Online Chat on Dating Sites

Recently there has been an explosion in chat rooms dedicated to online dating and there are dozens, nay, hundreds to choose from. One of the biggest advantages of using the chat room technique to find a special someone is that you can draw from an extremely large user base. There has to be someone, out there, online, that you can forge an attraction with, surely? There are chat rooms for every possible sexual persuasion and flavour combination that you can dream up. LGBT? No problem. Over 40? Absolutely fine. Christian? God yes. Only fancy men wearing aprons? You got it. Just Google what you’re after and you’ll find something. (OK, I may have lied about the men in aprons website).
First off, you’re going to need balls of steel to find the chat room that is right for you. If you try out some of the free ones you are instantly going to be put off by the number of eleven year old boys practicing their swear words and using what they perceive to be seriously arousing chat. Ugh! Just close that tab and head on over to somewhere else. If you are registered with any of the larger and more established dating sites then their chat rooms are going to be a much better place to start, so I would recommend using their facilities for chatting. There are some good free sites, but one I visited used a pop up the second I went into chat offering me soft porn. Goodbye!
Once you have found somewhere that is relaxed and offers a more mature and reasonable level of online conversation then you’ll probably find that you’ll enjoy it. In a decent online chat room you are going to be able to mingle, chat and flirt with singles from across the globe. Feel free to join in the flirting and innuendo – it’s expected!
What is really interesting about online chat on dating sites is that if you meet someone who uses words well, then that in itself can raise their attraction for you. You may fall in love, just a little bit, with their writing and language. And why not? Someone who expresses themselves well through their language may well express themselves well elsewhere. Just saying!
One of the real advantages of chatting on an online dating website is that if you’re shy, out of practice or notoriously bad at talking to, or flirting with, the opposite sex then an online chat room can provide you with the perfect forum in which to practice your skills. You can go at your own pace and take risks. You’ll grow in confidence and if you spend a while chatting with someone and then meet them later, at least the ice is already broken. If you’re not confident about your looks, online chat allows people to get to know you first and like you for whom you genuinely are.
There are of course, a number of challenges for you to look out for. Online chat is easy to use and you cannot trust everyone. Some people cruise from chat room to chat room and they may have something to hide; they may be married, they may be crazy. Take everything with a pinch of salt until you know better.
Some of the biggest advantages of chatting online are: that you do it in the comfort of your own home; it’s easy; and it’s safe as long as you protect your personal information. Plus you can flirt as much as you like; be daring or demure, a goblin or a princess. You get instant replies to questions and can build a great rapport with someone who sparks that initial attraction.
Online dating using chat rooms can be genuinely exciting and great fun. You may have to shovel a lot of muck before you find your diamond but you’ll laugh a lot in the process. Be prepared for the frustration of immature users cramping your style and people telling great big porky pies! Schedule an evening of chat as an entertaining treat when there is nothing on the TV. Relax with a cup of tea or glass of wine and your favourite snack and just join in the fun. You never know who you might meet!

Here are some popular dating sites that offer chat and video chat and often have special offers and free trials: – still the most popular dating site in the UK. Use chat to set up dates and get a quick idea of who you’re talking to, but beware of people who want to use it for online sex.

Cupid – a big UK site which has also branched out into other countries: Ireland
The US

New Zealand

Like on match – you’ll find some users are keen to use the chat system for more than just getting to know people, but it’s useful nonetheless.


DateTheUK – another big UK site where chat is a very popular feature.

*** – a long established site with an active chat community.

OKCupid – a popular free dating site.

Posted by ODB Staff

The best online dating site

One question I keep getting asked is “what is the best dating site?” The short answer is, of course: there is no such thing.

Where is the best place to meet the love of your life? Ask any person who’s happily married and they’ll tell you the place where they met their husband/wife. This could be a particular club, the supermarket, the chess club, a resort in Ibiza, or practically anywhere else in the world. If you went to the same place as person X, would you meet the love of your life too? Who knows? There is absolutely no guarantee.

All we have going for us are statistics: increasing our chances of success. Sure, you may well meet the love of your life on the bus or on the beach, but you are far more likely to meet him/her somewhere a bit less random. While miracles obviously do happen, you can’t live your whole life sitting at home, passively waiting for one to happen for you.

So the first step is to put yourself out there, go out, date online, etc. Doing this increases your chances already, so how do you increase them further?

If you were picking a singles’ bar to go to in order to meet people, you would probably base your choice on the type of people who go there. The way a bar is designed, the music played there, the price of the drinks – these are factors to consider, but often only in relation to the audience they attract.

Basically – If you want to meet some cool kids and all the cool kids are going to Bar X, you’ll go to Bar X even though Bar Y might be better value for money.

It’s the same with dating sites. Some sites are clearly better designed than others, some are cheaper than others and offer plenty of cool features. There are now thousands of sites out there promising to revolutionise the way you date with their amazingly clever new concepts. Does any of this matter?

At the end of the day, people would happily sacrifice everything from additional features to basic functionality if they can make contact with similarly-minded singles. As long as a site allows you to search for people and make contact with them (even in the form of a really basic message) then it is suitable for anyone’s needs.

For this reason, it’s only possible to answer a question such as “what is the best online dating site?” on an individual basis. I often recommend sites to people based only on the site’s vibe and general clientele, rather than features, pricing or concept.
For people I don’t know personally, I recommend serious market research across a number of sites before deciding which one to go with.

Never make the mistake of assuming all dating sites are the same. They differ from each other as greatly as bars, restaurants and clubs differ from each other. Only you can decide which dating site is the best for you and you can always change your mind if the site you’re on is not performing as well as you’d hoped. So try a few different ones – big ones, small ones, generic and niche and see what works best for you.