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Looking for love? Owning a pet can help you find it

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With summer around the corner (we hope), the thought of sitting in front of a dating app and dating site while the sun is shining might not appeal. But recent research from has shown that owning – and walking – a dog can actually help busy professionals find love.

Puppy Love InfographicIt seems that one out of five full time workers in the UK have actually met their partner while walking their dog, while three out of Five made new friends.

Dogs get you out of the house and they tend to attract both dogs and dog lovers. If you want to get talking to someone, a dog is a great conversation starter. Unlike people, dogs make friends easily with other dogs, and while they play, you have the perfect opportunity to make conversation with their owner.

Dogs are often recommended as the perfect companions to widowers, widows and the elderly and it’s not hard to see why. 45% of widows participating in this research said they’d struck up a positive conversation with a stranger because of their dog.

But owning a pet can also improve your life in general. As a proud owner of two cats, I was not at all surprised to discover that 55% of pet owners questioned said they were extremely happy with their lives. As I’ve often said on this blog, if you are happy and content with your own life, you are in the perfect position for finding a partner.

Of those already in relationships, 55% are also said to be very happy with their love life, while 41% said it brought them closer to their partner.

Owning a pet, especially a dog, is a responsibility. But if you’re up to the challenge, you will appear more caring and responsible to those around you. In fact, the research has shown that women tend to think male pet owners would make good fathers. After all, many couples start off by getting a pet together, before having a baby.

But if you’re one of the 51% of London pet owners who happens to own a cat, rather than a dog, don’t despair!

You might not be able to parade your pet around like a badge of attraction and parental suitability, but you can certainly use information and pictures of you with your cat (or cats) in your online dating profile to attract other cat lovers. Cat ladies in particular are likely to appreciate a man who appreciates cats, so while I don’t advocate making your entire profile about cute cat pictures, I do think that letting people know you have a beloved pet that’s a big part of your life can only be a good thing.

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