good but the phrasing not so good. It was immediately apparent that the writer was not a native english speaker.
    I haven’t blocked him yet as I am interested to see how far he will go in trying to obtain money from me. He’s in for a shock when he tries! However, the purpose of this post is to warn other’s about Dave Miller Col as he refers to himself.

  410. Looking for any information on British soldier named Richie Smith originally from London. I met him on eHarmony and I’ve been communicating with him for 3 months. He told me he was deployed to Afghanistan. He’s very good. Took his time developing a romantic relationship with me. I’ve spoken to him on phone several times. I recently, questioned/accused him of being a scammer when I became suspicious since it he was taking so long to come and visit me. I think he got scared because I haven’t heard from him in several weeks now. I have pictures.

  411. Jane i have been in touch with David Miller since Aug 5 he is a Sgt in Afganistan. Single christian father. Very charming and nice. Has not asked for money yet. Did he send you photos? I have some. Wow i guess its a scamm i was scepitcal but he almost had me convinced