Online dating better for marriage than meeting in bars

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Here’s a bit of interesting news – online dating apparently yields more marriages than meeting people in bars. It’s now the third most common method of meeting people for marriage.

This is the result of a survey comissioned by, so obviously there’s a slight bias there. Still, it’s an interesting thing to ponder and one that makes sense to me as an online dating industry person.

online dating lends itself better to finding out more about the person before actually going out on a date with them. You can easily find out about a person’s life goals, political views, likes and dislikes and other such compatibility related issues before you decide whether or not you have chemistry. In a way, it’s a seemingly more “sensible” approach to dating and one that is more attractive to people looking for a serious relationship, rather than a short, casual one.

Meeting people in bars usually means letting your body do the thinking and following that chemistry without knowing whether or not you are long-term compatible.

I’m not actually one to fault what I consider to be the traditional methods of meeting people (and yes, hooking up in bars is one of them). Saying that, we all know that when people chat each other up in bars they don’t always have marriage in mind.

The people who’d bother frequenting sites like and eHarmony are likely to be more
marriage-minded to begin with, so the results of this survey could signify a gradual shift in people’s understanding of the various methods of meeting people and a move towards methods to suit each type of demand.

Of course, like everything else in this industry, it could also be an attempt by to associate its name with serious relationships / marriage in order to get more serious daters onto its site.

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2 thoughts to “Online dating better for marriage than meeting in bars”

  1. At some level this makes sense, simply because you are putting yourself in a space of singles with online dating, whereas when you are in a bar – you are with singles and non-singles alike. Having said that even online users have mixed motives. There are various researchers who quote anything from 25%-33% of online dating users to be unavailable – partnered, living together or married…

  2. Online dating may be fine if you’re under 35, but as research proves, there is a vast amount of people on sites like Match, Dating Direct, My Single Friend etc..who are seeking casual sex, are married, partnered or just players.

    I researched online and off-line dating for about two years, put myself up on various sites, interviewed both men and women about this, and sadly, women’s biggest complaint, men are mostly looking just to date lots of females, are married, or just not the kind of people they would want to date, let alone marry.

    If you open up something that has no vetting in place, where anyone can join, absolutely no criteria is used to fill these data-bases, then you end up with thousands in a data base, with a vast majority you wouldn’t even date, let alone marry, the remainder, will be a handful hopefuls, but with more females to males, you will have much competition, and as for the rest, well, far from genuine, with online infidelities and cheating galore.

    It’s so easy for guys especially, to be who they want to be, and as they are usually more of the sexual predator than females, purely down to genes, it makes it like a sweet shop for a child.

    Having recently done some further research, I would put the figure more around 40% of guys 38-48 are looking for fun as they call it, just lots of dates. 1-4 are married or with someone, women over 42 don’t do so well with online dating as they get passed over for the younger female. Guys don’t search for women over 45, well unless they’re over 60, and those who do get contacted, by the younger male are not looking to walk her down the aisle.

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