Why it pays to have your profile up on dating sites without paying

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If you’re in the market for a new dating site to try, especially if you’re completely new to online dating, it’s good to shop around. In my book, on here and when advising clients privately, I always tell people to sign up to a few sites, set up a profile and check out those sites before deciding where to spend your money. This is because dating sites are all slightly but significantly different and you want to make sure you end up paying the one most likely to help you get what you want.

But even after you’ve paid your money, it’s worth keeping your unpaid profiles on the other sites. Why? Well, firstly (and I’ve said this before as well), it’s a good way to assess whether you’re getting more action on a different site than the one you’re paying. If you have a good profile set up, you may well get people messaging you, not realising you’re not a paying customer. At some points, you could be getting more messages on a different site than the one you’re actively on, so you could decide whether you want to give your current site a break for a while and move to actively using another.

Now, let’s be honest, in the online dating industry, there is one thing dating sites like almost as much as paying customers and that’s non-paying, registered customers. That’s cause nobody knows you didn’t pay, so people may see your profile there and pay specifically so they can message you. Once they’ve paid, dating sites don’t really care if their members message someone who’s never going to answer back – they already have money.
So by having lots of non-paying profiles dotted around, you’re helping dating sites make money in a way some people may think of a sneaky. Still, apart from allowing you to have more options, it can also save you money as well.

Dating sites like it when you’re registered, but they stil prefer it when you pay. If you hang around long enough on a site without paying (and I mean more months and years than days or weeks), you’ll start getting special offers and discounts sent to you, trying to make you convert to a paying customer. I just had one from eHarmony.com, for example, offering me 4 months for the price of 3. That’s quite a significant saving, I’m sure you’ll agree. In the past, I’ve had similar offers from Parship.co.uk and match.com .

The moral of the story? It’s best to have profiles on a few dating sites, rather than just the one. The best thing is to have solid, well-written profiles on each so you can get the full benefit of having a presence anywhere where potential dates hang out, but even if you’re feeling lazy doing this could end up saving you
money when you’re ready to move from one dating site to another.

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