Are online relationships more disposable?

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I had an interesting discussion recently with someone who’d tried online dating and was disappointed. She said she’d been taken aback by people’s habit of continuing to search for more matches online even after they’d been on a seemingly good date.

To her, this implied that people did not take online dating seriously enough – as if relationships formed online were more “disposable”.

There’s already been much discussion about how online dating has changed relationships, but my take on it is different than the above. With the main attraction of online dating often being the sheer number of eligible singles you can meet, it’s not hard to understand why people may not want to settle on the first person they meet. Sure, there are players and casual daters who set out to find one person after another, but those searching for a husband or a wife have even more of a vested interest in being choosy.

Personally, I believe that relationships that follow a period of active dating can actually end up being stronger and more meaningful, as there wouldn’t be a question of whether one person settled for the other.

Of course, if someone is successful at dating online, the temptation can always be there to try for someone better, any time something seems to go wrong in the relationship they’re in – actually making relationships “disposable”.

Have you experienced this? If so, please leave a comment.

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2 thoughts to “Are online relationships more disposable?”

  1. Oh well. I just posted a long response which got deleted by this spam-bot business.

    Men tend to constantly be on the prowl for the “bigger better deal.” As a “less than beautiful” woman, I felt like I was being browsed by these men, when I wanted to be STUDIED. You can’t really get to know someone if you’re not willing to invest a little emotional energy in learning about what makes them tick.


  2. I’ve heard this before, but I never experienced it, not any more than I did in “the real life”. I know some people don’t regard online relationships real at all, like if you have a friend online, they’re really not friends because they’re online friends, probably the same applies to online dates with some people. I think though that if someone keeps “shopping around” after they meet you, there really wasn’t anything there to start with. You can always have “good dates” but how far does one nice evening really take you anyway?

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