Can you predict long-term compatibility? Should you? Random weekend musings

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A large part of being in a long-term relationship is growing together as a couple, as well as allowing each individual to grow and evolve separately. Lots of relationships change (or die) when that personal growth takes partners in different directions and they are no longer as compatible as they were when they first fell in love. Is there a way of knowing who’s going to be long-term compatible? After all, we can’t predict the future. But are there factors we can take into account when trying to figure out whether the person we’re in love with today will still be compatible with us in 10 years’ time?

But first, here’s another question: do we even need to see every relationship we enter into as the one and only relationship that will last us a lifetime? We already know this is usually not the case. I think it was Jung who talked about relationships as a tool for growth and about how some relationships are formed to help both partners learn a life lesson or evolve in a certain way and then cease to exist. I’m sure if you stop and think about your relationship history, you’ll be able to pinpoint some of ┬áthose in your own past (as long as you’re old enough to have had enough relationships, that is). ┬áBut surely, with the right person, growth is an ongoing process and you can help each other learn, achieve life goals and generally evolve as humans.

Speaking of Jung brings me to Myers-Briggs and the various personality types and personality tests. Could knowing more about your own personality type and your partner’s personality type make it easier to evolve as a team, rather than separately? At the very least, could it help you predict long-term compatibility with potential partners?

The above musings have been inspired by a recent article I’ve read. While looking on the Personality Perfect site, I recently found an article about the various personality types and what they each want out of life. Could knowing what you and your partner need to feel truly fulfilled help with long-term compatibility? As people’s personalities can manifest in a whole load of ways, I’m not 100% convinced that knowing your partner’s personality type and how it matches up with yours is enough to know whether you’ll be together forever. If you prescribe to the personality type theory, though, this could be a useful way of better understanding the things that make your loved ones tick.

Of course, knowing what both you and your partner need to feel happy on a daily basis and working towards making sure you both get what you need is definitely going to help any relationship last longer. Different people need different things to feel happy, valued and safe, so understanding where you’re both coming from is going to make it easier for you to provide that for each other. Plus, we all love to get insights about our personalities and how they match up. Right?

Shared life goals, compatible characters and a general interest in making sure your mutual needs are met are generally seen as the cornerstones of a successful long-term relationship. A combination of knowing what makes you and your partner happy and the desire to make that happiness happen is therefore the best thing you can do to keep the relationship alive.

Have you found that knowing your partner’s personality type helps you navigate your relationship better? Do you have any personality-based tips for long-term compatibility? Let me know below!

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